The girls appeared outside of the Crystal Palace of the past. They scouted the area and when they found that it was safe, they entered the castle. Sailor Io took out the blue print to figure out what would be the safest route to the control room.

"This way looks faster." Sailor Solar Flare said tracing a path with her index finger.

"No, that would be too closely gaurded, we'll have to take the long way. Taking the ventalation shafts would be a good idea too, but seeing as it is only the two of us it should be alright to walk through the halls." Sailor Io expalined. Then with a seriousl look on her face, she said: "If anyone should spot us, I want you to excape Usada. I will hold off any one who tries to attack us."

"You talk to Mecury and Mars way too much." Sailor Solar Flare said. "And if they should attack us, which I doubt, I'm not leaving you behind."

"I am certin they will attack if we are spotted. Endymion has told me of times when sailor scouts were the bad guys. And, if we are attacked it is my duty to protect you. You are may princess first, and my friend second. Either way I will risk my life to save yours."

"How very noble of you." Sailor Solar Flare said sarcastically.

After a while of wandering the halls of the castle, the girls stopped in front of the door to the control room. "Here we are." Sailor Io said pressing a button on the door that opened up to reveil a keypad. "Got any ideas?"

"Of course." Sailor Solar Flare answered. She punched in a code causing the door to open.

"Do they use the same password that they use in the future?" Sailor Io questioned her friend.

"Not exactially. Mecury taught it to me. It allows the user to access anything, no matter how old the system is." Sailor Solar Flare explained.

"Wow, you actually listened to Mecury?" Sailor Io asked as the walked into the room.

"Shutup and wipe the computers." Sailor Solar Flare grumbled.

As everything was almost uploaded to the first disk, the room began to glow and a time gate appeared on the right side of the room. Out from the gate stepped two sailor scouts. The apprentice sailor scouts of time and death, Sailor Charon and Sailor Rhea.

"What are you two doing here?" Sailor Io asked.

"We were sent by our mothers." Sailor Rhea explained. "Saturn gave me the staff of destruction and Pluto gave Sailor Charon the time rod. They are protecting the gates of time from prince Loki's forces."

"Has he made his appearance yet?" Sailor Io asked eagerly.

"No, but we have been informed of another plan." The twelve year old sailor Charon said.

"What is it?" Sailor Io asked as she changed disks and slowly started to delete the files.

"Prince Loki plans on going back further into the past than we are now. Before the light of hope, before our queen was queen. To her past life on Earth when she was just a high schooler and a very clumsy sailor worrior." Sailor Rhea said.

"And that means since we are the only free scouts, it's up to us to protect them." Sailor Charon added.

"But Endymion wanted me to return the disks to him." Sailor Io said looking away from the screans.

"Plus we'll be about as usefull as the pastscouts will be." Sailor Solar Flare stated.

"First off, Endymion says he wants you to hold onto it, and use the knowlage to your advantage." Sailor Rhea explained. "And secondly, this will be the perfect time for us to train. Besides, they at least need to be warned that their lives are in danger, after all these are our parents we are talking about."

The girls quickly silenced themselves as they heard footsteps approching. "Quickly, through the time gate." She said and the girls started entering through the time gate.

Sailor Io, who was the last one almost forgot about the second diskthat was still in the computer. She ran back to the computers and waited for the erasing process to be compleated. Just as it finished and she had the disk out and ready to go, the door tho the control roo slid open. She turnned around and saw a young king Endymion starring back at her. His eyes moved from her to the screans which now held the image of a single white rose. Sailor Io tucked the disks away and bowed, looking up at him with pleeding eyes. He knodded in understanding and jestured to the time gate, indicating that she could leave. She smiled at the young king and told him "Thank You." and left through the time gate.