Opening: My first multi-chapter fanfiction! Hu-ra!

Warning: Slight yaoi. Hopefully I'll add more soon.

Disclaimer: Do you see Naruto and Sasuke making out on Cartoon Network? I didn't think so.

In the pale moonlight a young male found his way to a waterfall deep in the forest that surrounds his village. He starred blankly at one headstone sticking out of the ground. A tune from so long ago was thoughtlessly being hummed from the boy.

An onyx-eyed male, the same age as the other boy, appeared at the top of the waterfall and looked out on top of the trees and into the sky until the sound of humming caught in his ears. He looked down at the shadowy figure sitting atop the water. It began singing.

Your eyes emit the sky's hello

Your hair radiates the sun's goodbye

As we rock into slumber

The one I hold as I am being held.

Oh please hold on

Please don't cry

Tell me all your thoughts

Until your voice no longer works

And even then please be there and don't leave me

Oh please don't leave me

You're too sweet For the sake of me

Sleep in my arms tonight

My son of suns

And please don't wake me when this slumber ends

Oh please don't wake me.

The boy stopped singing and started humming once again before silence reigned. Sasuke sawing ripples of water as the shadowed figure started crying, "Why?" The boy choked out. It sat there a moment and disappeared into the forest. Sasuke sat there and the song hummed through his body, that voice was familiar. Such a beautiful voice.

--Time skip--

'Kit, you awake?'

'Yeah…' The answer almost dripped depression.

'What's wrong Kit?'

Naruto was now a sixteen year old man. Still brash, still Konoha's number one loud mouthed, show-offy, energetic ninja. Still Sasuke's rival and best friend, Sasuke only admitted to it once, but Naruto is still beaming about it. He's a respectable 5'11", he's VERY proud of that fact. (Back to the story)

'I don't like this- this, hiding myself. Why can't I tell them what really happened?'

'Because that is what your Godaime has told you, you can't go against her on this one as much as you love to push her buttons, this time you can't.' The soft voice answered to sooth the blond.

'I know. It still hurts inside though. They're my closest friends, or the closest thing to friends that I have ever had. I just think it's the least I can do. But I don't want their pity if that's what they give. And I don't want them to run or be scared or treat me any different than they have been. So I'm unsure of what to do.'

'Don't worry your head over it; you'll know the answer when the time comes.'

'Kyuubi I don't feel too well. I think I'll take a shower before bed. Can you heal me in the mean time?'

'Can do, Kit.'

Naruto just stood in the shower and felt the warm rivulets of water slide off his body. The feeling of safety and security rushed over him.

'Don't stress too much Kit. I hope this will turn out for the best for you.' The woman thought.

Naruto fell onto his bed suppressing the memories.'Geez. I have a really bad feeling about tomorrow for some reason.' Without another thought his eyes shut and his body was overtaken by sleep.

The morning sunshine glared in his eyes even from under the shade of a tree. Glancing at his two teammates anxiously waiting for their sensei to arrive, he sighed internally at their scene.

"Damn him!" Naruto smothered his annoyance into the air.

"Don't be so loud, Naruto." The pink haired girl wrinkled her nose in distaste.

"I'm not being loud!" He protested, "I just can't stand the fact he's late everyday, I mean, why do I even bother getting up early!"

"I guess so…" Consulting her inner-self, she thought, but he doesn't have to be so damn noisy!

A wall of smoke clouded the air around them and cleared, revealing a smirking –although being impossible to see given the whole mask thing- Kakashi.

"Ohayo," Kakashi said, his visible eye closed, "sorry I'm late, I ended up knocking my alarm clock out the window some how and didn't hear it go off, wouldn't ya know it?"

"Whatever." Sakura said solemnly. Sasuke just shrugged keeping his nonchalant mask. Naruto grunted and sat down pouting, spewing a few colorful phrases under his breath.

"Well, okay," The teacher began. "Today's mission is... There is no mission."

"WHAT!" Naruto and Sakura shouted correspondingly.

"Instead, we'll do training." Kakashi added, saving his ass from an obvious beating.

Naruto cocked an eyebrow. "Training?" He asked. It had been a good while since he'd done training with Kakashi.

Sakura interrupted Naruto's thoughts. "What kind of training?"

"Taijutsu training!" The silver haired man announced.


"Hai. I set up a practice field in a clearing outside of Konoha." Kakashi was pointing past the entrance gate into the forest that surrounded Konoha.

Naruto lifted himself. He felt heavy and stumbled slightly to the left but he caught himself. No one seemed to notice so he just shook it off. That was weird but he paid it no mind and ran to catch up to his friends.

'What was that Kyuubi? I thought you cured me last night.'

'Don't know Kit, but be careful, don't overexert yourself.'



And so the drama begins.