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Forty years of marriage had taught her one thing – it really wasn't fair.

When she had first realized the grasp she had over him, was when she had stormed into the room after the Slytherin head of house had just given one of her students three months worth of detentions with him. It had been late at night when Minerva had gotten wind of it, and after attempting to reason with the Slytherin professor, she had decided that she would have to go the Headmaster – Albus Dumbledore.

She had decided to change first, getting out of her stuffy robes and into some fresh, identical clean ones. She hadn't noticed that she had forgotten to do the one thing she always did. Perhaps it was because she was blinded by her anger.

Her step had been quick, and her voice had hissed the password angrily. The statue moved, and she stormed up the stairs and into the Albus' office before knocking.

His eyes never left her, but she knew that he wasn't staring at her eyes. She wasn't even sure he was paying attention, until he had stammered out that he would speak to the Slytherin head of house the following day. Minerva frowned, not understanding why he wasn't giving her a fight that she had known would need to be fought before she had gotten her way. But he hadn't even given her a moment where she thought he was going to fire back at her.

She had made it back to her rooms, fully calmed down, before she sat in front of her mirror. She glanced at the mirror, only to turn back and give it another look. Her thin lips turned into a smile, as she let out a laugh. Her hair – it was down.

And then everything fell into place. She had Albus Dumbledore, who most would call the greatest wizard ever to live, in the palm of her hands like putty, ready to be molded into anything she felt like… all because she had forgotten to put her hair up.

Minerva fiddled with her hair as she stood behind the door to Albus' office once more. It really wasn't fair, she had promised herself after toying with him for months on end that she would only do it when she thought he was blind sighted. Okay, so Harry Potter playing on the Quidditch team his first year wasn't exactly a 'necessary' situation, but she really wanted her house to win the cup, or at least had a good shot at it. That'd really shut Snape up, she smiled to herself.

So she settled her hair once more, giving what Hooch had called 'sex kitten' hair, and knocked on the door. She heard his voice call out for her to come in, and as soon as she walked through those doors, she stood before him, door closed behind her. She recognized the look in his eyes as they widened and she heard the sharp intake of his breath. She held back a grin, as she walked forward and said sweetly, "Albus, I need to speak with you about something…"