Completely at Your Mercy

By onyx-dreams


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Summary: A new threat has arisen amongst the many countries in the form of a women's rule group. They are spreading like a plague, overtaking villages, towns, and cities alike, forcing women amongst their ranks and either killing or enslaving the men. The Kages of the countries came together and decided that Fire Country should send two nin to infiltrate the group, one posing as a member, the other her slave. While this is happening, Fire Country is also in the throws of internal civil war, and most nins are out trying to contain it. Tsunade's apprentice Sakura and a wounded Inuzuka are all that are left for this mission. Tsunade isn't too worried about Sakura, but Kiba on the other hand…we all know how he takes to authority…especially under women… Kiba/Sakura


Prologue: Completely Out of Control

The woman smirked evilly as she surveyed her battlefield of choice. All around her there were yells and screams of pain as the men in the village were subdued by either collar or death. Most had been stripped of clothing for the inspection of the eager women surrounding them. The slave men sat by nervously, sweat and blood over their bodies, but they didn't dare move. They looked upon their brothers with pity clouding their eyes.

She turned to look over the new women in the ranks. Most were scared, shivering and tearful, as most were when first initiated into the ranks. Some were kneeling, begging for their little boy, or brother, or father, or husband. But they would see soon enough. Life was much better when the male was subdued and tamed. She tucked her brilliant blond hair behind a delicate ear, then tugged maliciously on a silver chain held in her hand.

Her lilac eyes burned hatefully as a whimper of pain and fear was heard from the man kneeling next to her.

"Tai, you will stop your blubbering. Though I expect you obedient, by no means do I want you weak."

She snarled down at the man. He was a fine specimen amongst men. He used to be a prince for one of the cities they recently overtook. He was lean, muscular, with longer black hair and striking grey eyes. Many women had been scrapping over him when the city had finally fallen, but she had won out in the end.

Tai immediately sobered and nodded his head. His mistress was a cruel one. Not all injuries she inflicted were visible and when she went to cause pain, she made sure it lingered.

"Hai Abi-sama. Forgive this lowly Tai his moment of weakness."

He bowed low to the ground, his royal blood making his every move smooth and refined. He would keep his dignity even in slavery if it killed him. Which it would eventually. Abi had slaughtered her last slave in order to gain possession of him. It was doctrine that women may only possess one grown breeding male, but as many eunics as they wished. It was also doctrine to kill a breeding male when he no longer pleased his mistress.

Once Abi found someone better, he was doomed. As he sat back up, he felt Abi's fingers running through his hair. His only consolation throughout this whole ordeal was that Abi was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on, and possessed the most experience when it came time to pleasure her, as was his purpose in life now.

"Abi-sama! Oh Abi-sama! The males have finally been collected and collared. Do you want to let the newbies make their choices now or wait until they've calmed down?"

Abi turned, smiling softly at the petite woman that was running up to her. She was Abi's pride and joy, Abi's own little Yume. With curly, dirty blonde hair held back in a sea-green satin ribbon that matched her eyes, Yume truly was a dream.

"Wait for them to calm down Yume. Ensure that prior family remain separated. Once they are finished, we must hurry away. We can't let a confrontation begin yet between us and this country's nin. We still have more to recruit."

Yume nodded eagerly, her curls bouncing up and down gently with each bob of her head. With a rustle of material, she whirled about and took off with purposeful steps to go and consol the shocked group of new women and explain to them how their new society would work.

"Soon enough…soon enough the world will be perfect."


Tsunade stormed angrily about her office, a paper clenched tightly in her fingers.

The room was complete chaos, with paper practically bursting out of every available storage place, every drawer, every cabinet. The desk was buckled and almost in half, a result of Tsunade's anger and the chair was no where to be found, but splinters littered the floor. Tsunade looked no better, her face pulled back in a pissed off snarl, her hair unkempt and greasy, blood spattered about her clothing.

Tsunade turned and leered at her best friend and confidant. "How could they do this to us Shizune? How? Here we are in the middle of the biggest internal riot in history, and they have the fucking audacity to order me to send two of our nins on a mission, outside of our borders. We're hurting enough as it is, and all available and capable nin are out fighting Fire Country's civil war."

