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Chapter 1- The Confusion Begins



Dear Diary,

I just heard mum and dad talking. Harry, Alex and Hermione are coming for the rest of the summer holiday. I'm excited. I need the girls around! I wonder if Hermione still fancies Harry. That might be awkward. Not as awkward as me liking Draco -sigh-. I've been thinking about him more and more. I'm 16 now, I'm not a child, but Ron will still be treating me like one I'm sure. Oh well. It's not like Draco would ever notice me anyways. I'm his enemy's little sister. I just wish there was something I could do to get his attention. This year is my last chance. Maybe Alex and Hermione will help me, if they don't flip out of course. Maybe I'm doomed to admire him from afar forever. I don't think anyone would understand… I guess I'll just play it by ear.


Ginny cocked her head to the side as she finisher her journal entry. She sighed and put a locking charm on its seal.

"I wonder if anyone would understand." She whispered to herself. She scooted off her bed and shoved the diary under her mattress. Ginny looked around her room. She had begged her parents to let her paint her walls and old beat up chest of drawers for the past month. Her pleas had been successful and her walls were painted a light lavender color and her chest of drawers was white washed. Ginny had been most pleased with the end results. A full length mirror hung from her closet door. She stood in front of it and admired herself for a moment. She had grown taller since the year before, and her hair was longer. Ginny's short jean shorts accented her curves in a very becoming way, as did her red tank top. Ginny had matured very beautifully since last year.

"Eat your heart out Draco." She said with a smile. And she would make sure he would too.



He was going to do it. He had to. It was his last chance. He steadied himself, and took a deep breath. With the quickness of lightning he brought the hammer down in a flash onto a tiny gnome that had unfortunately caught Ron on a bad day. The little bastard had been giving him the run around all afternoon. Satisfied with his work, he made his way up to the house. He was hot and sweaty from a long day of doing chores for his mum. As he shut the door behind him he noticed Ginny in the kitchen.

"Here, I made lemonade." She said, offering him a glass.

Gratefully he downed the glass in two gulps.

"Thirsty?" She asked with raised eyebrows.

Ron nodded. "It's hot out."

"So when is everyone coming?" Ginny asked as she put the fresh pitcher of lemonade in the fridge. "I heard you talking to mum and dad this morning."

"We're getting Alex and Harry tomorrow and Hermione is coming the day after that."

Ginny nodded.

"Um, Ron? Can I ask you something?"

"Sure Gin, you can ask me anything."

"Well I sort of have a problem." Ginny fussed with the corner of her shirt nervously.

"What kind of problem?"

"It's about a boy."

"A guy problem? Cant you ask Alex or Hermione?" Ron looked a little uncomfortable.

"I could, but I'd rather have your opinion."

Ron sighed. "Go on."

"Well, I like this guy, but I know he only thinks of me as your little sister and I want him to notice me but I don't know how and most of the time I don't even think he knows I exist!" Ginny rambled.

Ron grew even more uncomfortable. His mind went instantly to Harry. She had to have been talking about Harry. It was only logical. No wonder she wanted his opinion.

"I uh, I think maybe if he hasn't noticed you yet then maybe it's not meant to be. You could spend your time doing something constructive instead of mooning over this…this boy. You know? I mean, you're a…" Ron swallowed a lump in his throat. "A good looking girl, there will be plenty of guys who will uh, you know…make you happy." Ron had strained the last sentence and Ginny could tell. She sighed.

"Exactly what I thought you'd say." Ginny hung her head and walked out of the room in a hurry.

As Ginny sulked off Ron's mind went into over time. He knew she had liked Harry, but for this long? This year was already proving to be interesting.



Hermione sat in her living room sulking. Harry had just sent her an owl, and it was about Ginny. How could she finally confess her love to him now? Now that he was going after Ginny.

Ginny she thought bitterly. Her sweet, little sister act had Harry wrapped around her tiny finger. It was disgusting. She'd been fawning over him for the past year now and suddenly Ginny was number bloody one. How insulting. She had to make him jealous. Hermione thought wickedly. Of course! It had to work! She sat up from her position on the couch and briskly walked up the stairs to her room. Forgetting the door she walked straight to her closet and threw the doors open.

"To make a guy jealous, you start with clothes." She said aloud. Rummaging through the closet she found her most provocative clothing. They were risky, but tasteful. She threw her findings into her school trunk with two pairs of her sexiest heels.

"I'll have him drooling." She smiled.

After her closet raid she sat on her bed, deep in thought. She had the clothes, but no partner in crime. Slowly it came to her. It was not only perfect, but it would absolutely mortify Harry. She smirked evilly as she pulled out a quill and some parchment. Now if she could only get him to comply….


