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By: 24

Seattle, Washington

Three Years Later

Jarod had started the grill and put on the hamburgers. He looked up from the grill and looked around the yard and to his family. The Centre was finally gone from their lives. It had taken a while, but it was worth the effort.

After the Centre was closed his family came out of hiding and found him. Jarod at that time was still visiting Miss Parker and they were dating. It had been rough time, but they had gone through it all. They had made it and were now happily married with twins Melinda and Cody. They were their pride and joy and they loved them. He watched as Jeremy played the two-year-old twins. He was good with them. He then turned to his wife talking with his mother and Ethan talking to their father.

Finally the hamburgers were done and he called the family to get them. When they were finished they cleaned the table and brought out the deserts that they had brought.

He hugged and kissed his wife and whispered to her.

"See we did write our own ending."

"We sure did."

They hugged each other and then Jarod turned to get some desert. She shook her head as she saw Jarod put cake and pie on his plate. He still loved sweets even if he wasn't on the run. She loved how even after these years he was still naive about something's.

The End