A/N : I originally had this idea a long time ago but it was just a half a thought really and not a whole story. It is now developing in my brain and wit a bit of luck this plot will pan out! A good response to the Prologue will bring the first chapter much faster!

Title : Catch You On The Flip-Side

Rating : PG-13

Summary : It's all very clear; Glory wants the Key, Spike wants Buffy, and all the Slayer wants is a quiet life! So when Buffy starts behaving rather differently, especially towards a certain bleached blond vampire, everybody is understandably concerned...

Disclaimer : Characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy (Oh, how I wish Spike were mine...)

Prologue - Something Weird Is Going On

Spike burst through the door of the Magic Box, stamping out a flaming blanket on the way. Buffy followed close behind, trying to help, but every single time her hands went anywhere near him he flinched away, almost as if he was trying to fend her off...

"Red!" Spike bellowed without even checking to see if Willow was in the room or not. As it turned out, she wasn't, but two other people were.

"Spike, what the hell do you want?" Xander snapped and he was surprised when Buffy made a face and waved an angry finger at him.

"Hey, don't yell at Spikey!" she scolded and the vampire shook his head in disbelief and annoyance at her sudden name for him. Xander was shocked but couldn't help but laugh.

"Did she just call you Spikey?" he spluttered.

"Yeah, what of it Whelp?" 'Spikey' looked even more annoyed by the humans comment than the Slayers words.

"He's my little Spikey-wikey" Buffy continued, grabbing the vamps arm and grinning, as she gazed up at him, "I love him very much"

Xander walked forward with Anya at his side, disbelief on both their faces until the brunette snapped his fingers and the metaphorical light bulb appeared.

"I got it, it's that gross robot!" he announced, "How did you...?"

"It's not the bloody bot!" Spike interrupted, desperately trying to untangle himself from the very persistent Slayer.

It was true, he loved her, but he didn't want her like this. She wasn't herself, despite the fact that she looked like Buffy and sounded more or less like her, it wasn't his Slayer at his side. Just like the bot, it wasn't enough. If he was going to have Buffy he wanted all of her, no half measures and this wasn't her, hence the fact he was here...

"Look, this is not the bot" Spike repeated, "She's the real deal, but there's something up with her"

"Obviously" Xander snorted, moving closer to his old friend, "Hey Buffster, you feeling okay?"

"Yeah, Buffy" Anya wanted to play too, this game looked like fun, "Why are you hanging all over Spike?"

"I told you" Buffy rolled her eyes in annoyance, "I love Spike and I'm feeling fine" she smiled widely, "Although I'd feel a lot better if me and Spike were alone and..."

"You want to have sex with Spike?" Anya asked, not at all in a shocked or embarrassed way, but in a perfectly normal tone of voice, as was her way.

"Of course" Buffy nodded, suddenly making a grab at the vamp again, "I love him very much"

"Pet, please..." Spike almost whined as he tried to prise the girl off his body.

In normal circumstances he would have killed to have Buffy behave like this around him, but it bothered him that she was so different. He liked to be in control and with her behaving like this, it just unsettled him.

"Come on Bleach Boy, admit it" Xander got in Spike's face, "What did you do to her?"

"I. did. nothing." Spike emphasised every word, but the human still looked unconvinced, "I swear" the vampire protested, "Vampire's honour"

"Vampires don't have honour!" the boy bit back, and Spike couldn't be bothered to continue the argument. He wanted Buffy fixed and soon, as she continually grabbed at him, without restraint.

"I don't have time for this" he complained, "Where are the Wiccans?"

"You think Willow and Tara did something to Buffy to make her want you?" Xander laughed at the ridiculous idea, "Why would they do that?"

Spike sighed and Anya lost interest and went back to counting her money.

"How the bleedin' hell should I know?" the vampire complained, "All I know is that the Slayer's been mojo-ed and it wants fixing!"

"Hey guys" called Willow as she entered the shop with Tara at her side.

"About bloody time," Spike immediately snapped "What have you done to her?" he gestured to Buffy who seemed desperate to get her tongue in his ear.

"B-buffy?" Tara asked uncertainly as she and her girlfriend came closer toward their friends and the vampire "W-we didn't d-do anything" she assured him.

"Is she okay?" Willow asked despite the fact it was obvious something was wrong from the way the Slayer clawed at the clothes of a guy she usually hated.

"Hey Willow, Tara" said Slayer sing-songed as she finally noticed them in the room. Spike was only too pleased that she'd stepped away from him for two seconds

"I'm fine" Buffy assured her friends "cos Spike's here and as long as we're together I'm the happiest girl in the world"

"You a-and S-spike?" Tara forced out the words, blinking hard as if her head hurt from the concept.

"Yeah, we're in love" Buffy exclaimed with a nod and a bright smile as she flung herself into Spike's unsuspecting arms and hugged him tight.

Willow looked equal parts surprised and worried as she shared a look with her girlfriend.

"Oh boy"

To Be Continued...