Rukia was sitting in the playground; in a swing to be precise. She was looking at the beautiful sunset; just daydreaming about anything that crossed her mind. Looking at the sun, it was about time to go home now. Rukia sighed. Her brother would scold her for being late. If she walked. She didn't walk.

Out of breath and sweaty from the run to the Kuchiki household, Rukia collapsed onto her bed. Her brother was the main reason she always had to get home by 6:00. It wasn't that he was overprotective; he just wanted to know where she was…at all times. When her parents died, her brother had become colder. Kuchiki Byakuya used to be a warm, loving brother. Rukia sighed and stared at the pink ceiling in her room.

Rukia looked out of the window to her room. Her eyes brushed over an orange haired teenager. Looking closer at him, his brow was furrowed, and he had a scowl that seemed to be permanent. He was about 17 or 18; the same age as Rukia. Their eyes held a brief moment of contact before Rukia broke it by quickly hiding behind the curtain. A slight blush crept to her face. She slid down the wall wondering who that strange kid was. Rukia shook her head. It didn't matter to her. But…wasn't that house abandoned? He must have moved in when she was at the playground.

"We have new neighbors. Go introduce yourself to them tomorrow morning." Kuchiki Byakuya's voice sliced the silence. Rukia pouted while looking the other way; just so that Byakuya wouldn't see. She would get scolded for that.

"Hai, nii-san."

Byakuya glided out of the room and into his own; down the hall from Rukia's. Just in case.

Ichigo was sprawled across his bed. He looked up at the ceiling. All he saw was white. His brows furrowed even further. He sat up and examined the room. It was a mess. Clothes were strewn everywhere, while half opened boxes lay on the floor. He got off the bed and walked through the mess to his window.

He looked up at the stars. Sometimes he wondered. Was his mother watching him from the stars? The thought made him look away from the stars; and into the face of a staring girl. She had black hair and big, round, purple orbs for eyes. Her big eyes grew even larger, and she ducked down behind a curtain. Ichigo raised an eyebrow in response. She was probably was like all the other girls that he had met: stupid, giggly, and constantly in front of a mirror.

He had just moved here and already didn't like it. Ichigo walked out of his room to duck a flying kick that his father had aimed at his face. Part of routine. Except this time, there was a wall right behind Ichigo. Isshin, Ichigo's father, had crashed full force into it. Isshin lay on the ground with tears streaming out of his face.

"Just what I expected from my son!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen. Dinner was being made. Of course, Yuzu was at the stove. Karin was at the table with her feet up and both eyes closed. When Ichigo walked into the room, one of Karin's eyes opened. It lazily closed again after realizing that it was Ichigo.

Isshin came flying into the room. "Guess what I-CHIGOOO! Our new neighbor is a teenage girl, the same age as you! My dear son is going to have children!" This was greeted by two kicks Karin and Ichigo and loud wailing. Yuzu A few moments later, Isshin was on the floor with tears streaming down his face.

Ichigo sighed and went back to his room. He had completely skipped dinner. He was thinking about the black haired girl next door.

Rukia put on her school uniform and walked out the door. "I'm going to school, Nii-sama." When she didn't get an answer, Rukia sighed and walked out of the door. The sound of another door shutting got her attention.

Rukia looked to her right and found the orange haired kid standing there; looking at the sky. She quickly examined him again. He was tall, he seemed lean, and was always scowling. He was wearing…the school uniform? No...He was going to the same school as her? She sighed and wondered what he was looking at. He looked over at her as if he had eyes on the back of his head. Rukia felt her face grow hot and thought, Damn, not now…

She walked over to him and said, "Good morning. My name is Kuchiki Rukia. I'm your neighbor." She did a short bow.

He just let out a small sigh. "Kurosaki Ichigo." With that, he started to walk to school. Rukia felt her face grow red as she thought angrily, What a bastard…

She followed right behind him to school. She kept staring at the back of his head the whole way. It was colored a brilliant orange. She wondered if he had dyed it that color. Noticing that there were no black roots, she thought, Either he died it yesterday, or it's natural. She shrugged the thought off.

He suddenly stopped. Rukia almost bashed her head in his spine. "What the hell! Why did you stop?"

"You were looking at me this whole time. Why?"

Rukia's orb eyes grew even bigger.. Maybe he really did have eyes on the back of his head. "Uh…well...I…was wondering if you had died your hair orange…or if it was natural…" Why did I have to get caught at this time?

Ichigo glanced behind him, and then walked on. Rukia let out a puff of air and began following him again. This time, she kept her eyes on the ground. They got to school, and Rukia ran towards her group of friends. Who were currently talking about the new guy in school; the one that she had walked with.

Ichigo sat on the bench outside of school; totally oblivious to the chatter that was going on around him. He got up and went inside the school. Looking at his school map, Ichigo walked to his first classroom; to meet Rukia sitting in it. Though his face showed no emotion, he secretly sighed and thought, This is going to be a long day.

It turned out that Rukia was in about half of his classes. Giggling girls were in the rest. Slowly he began to hate school. But then again, he had the gift of being able to be oblivious to anything around him. He loved that gift very dearly.

Ichigo put his hands in his pockets and slung his backpack over one shoulder. He almost walked straight into a girl with orange hair. Not the same color as his, a bit darker. She looked up at him.

"Hello, my name is Inoue Orihime."

"Kurosaki Ichigo." With that, Ichigo walked past her to leave a mystified Inoue behind.

Rukia followed him home again. This time, she decided to strike up a conversation with him. "How do you like school?"

"Hate it."

Rukia frowned a bit. This wasn't how she expected her neighbor to be. But then again, he always did seem to have that permanent scowl on. "Well…why do you hate it."

"Because of you."

The pissed the hell out of Rukia. She brought her hand back and slapped Ichigo as hard as she could. Ichigo's eye twitched, but he did nothing to avoid it. A big red hand mark was beginning to appear on his face. Kuchiki Byakuya glided out of the Kuchiki household.

"Is there a problem?"

"No, Nii-sama. I fell and accidentally hit Kurosaki-kun in the face when he was catching me. I am very sorry, and I thank you for catching me."

Ichigo's eye twitched again. "Bitch." He muttered under his breath.

Rukia and Byakuya walked into the Kuchiki household without looking back, leaving an open mouthed Ichigo behind them. Slowly, Ichigo walked back into his house.

"HELLO! ICHIGO!" Ichigo ducked Isshin's kick and walked to his room. Routine.