"So… can we let people know?" Patrick asked her. They were laying in bed, at a hotel not far from the beach they had both ended up at.

"Like friends you mean?" she asked him.

"Yes, and well everyone basically." He said, looking down at her smiling.

"I don't know…. I mean.." she hesitated.

"I think you are embarrassed about me." He pouted teasingly.

"Seriously. I mean my boyfriend has better hair than me." She teased back.

"C'mon Ellen. I'm single, your single."

"Technically, you … are married. That isn't single." She looked at him.

"Temporarily I am married. Long term no." He gave her his charming grin.

She rolled over on top of him, and let her hair fall around them, kissing him. "Fine. Whatever. You want to be public. You want me to wear the scarlet A. I'm going to throw caution to the wind and let all hang out."

"You'll hardly be wearing a scarlet A. And what do you mean let it all hang out? Only for me."

"Patrick… shut up and kiss me." She said, so he did.

Patrick had met with his lawyer the very next day and was surprised to find out Jill had already filed. She was even going to go shared custody. He was really greatful that she wasn't going to be bitter. Having children, they would always have a connection, and he didn't have any ill feelings towards her.

She had submitted that they should have some mediation to discuss visitations and whatnot, and he agreed wholeheartedly. He had signed the papers. Since she had her own business, she wasn't asking for maintenance. They were splitting most of their liquid assets, and she was going to keep the house, and take over payments on it. Patrick was to pay child support. He was retaining all of the funds he had brought into the marriage from his 80's success. What there was of it.

His lawyer had told him that the divorce would take ninety days. They had gone to work the next day, in the same car. Suprisingly noone said a word about them. Finally, after a half a day of noone saying anything, he had asked T.R.

"So, don't you have anything to ask? Any gossip going on?"

"Oh… you mean you and Ellen?" he asked while he looked over a script.

"Well… yeah." Patrick said.

"Old news dude, nothing we haven't all known all along." He looked at his co-worker and smiled.

"Old news? What do you mean. Noone knew!"

"Oh please. It was just a tad obvious."




"Cast, crew… yeah pretty much even the cafeteria workers." T. R grinned at him.

"Wow." Patrick scratched his head. Had they been blind. Thinking they were so careful and secretive. And basically everyone had known. He chuckled to himself.