A/N: Okay, this is a rewritten story that I had going but did not like where it was heading. This is still the first ever fic of POTC and Charmed crossover, I'm so excited! And because I had written this story BEFORE Dead Man's Chest, this story will not, I repeat: NOT follow after that movie, okay? Now, let's get on with the story!

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Summary: She was transported to a time where pirates existed, and America was barely being discovered. The reason for her transportation was to stop a demon from killing her ancestors. If she succeeds, she-along with the rest of her family-will live. But if she fails... Bye,bye Charmed Ones

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Guardian Angel



Jennifer Escalante ran as fast as she can down the empty cobble street of the small port in one of the Caribbean islands, tightly holding her eight year old daughter's hand. It was a few hours until dawn but even then the murders running after her and her daughter won't cease their hunt. The woman ran through the small wooded area before coming upon the beach, a mile away from the port. The woman ran as fast as she could, hiding below the bridge, holding her daughter tightly in an embrace as their murders running past her.

They started to check every crate and hiding spots that the woman and child might have gone to hide. Panting quietly, Jennifer looks down at her child in her arms. She carefully moved aside the cloth to reveal her daughter's face.

"En esta hora, En esta vez, El poder de la línea de Halliwell, Dame fuerza, Protege a mi niño de la mal, Dale un pasaje seguro en sus armamentos de hermanas, Y que los dos tiene un pasaje seguro esta Tortuga." Jennifer muttered quietly. (In this hour, In this time, The power of the Halliwell line, Give me strength, Protect my child from evil, Give her a safe passage into her sister's arms, And that they both have a safe passage to Tortuga.)

Covering her child once more, Jennifer looks up at the bridge to see her two murders quickly running past her and into the street nearby. She took this chance to quickly run out from beneath and across the bridge. She heard shouts behind her and knew that the men saw her. Jennifer pressed her legs until she came to a skidded stop at the end of the bridge where a merchant ship was docked, a sailor and a girl no older than thirteen years old standing at the end of the plank.

"Hurry, please, take them to Tortuga, place them somewhere safe." Jennifer said quickly, shoving her daughter into the older girl's arms.

The sailor nodded, quickly walked up the plank with the two girls, both whom were crying. Once onboard, the plank was risen and the sails were put down. Jennifer turned around to see her two murders glaring at her and at the ship, which was now sailing a few miles out to sea behind her.

"¡Con todo yo a viré, nunca te vas a tocar mi niña¡La línea de los Halliwell's son mas fuerte de los Escalante's!" Jennifer told them before materializing a dagger in her hand and thrusting it into her stomach. (With all that I have seen, never will you touch my daughter! The line of the Halliwell's is far stronger than the Escalante's!)


—Tortuga, two weeks later—

The thirteen year old walked down the plank, holding the eight year old hand tightly, and took in her new found surroundings. She grimace in disgust as she knew very well that she and her sister would be living in a pirate's heaven until who knows how long. But at the moment she didn't care for all she wanted was her sister to be safe and show her all the things that she would need to learn in later years.

"Well lass'," The sailor who had helped them come on board the ship started, looking from the island to the two girls. "Welcome ta Tortuga."

Sighing, the girl firmly held her sister's hand and followed the sailor into the very loud town in hopes of finding a home for a time being. The trio walked in silence, the girls paying attention more to the town they hated even more and more.

"So, lass', wha' be yer names?" The sailor asked, hating the silence.

The thirteen year old looked up at the sailor, whom she knew was actually a pirate. She studied him for a brief second before looking around her once more. The eight year old only stayed quiet, looking ahead of them.

"Anamaria Paulina Escalante, sir." She said, looking down at her sister. "An' this be me sister, Crystal Paloma." Anamaria looked back at him. "Wha' is yer name?"

"Left-hand." He said with pride.

Anamaria tilted her head to the side, an eyebrow raised as Crystal giggled quietly at that.

"Why do they call ye Left-hand?" Anamaria asked.

"'Cuz I can kill anyone quickly wit only me left hand."

Anamaria nodded, looking around her once again. Left-hand sighed quietly, looking up ahead to see a small, hidden path, to the right.

"Come on, Ana, Crystal, this way." Left-hand said, placing a hand on Anamaria's shoulder.

Anamaria looked up at the nickname and followed the pirate towards the hidden path, keeping her sister close to her. They walked through the small wooded area in silence for ten minutes, Anamaria and Crystal wondering how much further.

"Wha' is yer real name?" Crystal suddenly asked.

Left-hand looked at the girl before looking up ahead once again. He was quiet, wondering if he should tell the children of his real name.

"Jimmy Cooper." He said quietly.

Anamaria smiled at the man before she and her sister quietly chuckled at the name. Left-hand smiled, glad to have had some sort of good relationship with the girls, although he doesn't know them too well. Finally, a good-looking, two-story house was suddenly seen, the thirteen year old noting that was up near a cliff and wondered why she did not felt the hill earlier.

"I kno' wha' ye both might be wonderin'," Left-hand said, the sisters looking up at him with a raised eyebrow. "Wha' tis a good home doin' on an island fo' a pirate's heaven?"

Anamaria sighed, looking back at the house. "Aye, I wus startin' ta consider it." She whispered.