She ran finger through her dirty hair, then looked pleadingly at Shizune. "What do I do Shizune? This is a disaster, a nightmare come true. And what they ask these two nin to do is big. Very big. And my best are out deployed or are not combat effective."

Shizune walked up and gave her distressed friend a hug. "I know. I know Tsunade. It's been a harsh month. But we must comply or else we risk losing some of our most important alliances. Tell you what, I'll go snoop the medical ward and see who's in the best of shape right now and report to you who's best ready for this."

Tsunade nodded into her friend's shoulder, not happy with her situation. Tensions had risen high in past few months between Fire Country's Daimyo and the lower class. Money was low, so the Daimyo sought to raise taxes, igniting the fire of revolt in his country. So Tsunade had been called upon to fix his mistake with death and blood. The man made so many stupid decisions. He deserved to be assassinated.

But Tsunade wouldn't do it. The leader of Fire Country needed to have trust in the Hokage or harmony would never happen. Konoha would never knowingly attack the leader of their country or his or her family. This ensured future trust.

Shizune broke the hug and offered Tsunade a soft smile. "I'll be back later with names. You sit down and take a breather." Shizune's face immediately hardened as she poked a finger at Tsunade. "And no drinking. We need your faculties intact."

Tsunade gave a weak laugh as she waved Shizune away. Once the door clicked shut, Tsunade looked gloomily about her office, almost weeping when she saw the splinters on the floor. "That's the third chair in two days…that one was comfy too…"


Sakura had had it right up to there. This man was infuriating in ways Naruto could never be, nor Kakashi. One minute he would be flirting insanely with her, the next growling at her, the next weepy. It was enough to drive a woman mad.

"For godsakes, it's a shot for crying out loud! It's not going to kill you! Hold still!"

Sakura lunged for her uncooperative, growling patient, needle held like a stabbing dagger in hope of impaling him. He quickly leapt off of the bed and jumped to the ceiling, using his chakra to hold him in place.

Slit yellow eyes glared down at the angry, flushed, pink-haired woman.

"You're trying to kill me! I know it! You've wanted to kill me since you met me!" He pointed an accusing black-lacquered claw at Sakura. "Admit it! Akamaru! Why must you abandon me at such times!"

Tears glittered in the corners of said patient's eyes as he thought of his best bud, lying in some veterinary hospital hooked up to tubes and wires.

Sakura took advantage of his moment of distraction and jumped, managing to get the needle through his thick skin, the rabies vaccine administered, and pulling the needle out. She quickly regretted her sneakiness as she found herself pinned against the wall, a pissed Inuzuka yelling in her face.

To consol him, she dropped the empty needle and syringe into the trashcan next to her. Then she kicked him off of her and reversed roles so that the Inuzuka was pinned. "For fucks sake Kiba, was it that bad? It's done now, so you can stop your ridiculous howling! Go to bed! You need your rest if you have any desire to go back and help with the civil war. Do you understand Kiba?"

The brunette had his yellow eyes clamped shut, an angry petulant look plastered on his face. He then seemed to reach a decision and opened his eyes, face twisting back into a snarl.

"Get off of me Haruno. Let go. I don't need to listen to you. I need to see Akamaru."

Sakura didn't budge and returned his glare full force. Her pink bangs fell over into her face, obscuring her right eye like a curtain. "You will listen and you will obey. I am your doctor, the only fucking doctor in this hospital, giving you personal one-on-one time because you almost killed a nurse! Goddamn it Kiba, settle down!"

By this time, Kiba was wriggling underneath Sakura, trying to buck her off by throwing his hips up. His teeth were bared in challenge, and Sakura bared hers right back. "I'm only trying to help you. Why can't you accept that?"

"Akamaru's the only one that can help me. I don't need your help or pity. I need Akamaru!"

A light chuckle came from the doorway and both young adults stopped their sneering to glare at the intruder. They were surprised to find Shizune standing there, watching them amusedly. "You two will do just fine. Follow me, Tsunade needs to speak with you two."

Shizune snickered as she watched them turn their attention back to each other, visibly blaming the other for this new problem. Sakura stood reluctantly, straightening her pink hair huffily before pushing past Shizune, headed for the Godaime's office.

Kiba flicked off Sakura's back before straightening himself out and following a departing Shizune. Something didn't bode well for him, he knew it…


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