Title: Call Of The Heart

Author: Mona

Translation: by Wicked R

Disclaimers: Ryan Murphy and Crew

Genre: Drama

Rating: PG-13

Summary/Set/Pairing: Sequel to "Decided By Love"

Kimber sat in the living room of Christian's apartment scribbling something in a notebook. Three months had passed since she'd proposed at the hospital and they had finally managed to set the date. But the closer they got to the agreed day, the more nervous she got. It had little to do with the often mentioned cold feet syndrome people would get before their wedding, and more with the fear that something unforeseeable will happen again and stop them getting married.

Kimber glanced at the clock and sighed. It was after 7 already and Christian still wasn't home yet. He had called two hours ago to tell her he would be late again because of another surgery. It had happened often over the last few weeks that the praxis was open late so that different surgical procedures could be completed. The beauty industry was booming, and everybody who wanted a piece of the cake had to be ready for sacrifices to be made.

Kimber was chewing her pencil impatiently. If she didn't know better she would've thought that Christian had a lover and that was the reason why he came so late. But she had reassured herself about that last week, when she made a control call and got told by nurse Linda that both surgeons were really busy in the operation room. Nevertheless, Kimber was far from happy with the whole situation. She was left to get everything ready for the wedding all by herself. And she had the feeling Christian wasn't at all interested in what kind of flowers they will have decorating the table or in what order should the different types of food be served. The guest list wasn't even ready, and the wedding was supposed to be in a month' time.

Kimber glanced at her meagre notes once more and briskly tore the page out the note book and rumpled it together. She aimed at the entrance door with it the exact same moment Christian crossed its threshold.

"Hey, you want to hit me?" He joked and lifted the ball of paper off the floor, "what's this?"

"A list," Kimber answered curtly.

"What for?"

"For our wedding."

"Oh," Christian unfolded the piece of paper and read Kimber's notes, "you want strawberries for dessert?" He asked and scrunched his forehead.

She nodded.

"I'm allergic to strawberries," he said and cleared his throat as a way of saying sorry in some way.

"That's great," Kimber dramatically rolled her eyes, "the best way of getting rid of your husband right away after the wedding is mixing his some food he's allergic to and then waiting till he dies in an anaphylactic shock," she said ironically.

"What's wrong with you?" Christian asked scrunching his forehead.

Kimber shrugged, "nothing, what should there be?"

"You're in a mood that one could call morbid, to say the least. Are you cross for some reason?"

Kimber pointed to the clock accusingly, "you've called two hours ago and told me you'd be here soon. It's almost half past seven now!"

Christian sighed quietly. It wasn't the first time they were arguing about the same issue. It happened quite a lot over the last while that he had to work overtime and he knew how much she didn't like it, "but I already told you on the phone that there was another urgent operation to be done."

Kimber nodded, "yes, just like the days and weeks before," she said uneasily, "if you want us to get married in a month' time, then I'd give you the advice to get involved in the preparations a bit more."

"Maybe we should think about hiring a wedding planner again," Christian started uncertainly.

"No, not a wedding planner!" Kimber shook her head.

Christian moaned innerly. Kimber's superstition was gradually going to his nerves. She held herself to doing everything differently than it was the last time. Nothing should've reminded her of the tragic events that prevented their wedding back then. Although Quentin was dead and Kit was in prison, she was still afraid that someone or-somebody would thwart their wedding ceremony, "maybe you could ask Julia to help you," he suggested, "she has the experience," he added grinning.

"Inclusively sex with the man giving her away," Kimber muttered scarcely audibly.

"What did you say?" Christian looked at her annoyed.

"All right," she rushed to say.

But Christian had heard the last bit of the sentence, "after all these years you still hold me accountable for having a brief affair with Julia?" He asked uncomprehending.

Kimber was looking away. The last thing she wanted was to argue with Christian over Julia. The short while she spent in the McNamara house after Alicia's death had reasonably improved her relationship with Julia. They would probably never be friends, but they had mutual respect for each other and accepted they had different views, "I don't hold you responsible for anything," she said, "I was merely stating a fact."

"With quite a bad taste if you ask me," Christian rubbed his aching neck groaning, "I'm tired and I don't wanna bicker."

"Who's bickering then?" She asked aggressively.

"You," he walked over to her slowly with a sly grin, "but I think I'll be able to think of something to ease the tension."

"That's also very typical of you!" Kimber said eluding him, "you think sex solves everything," she shook her head, "did it ever occur to you at all to think about how many place cards we'll need for the table or what kinda food should be served?"

Christian took a deep breath, "you know what?" He said with a calm voice, "maybe we should just forget about it all if it's so complicated."

Kimber looked up at him scandalized, "you wanna forget about the wedding?" She asked uncomprehending.

Christian held his head pensively, "I would have another suggestion."

"And that would be?" Kimber was hitting one foot to the other impatiently.

Christian's mouth widened to a smirk, "let's simply run away!"