--With Tsunade and everyone—

"Kyaaa!" Hinata was shot backwards and crashed into the wall.

"Hinata!" Shino ran to her and squatted down next to her. "Are you okay? What happened?"

She lifted her head gingerly and Shino placed his hand behind her neck to support her. "There was an enormous flow of chakra and I was thrown back." She explained while Shino helped her into a full sitting position.

"Did you see what happened in there?" Kakashi gestured to Naruto's body.

"I saw a fox leaving Naruto. But… it was weird."

"Weird, how?"

"I don't know." She said softly.

--With Naruto—

"KYUUBI!" He shouted. His small body jerked as Kyuubi left him. There was a blinding light outside of him, red and warm, like the sun.

Neither Sasuke nor Shintaka could see beyond to light, where inside something was happening.

"Yes…yes…YES! Finally!" Shintaka was praising himself as the smoke cleared.

Sasuke was worried as his caught sight of Naruto's limp form in someone's hands. His eyes were closed but he was in the 16 year old body once again. The smoke cleared more and Shintaka literally choked on his words.

There stood a medium build tan woman with deep orange hair that seemed to be on fire. She had two cheek-long bangs that framed the front of her face and she had her hair up in a bun-like ponytail that stuck up in the back and flared out like the rays of the sun. She had a yellow kimono on that shaded into a deep orange at the hem with a blood red obi. (I love making people wear kimonos if you can't tell yet. ). Her eyes were a pale yellow but they looked pissed.

"Oi, Shintaka, glad we get to talk, face to face." She smirked.

Shintaka's eyes widened in horror. He gripped his face a fell to his knees dramatically. "Kyuubi! My plan. My hard work. All ruined…what happened?" He asked rising to his feet, shaking with fury.

She put her unoccupied hand on her hip, "Seems the Kit didn't want me to leave so badly. Too bad you screwed up our merging and moved it along a bit, now he only has half of the chakra he was promised, although I'm sure it's more than enough to kick your sorry ass to and back from Sand."

Sasuke could hardly believe his eyes, the two strongest demons standing here, in all their glory, talking smack. Wow, he's going to need some intense therapy after this.

A groan brought his attention back from his reverie. Blue eyes looked up hazily before focusing and then snapped to attention. He wiggled out of Kyuubi's grasp and looked at her. His eyes started to water.

"Kyuu-chan!" He cried and hugged her tightly. "I'm so glad you didn't leave me. So glad." Naruto smiled brightly before remembering his job at this point in time. Noticing Sasuke standing far off, he grinned happily at him in a sure sign that he was okay now.

Sasuke let a small smile flit over his face.

"Now I do believe that some pay back is in order." He sneered at the quivering demon before them. A look of deep concentration crossed Shintaka's face before it switched to one of bafflement.

"Wha…?" He questioned smartly.

"Oh that mind control trick won't work anymore since you can't concentrate on Kyuubi's chakra anymore. This is a new chakra and I'll be damned if you can focus on it." The blonde smirked.

Kyuubi started to gather chakra in her palm in a fire version of the Rasengan as Naruto held both hands to his sides purple orbs of chakra spinning quickly, ready to take down the quivering mass before them.

In a last attempt to live and serve his master he knelt down and called out to him.

A loud voice boomed through the room. "What is it Shintaka?! You have failed me now yet you wish for me to spare your life?" Kyuubi's eyes darkened.

"Masashi…" She growled. Naruto looked around for the possessor of the voice. He knew who he was and was not too pleased that this man and Masashi were connected somehow. Masashi was the master of the great animal spirits and was hell bent on using them to take over the human world. (Cliché, I know.)

"Please, I can beat them. I know I can! Just please, lend me your power." He begged.

"Absolutely not! You don't seem to remember your place. Now that you have lost and Kyuubi has gained her own body there isn't anything I can do. You however are going to pay for ruining our plans." Masashi paused as though contemplating something. "This will not be the last time we meet, Kyuubi. Be sure of that. You will join us whether you wish to or not, you and that blonde brat. I leave you here Shintaka. I do not need an incompetent soldier in my army." And with that final word the voice was gone with a soft 'Whoosh' sound.

