Five months later

Christian stepped into Kimber's hospital room quietly and went straight to the small baby bed and bent down to the sleeping baby, "hello Joshua!" He greeted his newborn son and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead.

"Christian...?" Kimber opened her eyes and smiled tiredly, "have you been here for a long time?"

He shook his head, "I just came. But you..." He smiled, "...you slept half the day," he bent down to Kimber and gave her a tender kiss, "hello mummy!"

She looked at the baby bed, "he is a miracle!" She said quietly, "I never would've thought I could be so happy."

Christian took his sleeping son out of the baby bed and placed him into Kimber's arms before sitting down next to them and putting his arm around them, "I know what you mean," he bent over the baby and stroke his dark fluffy hair gently with his finger.

"He looks like you", said Kimber smiling, "he has your hair colour and your eyes."

As a proof the newborn opened his eyes and gave some gurgling noises.

"That's to be seen", Christian said smiling, "in any case he came out perfectly."

Kimber laughed quietly and pulled her son closer to herself, "I hope Julia and Sean don't mind me spoiling their Christmas celebrations."

"Well," Christian said grinning, "our new year's eve baby wanted to be a Christmas child instead." He cleared his throat, "I almost forgot about it now..." He pulled an oblong box out from his jacket pocket, "Merry Christmas!" He said and regarded Kimber affectionately.

She opened the box and was speechless for one moment. A necklace with a ruby pendant was to be seen, "what a beautiful necklace!" As Kimber looked up she had tears in her eyes, "and I have no gift for you at all", she said sadly.

Christian lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes, "you gave me the most beautiful present ever-our son! I cannot give you any gift on earth that would mean more!" He cleared his throat, "I love you, Kimber!"

"I love you, too!" She leaned forwards and locked his lips with a tender kiss.

The End