Series: Xxxholic
Title: Intention
Rating: PG
Pairing/ Characters: Watanuki
Word Count: 147
Warning/s: None.
Disclaimer: Xxxholic is not mine.


There was not always malicious intent. It would not be fair to say that every spirit thus far had the intent of ensnaring him, destroying him, or stealing away his soul. He knew even then that spirits came in all forms, like humans, and that it was just simply easier to comprehend their motives.

That, of course, did not make him any less terrified of them.

Humans, in this world, are bound by their rules. Spirits, in their spirit world, are likewise bound by theirs. Spirits roaming in the human world, free from their own laws, must by default be lawless.

A thick bulbous mass, oozing heavily, one that only he could see. Such noxious fumes – surely, poisonous. He draws them closer, spirits, somehow; a curse.

There was not always malicious intent. But he was not foolish enough to stay, to chance, to wonder.

So he ran.