Kagome, a Twisted Fairy Tale



A story, usually for children, about elves, hobgolins, dragons, fairies, or other magical creatures.

An incredible or misleading statement, account, or belief: His story of being a millionaire is just a fairy tale.

"Level with your child by being honest. Nobody spots a phony quicker than a child." -Mary MacCraken

Chapter Two

Act I

Der Wolf und die Sieben Jungen Geißlein

Scene I

Once Upon A Time...

Tsuyu happily bounded down the stairs. It turns out the yukata fit her perfectly! Movement was easy and the fabric was surprisingly comfortable. It had even crossed her mind that this could have been a possible Christmas present that no one had told her about, regardless of the fact that it happened to be July. She hoped her grandmother would tell her more about the boxes, and better yet, if she could keep the yukata!

"Story time!" The little girl yelled as she skipped back out onto the porch. The elder woman chuckled as she looked over her granddaughter from top to bottom.

"Well, my! Look at you! It seems to fit you juuuuuuust right!"

"It does, it does, Gramma! But what's this story going to be about?" It was then she noticed her grandmother had a small box sitting next to her rocking chair. In it there were brushes, combs, and all other sorts of hair ornaments. Her grandmother furrowed her eyebrows, but the smile never left her face.

"Come sit with me so I can tell you, you silly thing!" Tsuyu giggled as she sat down on the floor infront of her, and immediately felt the elder woman start to work on her hair. "Now, this is going to be a very long story that will take much time to tell. It takes soooo long, that it almost never gets told all the way through! Do you know why?"

She shook her head.

"It's because the story is even older than I am! It's a story of princesses, princes, corruption, and witches; demons and humans, and the occasional toad or two. This story is called a fairy tale."

"A 'fairy tale'?" Her button nose scrunched up in confusion, and her raven eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes, a fairy tale is a story about all of the creatures and people I mentioned before. Most of them have happy endings, some of them do not, but in the end all of them teach a valuable lesson that should never be forgotten."

"Are they real, Gramma? Do fairy tales really happen?"

"Of course they can, and I can prove it too, because I know the best Fairy Tale that has ever happened."

"What's it called?" The elder woman paused.

"I don't know what it's called, but the best of stories don't have a name until they're already written. So we'll think of one later, but for now, we listen."


It started a long time ago, before most people will ever remember, when monks and priestesses fought against the demons who plagued their lands, and vice versa. For humans, though, it was mainly a time of peace. Chinese influences were at their highest, and it was a time of art, poetry, and literature. Humans had yet to taste the greed and lust for power and lands. For the only creatures with true power were the demon lords of the North, South, East, and West. They were the most powerful creatures in all of Japan, and no one dared to challenge them into battle.

In this time of peace, men did not do much to defend themselves, as it was hardly needed. So when demons attacked, people were defenseless. It was then that monks and priestesses became a necessity in populated villages and towns. For those that did not, holy-men traveled to them, to purge their lands of sin. One priestess rivaled all others. She traveled with a Nekomatta of royal-heritage, who had ran away from a life of meetings, men, and expensive threads, to live and thrive with the people of the land. The two-tail was a disgrace to her family, daring to live and soil her blood with that of the filthy humans. Usually, when demon's of such high-class run away to live with humans, the outcome is always the same: the birth of a hanyou, and then, death.

Hanyous were creatures of tainted blood. The mix of a human and of a demon; combining two things which should never touch. Demons who created such un-godly creatures, were hunted down and killed by their clans. Not only did they die, but they were made to watch in horror as their mate and child were killed as well. The only beings able to get away with such travesties, were those above normal demon law: the Demon Lords of Japan.

Which brings us back to the nomadic priestess from earlier. She was unstoppable; thought to be the most powerful human being to ever exist, and her name was Midoriko.

A priestess who was sought by all: humans, for her kindness and power to help them in their times of need, and by demons, to stop her in her tracks so that she could no longer vanquish their kind. Wherever she went, regardless if she was helping a village or not, demons were slaughtered if they dared pose threat to her. She was indeed a nuisance and a blessing.