Before you laugh at my expense for even thinking of contacting you, wrap your brain around this…. We're head boy and girl this year, so we will unfortunately be forced to be in contact anyways. I have a proposition for you. It has everything to do with the destruction of Potter's will power. Pen me back if you're interested.




"Harry it's not that big of a deal." Alex insisted. Her brother had been having a crisis for the last ten minutes, ever since Pig had arrived with a letter from Ron.

"But what if Ron freaks out? I mean, it's his one and only little sister, who looks really good…I mean she's beautiful! And her hair…."

"Ok Romeo, look at it in his point of view, and then your own. What would you do if Ron made a pass at me?"

"I'd slaughter him." He said automatically.

"Harry please." Alex rolled her eyes.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't be terrible. Just awkward. Seeing my best friend snogging my twin sister is not that appealing," Harry shivered. "It's disturbing."

Alex shook her head.

"What am I going to do?" Harry groaned.

"I don't know, maybe you should talk to Ginny about it."

"It's just crazy enough to work." Harry said with a weak smile. His face fell shortly after. "I cant do it. I'd freeze." He turned to face Alex directly. "You talk to her! You two are friends!"

Alex backed away. "Oh no! I'm not going to be your middle man! No way!"

"Alex please! I never ask you for anything!"

The look on Alex's face made Harry feel uneasy.

"Ok, so I never ask you for anything like this." He said nervously.

Alex sighed. "I guess I could, but I don't know how it'll help."

Harry jumped on her and forcefully hugged her.

"Ok you're done." Alex said, sounding as if she had no air. "Harry…Harry I can feel myself turning blue now."

Harry let go and Alex inhaled deeply, trying to catch her breath.

"Do you want my help or do you want to kill me?" She gasped. "A thank you would have sufficed."

Harry smiled sheepishly. He was finally going to know if Ginny felt the same way he felt about her. He couldn't have been happier.



"Draco dearest, you have an owl." Narcissa called to her son. He was in his father's study, pretending to be doing his reading. Curiosity getting the better of him, Draco sauntered towards his mother who was lounging in the magnificent site they called their foyer.

"I don't know who it's from, it doesn't say." She said as she handed him the letter. "If it's important," She whispered, with her eyes making hinted gestures. "Let me know."

Draco nodded carelessly, rolling his eyes once he turned from her view. He lazily strolled up the stairs to hide away in his room. He locked the door behind him and looked at the letter in his hand strangely. Who had written him? He wondered. Sprawling out onto his silky green bedspread, he opened the letter and read the contents. He let out a breath in a half chuckle. Granger. Potter must have done something terrible to get that hot-headed, know it all to resort to writing him.

I am me. He thought with a cocky smirk. But what could she possibly be thinking. Sure he was amazing, talented, creative, god-like, and all around perfect, but what would Granger want with him? An instant idea went through his brain like a bolt of lightning.

"Ew." He said aloud. "No." He fixed the intimate image he had placed in his brain by adding a certain red-headed beauty instead.

"Better." He commented as he settled back onto his bed comfortably. She was the sister of his worst enemy, yet he couldn't get her damn image out of his head. She was permanently burned into his brain. Her red hair, her full lips, long legs…everything that made her perfect. Even that sharp tongue of hers. Maybe that was what had intrigued him the most about Alex, her ability to keep up with his wit. Someone who matched his brilliance. His good mood made him curious about Granger's cry for help. He decided to write her back for his curiosity's sake. Tying the letter to his owl's leg he sighed.

"Ah, Alex." The owl struggled away from him and took off. Horrified he grabbed for it, but it was too late.

"Oh shit." He muttered.



Harry kept fidgeting and it made Alex nervous.

"Harry, go for a walk or something. You need to get this anxiety off your mind." She suggested.

Harry nodded. "Maybe you're right."

"It'll be fine." Alex reassured him as Harry walked out of the room.

Alex sat down on her bed and looked out the window. Now she had some time to think of her own problems.

For the last couple of months Alex had realized she saw Ron as more than just Ron. She knew she wasn't in love with him or anything; Alex just began seeing him in a different light. A more positive one. He was no longer her brother's best friend; he was her best friend too. The more she thought about it, the more it made sense. He had always been there for her, always listened when she needed him, and had always been a true friend through thick and thin. Sure Hermione was her best girl friend, but Alex had always gotten along with the opposite sex far better than with the same. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted as a beautiful Eagle owl tapped on her window. Confused she opened it to let the creature in. Realization dawned on her once the owl had taken off again. This was Malfoy's owl! Her thoughts were confirmed when she noticed the wax seal containing the Malfoy family crest. She held her breath as she opened the letter. What could he possibly want?


You intrigue me. Despite your status my curiosity has gotten the better of me. What did you have in mind?


Alex was confused. Why would Hermione, of all people, want to contact Draco Malfoy? Something was definitely amiss, and Alex wanted to know exactly what it was.