Naruto and Kyuubi chuckled deeply. "Oh, Shintaaakaaa! We have a present for you." The said in a singsong voice. He looked up and was met fist to face with three angry Rasengans. If you were on the outside of Naruto's body you would see a large wolf demon spirit leave his body and dissipate into the air.

"Ah, revenge is so sweet." Kyuubi laughed.

Sasuke turned to where Naruto's mother once was to find nothing but air. "Thank you." He whispered before he turned back to Naruto who was looking at him. The Raven took a tentative step forward, then another and another until he was standing right in front of the once Kyuubi-container.

"Naruto." He said softly but with so much emotion behind that one word. "Sasuke...?" The younger one was hesitant. Suddenly, Sasuke wrapped his arms around the blonde. "I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner and that I couldn't do anything when I thought you were going to be killed." He held Naruto tighter. "I'm sorry."

It took a minute for Naruto to register just what was going on before he smiled and returned the hug. "Don't be. Thank you for being my light." He griped Sasuke's shirt as tears started to absorb into the fabric.

The brunette pulled back slowly before gently wiping the tears from Naruto's face. When Sasuke took in the boy in front of him it seemed almost too irresistible. His eyes were watery blue and half lidded and his cheeks were dusted pink, from what, Sasuke didn't know. His head was bowed and his mostly gold yellow hair fell just above his eyes, forming a small halo. His full pink lips just begged him to kiss them. Who was he to deny Naruto anything?

He leaned down and pressed his lips to Naruto's. Day jumped a bit before he realized what was going on and he pushed back and tilted his head slightly for a better angle. A tongue ran along the bottom of his lip and he mewled softly and opened his mouth to the probing muscle. A battle of tongues ensued and if you asked Naruto later he would claim he let Sasuke win. Sadly though, all good things must end. The Raven pulled back and looked longingly in Naruto's eyes.

"Ahem." They snapped their head in Kyuubi's direction. "As much as I love seeing two incredibly hot guys make out, I think the old hag is getting worried about you." She smirked.

"Kyuu-chan that's gross." He stuck out his tongue childishly. "You're, like, my mom now, you can't like watching your son make out." He giggled as he said 'make out'. Sasuke just rolled his eyes at his goofiness.

"Says you." She quipped.

"I'm tired of this dark dankly shit-hole. Let's leave." Sasuke said. "'Kay!" Naruto shouted happily. They looked at Kyuubi expectantly. She looked at them…

"No…Way…" She said.

Naruto winced. "Don't tell me… you don't know how to leave?"

"Fine. I won't tell you." She turned around and crossed her arms.

"What the fuck?!" Naruto looked down at his hands as they glowed a light green. "Yes! That old hag doesn't make a bad Hokage after all." He complimented grinning like an imp.

No sooner had he said that had they left without a trace.

--In Tsunade's Office—

"Hey, hey, they're coming to." Kiba said excitedly with a small snicker.

"Really!? Guys, come on!" Sakura giggled. Shuffling of chairs and feet could be heard.

"Anyone ever hear of breathing room?" Kakashi joked.

"Ugh…" The two groaned as they got up. Looking around, they noticed that they were in a hospital now. Then they noted the sly smiles on their friends' faces. That's when they became aware of their hands which were laced together.

"We can explain!" They shouted. The group broke into laughter.

"It's cool, it's cool. We totally understand. It's so cute!" Ino cooed along with Sakura. Naruto blushed.

"Naruto…" The boy spoken to looked up to see a teary eyed Iruka. He started to put on the water-works too. "Iruka…"

"HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON!?" He shouted for all of Konoha to hear.

"ITAIIII!" Naruto cried clamping his ears shut.

Sasuke smirked, "For…How long have we been out?" "2 days." "Two days plus the 10 minute make out session." He said haughtily. Naruto hit him on the head muttering a 'Sasuke-hentai'. The girls squealed over how hot it must've been with the hottest and most dominant boy in Konoha to make out with the cutest and most feminine boy in Konoha.

"Oh trust me, it was that hot." A female voice suddenly said as she walked into the room.

"Kyuu-chan!" Naruto squealed as he glomped her.