It wasn't long before she found she was being constantly watched by a demon whose aura reeked with maliciousness and lust.

"It seems, that this demon refuses to leave." Time and time again, she had told him to leave her in peace. Normally, he would do so quietly, but come back a short time later to watch her again. There was but one time, where he did not choose to do so.

She felt his aura begin to expand; slowly but surely it began to surround them. The sheer intensity of the lust made her heart beat irradically in her chest, and a slight tension to build up below her belly. Midoriko was a priestess of tight reign over her emotions, but was but a human, and her hermones were at their peak, as she was just barely out of her teens.

There had been a slight drizzle all morning, and her partner had gone off in search of shelter from the rain storm that was coming in fast. Already the clouds were a dark grey, just waiting to unleash the thunder and lightning it had in store.

Her clothes had been drenched hours ago, and a deep chill settled into her bones as she watched him walk out from the trees.

Lightning flashed and she saw her stalker fully for the first time. He had deep raven hair that when soaked, fell to his knees. His eyes gleamed like emeralds under the dark sky, and burned with a deep hunger that she had never experienced before. A mocking smile on his lips tilted up to expose a few sharp fangs hidden in his mouth.

"My, my," he sang, "what have we here? A priestess? All alone in the rain? Well, that won't do at all." His voice was rich and heady with his desire, making it sound like a purr as he spoke, and made her blood pump faster through her veins. "I do believe this is the first time we've met face-to-face. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lord Yuu-Taro, Ruler of Northern Japan." He bent at his waist in a sort of bow she had never seen before. One arm wrapped round his stomach, and the other rested behind his back. Was he mocking her?

"Leave this place, Demon." He stood with a gleam in his eye.

"Now, now. I just told you my name, it would be much nicer if you would use it." A growl sounded from his throat.

"Lord Yuu-Taro," her eyes were narrowed in disdain as she felt her body heat up despite the cold rain. "What buisness do you have here?"

Slowly, he stalked in a circle around her, she was on gaurd, but she did not turn her head to follow him, nor did she move when she felt him behind her.

"I've come here to tell you something." He whispered seductively into her ear, his hands tracing up her arms. He couldn't get enough of her smell, or the way she tasted as he teasingly slid his tongue up her neck, and the almost unnoticable way she leaned into him when he nipped a spot behind her ear with his teeth. 'I've found a sweet spot,' he grinned. One of his hands slid to her waist, while the other slid round across her stomach to hold her to him and offer the warmth she so wanted in the cold rain.

The first roar of thunder shouted and she barely recognized the fact that she was suddenly wedged between a tree and a demon. Now she could only see glowing emereald eyes, and feel the buldge pressing itself against her core. She couldn't move at all, and that's the way he wanted it.

"You will become my mate, and will bear me many sons."

"I will do no such thing!" It was hard to deny him, when her body was screaming at her to give into a deep pleasure in which she'd never needed before. It was a gutteral feeling; but mostly an overbearing desire to do something she had only ever been told of, and was told she'd never experience.

"My dear, little priestess.. I am Lord Yuu-Taro of Northern Japan. I am much stronger than you can ever imagine." He spoke the words headily into her ear, and she hated herself for feeling more warmth pool into the spot that ached so much at that moment. "You may be much stronger than many a man, but I am much stronger than all-else."

Now, as you can imagine, such talk would be inappropriate for such a young-child. Such talk had been left out in that part of the story... well, anything that needed to be left out anyways. What could not have been left out however, was the fact that that night, the purest, most-powerful human priestess to ever walk the hills and valleys of Japan, was robbed of her virginity. She did not love this demon, nor did she know him. He was a selfish creature, with selfish thoughts. He used his knowledge of lust and it's nature against one who practiced chastity, and he was successfully able to seduce her into sin.

He brought her to the cave in which the Nekomatta had taken shelter and left, saying he would return; and he did. It was like before. He would stay and watch over her; never leaving. This time, he would not leave; she would not leave his sight, because the only difference this time was: she was with child.


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