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Pure and Simple



She liked to pretend she didn't notice him staring at her across the office. It was just be a figment of her imagination of course. His eyes just seemed to follow her as she walked past.

The presence of him nearby had next to no effect on her, she told herself that. Denying the beat of her heart that tripled when he was near, the blush that spread over her cheeks when he looked at her, the heat that flared when he touched her. Mere coincidence.

There was no jealousy when the other girls in the office swooned and simpered over him. If they wanted to make fools of themselves in regards to him, well they were more than welcome to.

It also made sense to walk past his cubicle when she went to the copy room down the hall. It was the most efficient way to go. It wasn't like he was watching where she was going anyway.

It always came as a surprise when he followed her in, locking the door behind him. She always expressed shock, and a little outrage as he came close to her, touching her. He shouldn't do that, it was really inappropriate, but her words always failed to came out.

The one thing Hermione liked to pretend most of all was that there were no feelings on either side. It was a physical thing, pure and simple. When it was all over, in the afterglow, there was no softening in his grey eyes. She wasn't whispering words of affection, no little gestures of love.

Returning back to her desk, she always found one thing she couldn't deny. This little secret had run its course. They had to stop. Next time she'd tell him, next time.