"Well, Tortuga wusn't always so foul, tis used ta be a private island for' a wealthy man 'til pirates came an' killed 'im." Left-hand shrugged slightly, looking down at Anamaria and Crystal, who were both looking up at him. "They spared his wife, though, as she porpose to give the pirates the island in exchange that she get seventy-five percent of the profit off the taverns, whore-house, boarding houses, stores, an' anything tha's runnin' back near the docks."

"And such a wealthy woman my great-great grandmother left me." A soft voice said happily.

The Escalante sisters and Left-hand looked up ahead to see an old woman standing at the base of the three steps before a porch, her hands clasped together in front of her. Her gray and white hair was brushed back into a loose bun, her smile brightly shone through the wrinkles upon her face as her honey eyes were slightly dull, although she was not that old. She wore a blue dress with white buttons forming from her neck down to her left side of her waist. Upon her fingers she only wore a single silver band in her forefinger.

"Ana, Crystal, I would like ye ta meet the Gove'nor o' Tortuga, Gladys Thorn. Missus, tis here Anamaria Paulina Escalante an' the girl shyin' away tis her sister, Crystal Paloma." Left-hand introduce them, bowing to the old woman.

Anamaria and Crystal both curtsied, the youngest sister shying behind her older sister. Gladys smiled warmly at the children, quickly taking in the both of them. Anamaria was fairly dark skinned then her sister, her black hair going past her shoulders straightly. She wore a worn out brown breeches with a tattered, dirtied white shirt and black boots. She had a brown bandana holding back her hair from her brown eyes.

Crystal, on the other hand, was more light skinned with light brown hair that stopped just before her shoulders, curling a bit towards the end. She wore a yellow dirty dress with black boots. A matching yellow ribbon held back her hair from her green eyes.

"Welcome, girls, to my home." Gladys said with open arms. "Here I will help you both of that which you need most."

Anamaria and Crystal looked at each other before looking at Gladys, who smiled knowing at them.

"I owe your father that much."



A seventeen year old girl ran through the woods, looking back frequently. Her light brown hair falling out of the curls pinned up on her head. Her green eyes frantically looked around worriedly. She then suddenly stopped with a gasp when a pirate was in front of her in a blink of an eye. The pirate grinned evilly, his skin turning into a pale shade of green, his eyes turning all black.

The seventeen year old girl then smiled, the demon before her taken back by this. A whistle sounded behind her, the demon turning around. A twenty-two year old woman stood before the demon, giving him a small wave and a smile on her tanned face. Her black hair was straight and held back by a worn out brown bandana. Her white shirt fluttered in the small breeze as she took out a small vile of black liquid from the pouch tied to her breeches.

"I told ye not ta come after me sister, Slicer." She told him menacingly.

The older woman then throws the vile at the demon, who screams in pain, his flesh melting. Suddenly his skin blows up as his bones disintegrate into dust, which the wind blew away. The seventeen year old let out a breath of relief, laughing. The older woman could only shake her head, scolding the laughing teen before her.

"Wha' the hell did ye think ye were doin'?"

The teen stopped laughing and looked at the woman. "Wha'? We got the demon, didn' we?" She asked in disbelief.

"Ta wha' cost? Damn it, Crystal, ye could've gotten yerself killed!"

"But I didn', Ana!" Crystal yelled angrily.

Anamaria shook her head, pressing her right palm to her forehead. "Connor's dead becuz of ye!" She looked at her younger sister, who looked down ashamed. "Go back ta the tavern an' ta work. I'll go back ta the Missus."

And with that Anamaria turned her back on Crystal and walked into the shadows of the trees. Crystal sighed and turned the other way, walking towards the noise city of Tortuga. A figure watched from a distance before looking at the woman walking towards them.

"You were a bit hard on her, Ana." A female voice said from the darkness.

Anamaria stopped and looked up to see the figure walk out of the shadows and into the moonlight that was able to pass through the trees. Gladys—now older, wrinkled, but still wise despite her age—stared down at the woman, a small smile gracing her lips. Anamaria sighed, looking up past the trees.

"She's as careless as I wus tha' age," Anamaria looked at Gladys quickly. "But I learned quickly!"

Gladys shook her head ever so lightly. "My dear…" Gladys sighed, pursing her lips together.

Anamaria quickly became alert, knowing that hesitation and air that the old woman held at that moment.

"Wha' ar' ye seein'?" Anamaria asked in a quick hush.

"A great power that will come from either you or your sister." Gladys told her, her voice distant, her eyes glazed over. "But it will be in danger for a demon of the future will come to haunt you both down."

"Wha' do we do? Can we stop the demon?" Anamaria asked, looking around her surrounding.

"Nay, not with out help. But there is a way to delay the situation… You must go back to work, meet up with a young pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow—befriend him. Give him your boat when the time comes for it and let destiny take it's course."

Gladys gave out a breath and fell to her knees, Anamaria quickly taking hold of her with a small cry. The old woman panted lightly, closing her eyes as the pain she now felt after her premonitions subsided. Anamaria helped the woman that became a mother to her and Crystal to her feet and begun the long walk towards the home upon the cliff. What kind of destiny did Gladys foresee? And what did this Captain Jack Sparrow had to do with her and Crystal's destiny?

From what she has learned over the years was that never question destiny but simply… follow the path that has been laid out before your feet. And should ever there be more then one path to go… follow your heart.