"Guess who now has full custody of Konoha's cutest uke?" She sang plopping him back on the bed.

"You're my mom now?!" His eyes widened as the woman nodded.

"But how? I mean, you're a demon n' stuff." He was perplexed.

"Ah, but the old hag understood, besides the fact most of my chakra has been drained of me by you. So it's all good." She grinned broadly as he grinned back.

"Ma-ma!" He shouted cutely.

"Baka." She hit him earning a half-hearted glare from the Uchiha.

Everyone was still getting over the fact that Kyuubi was standing right in front of them to register what exactly was leaving Sasuke's mouth.

"So if you all will excuse me now, Naruto and I need a little," Sasuke licked his lips, "Quality time." He tucked the squirming boy under his arm and jumped out the window. "Ja!"

"If you hurt him or forget to video tape I'll skin you alive, brat!" Kyuubi called out the window.

"Wait…WHAT?!" The whole group shouted.

Iruka fainted. Kakashi caught him and mentally commended Sasuke on taking after him while planning with Ino, Sakura, Ten-Ten and Kyuubi on how to spy on their little 'rendezvous'. Kiba and Neji were eavesdropping and were most likely going to stalk them to see the show too. Lee and Gai were crying tears of joy and youthfulness exclaiming about the "Spring time of Youth!" Shikamaru muttered 'troublesome'. Asuma and Kurenai seemed mentally scarred and Shino had a faint blush above his collar while Hinata's consumed her whole face. Tsunade went to get some hard sake.

--Later around Sunset—

"Come on, Sasuke!" Naruto tugged on Sasuke's arm to make him go faster.

"Ugh. Are we there yet, dobe-chan?" He whined.

"Almost." He grinned.

"This place looks vaguely familiar." Sasuke mumbled to himself.

Naruto ran up ahead and pushed some shrubbery out of the way. "Here we are! The Den!" He shouted gleefully.

"This place…"Began the brunette.

"This is 'The Den'. It's where I like to run away to for peace and I wanted to share it with you." He ran forward and onto the lake that the waterfall splashed loudly. Sasuke followed.

"No. This is the place where I heard someone sing a song. I've been wondering if that was you." Naruto flushed.

"uh…um…well yeah." He said shyly.

"Could you sing it again?" Sasuke requested.

"Sure, if you want me to." Naruto closed his eyes lightly as the blush lifted from his cheeks.

"Your eyes emit the sky's hello

Your hair radiates the sun's goodbye

As we rock into slumber

The one I hold as I am being held.

Oh please hold on

Please don't cry

Tell me all your thoughts

Until your voice no longer works

And even then please be there and don't leave me

Oh please don't leave me

You're too sweet For the sake of me

Sleep in my arms tonight

My son of suns

And please don't wake me when this slumber ends

Oh please don't wake me."

Naruto smiled sadly as he finished the song. Sasuke stood awestruck at the beautiful words sung by the beautiful voice. It was mellow but at the same time strong and passionate.

"If you don't mind me asking, where did you learn that song? I've certainly never heard it before." He asked.

"My mom used to sing it to me when I was little." The younger one gestured to a headstone at the opposite side of the lake. "That's her there." He smiled and waved at it, sending a small prayer to where ever she was.

"She's a nice woman." Sasuke commented.

"You met her?" Naruto replied not sounding as surprised as Sasuke would've thought.

"Yeah. I have. That's how I found you when we were inside your head." The Raven rapped his knuckles lightly on the blonde's head. "That's cool. As long as I know she's okay now." Suddenly his calm face changed into a sly one.

He jumped up and released the chakra from his feet creating a cannon ball effect and splashing Sasuke. He swam back to the surface and sucked in air and started laughing his ass off. Sasuke smirked and did the same only before coming up for air, he scared Naruto a bit by yanking him under the water for a second.

They splashed each other and played around until dark. That's when they went to the Uchiha compound and snuggled deep in Sasuke's bed after a nice hot shower.

The brunette spooned Naruto to his body while Naruto snuggled into it. Each sighed contentedly.

"I love you, Sasuke-teme." Naruto giggled.

"I love you too, Dobe-chan." He smirked.

OWARI! (I've been waiting to write that!)

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