Years later and I finally write an epilogue. I haven't abandoned my other stories, life just got in the way as it often does. Hope you like this. I reread the story and decided the ending didn't finish the story properly. So here you go.

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Two weeks later Ryoma still couldn't believe it was all over. The nine tennis players had stayed the whole week despite all the problems that had occurred. It almost seemed like a nightmare whenever he looked back on their time there. With some good dreams thrown in to make the rest more garish and frightening. The school was in an uproar over finding out the entire team was gay, and that somehow they'd almost all been hurt over the school break. Despite their protests that they hadn't been beaten up by some homophobic gang; the most popular rumour going around at their appearance; the school seemed to rally even more firmly around them.

As Inui had predicted the nurse began to see a plethora of nose bleeds when any of the team showed public displays of attention to each other. More fan clubs began popping up immediately, much to the embarrassment of the boys, and there had been several incidents of mobbing individual players until the worst offenders were reprimanded by the coach. It was because of one of those incidents that Tezuka and Fuji had helped Ryoma get home in the middle of the day. He'd been mobbed by fan girls, and a few guys, and had twisted his ankle. The nurse had proclaimed a light sprain but told him to keep off it for the rest of the day. Tezuka had proceeded to pick up the 16 year old and carried him to Fuji's car, previously his sister's, where the two told him they were going to take care of him at his house. The older two had no classes that afternoon and usually spent it either doing homework or on the courts. It helped that Ryoma's parents were due back next week and Nanako was away with her fiancé and his family

As they hadn't had too many chances to be together sexually since they'd gotten back to school, things progressed quickly once they reached the bedroom. All three were down to their boxers and running their hands all over each other when they heard the front door open and shut loudly.

"Ryoma? Are you home? Who's car is that out front?" the voice of Ryoma's mother rang out through the house.

"Shounen! Lets have a game! We caught an early flight, so let's go play some tennis! Shounen where are you?"

Ryoma's father was pounding through the house as he shouted causing the boys to scramble for their discarded clothes. Tezuka and Fuji had just put on their pants, Ryoma had settled for his shirt and keeping his lower half under the blankets, when Nanjiroh barged into the room. Silence overtook the room as the three boys stared at the dishevelled looking man.

"Oyaji, what are you doing home so early? I thought your flight was next week?"

From Ryoma's tone it was clear to the other two teens that he was trying not to blush.

"Hmm? What's going on here shounen? I'm sure you heard me boy, your mother and I changed our flight. Why are you in bed? I said let's go play tennis."

As the retired tennis pro was talking Tezuka and Fuji were subtly putting on their shirts. They weren't about to leave, not after everything they'd been through, but they didn't want to make the potentially volatile situation worse.

"Oyaji, I hurt my ankle at school. My teammates brought me home. I'm not going to play tennis with you today." Ryoma said bluntly. Really he couldn't believe how stupid his father could be.

Could he truly be blind to the situation he'd just walked in on?

"Well then, maybe I should challenge these two to a match." he replied with a decidedly evil look in his eyes. The lecherous fake monk eyed the two boys, measuring their potential with a practiced eye.

"We would be honoured to play a game with you sir. Ryoma are you alright here?" Fuji responded respectfully.

"Ah, yes I'll be fine. Be careful."

As the three left for the temple court Ryoma's mother entered the room with a knowing smile on her face. She casually picked up the school jackets on the floor and tossed his pants to him. Ryoma blushed bright red and cast an embarrassed glance at her.

"Sorry for letting him interrupt Ryoma. I heard you say you hurt your ankle, I'll get you some ice for that."

"Mom, aren't you going to..." Ryoma couldn't finish the question, he was much to mortified that his Dad had nearly walked in on them. From the look on her face she knew, or suspected the truth. He was sure though that he was in for a lecture at the very least. He didn't care though, he wouldn't give up his boyfriends for anything. He was prepared to fight for them, just as they had for him. She surprised him by sitting on the side of his bed with a soft smile.

"Ryoma, did you think I didn't know? Nanako and I have known about your feelings for your two friends for quite some time. I suspect we knew even before you did. You're old enough to know what you're doing, I just ask that you be safe. Also, try not to let your father bug you too much. Now I'll get that ice for your foot."

She left the room as her son sat there blinking in disbelief. His mother had known, known even before he'd admitted it to himself. Well that at least explained Nanako's note on his jeans, and the unopened tube of lube and box of condoms he'd found in his bedside drawer before his parents had left on their trip. Shaking himself out of his internal speculations he quickly shimmied into his pants before his Mom came back in.
As Rinko reentered his room she smiled and placed the towel wrapped ice pack on his ankle. She sat back down beside him for a talk.

"How was your stay at the old house? Nanako said you came back a little worse for wear, but reassured us you were fine. What happened?"

"Ah, I don't think you would believe me if I told you. Um, Mom could you go save my boyfriends from Dad? He took them to the court for a match."

"Oh dear, yes I'll go stop him from interrogating them. Oh Ryoma what are those books doing in a frame on your wall?"

He looked over to where his mother gestured and smiled. There was a glass case framing the three journals from his ancestors. Three small plaques graced the frame, one in front of each book.
'Diary of Echizen Aya, 1865-1881', Journal of Echizen Ryoma, 1842-1858', 'Diary of Echizen Mai, 1928-1944'.

"I'm keeping a promise I made. They're journals of three of my ancestors. The three teens that died at the house years ago."

She looked at him questioningly but got up to go.
"There's a story there, and one of these days you'll have to tell it to me."

Ryoma nodded and looked at the books again as she left to go rescue his teammates. Bowing a little he whispered a soft thank you, and thought for a moment that he saw three smiling faces reflected in the glass.