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Ichigo felt a rush of energy inside of him. His heart rate was blasting up and it felt like he could do anything. Grinning, Ichigo unsheathed his giant zanpakuto and pointed it at the hollow. Grinning, the hollow changed into the shape of a human, and it had the sword as Ichigo.

Ichigo exhaled quietly and his spirit energy shot up. He sprinted forward and slashed vertically. The hollow blocked it easily. Ichigo's smile faded a bit as he realized that the hollow had the same abilities as he did. He leapt into the air in a tight ball with the zanpakuto sticking out. The blade made a ring around him as he flipped in the air. When the zanpakuto reached the hollow…it wasn't there.

Behind him, the hollow grinned maniacally as it slashed at Ichigo's back.

Rukia examined the fight with trained eyes. With her eyes moving at every motion one of the fighters did, she saw an opening. It would be so easy if she were fighting instead of he. Then she saw his mistake. Her eyes widened as the hollow sliced downwards. A huge gash appeared where the blade had hit. Damn

"Kurosaki-kun! CONCENTRATE!" Rukia yelled

Ichigo's eyes widened as he felt the slash. Then, he heard Rukia yell out to him. Her words echoed in his head. He exhaled slowly and his spirit energy shot up once again. This time it was so powerful that it blew the hollow backwards. The gash on his back glowed blue and began to heal.

Ichigo poured all of his spirit energy into his zanpakuto and then he slashed. The hollow raised its hands to defend itself, but the blade passed through them as if they were water. It hit the mask and smashed it in two.

The monster's eyes widened in shock and it slowly disappeared.

The door slammed as Ichigo ushered Rukia to his room.

"What the hell is going on!?" Ichigo almost shouted angrily.

Rukia sighed and replied, "I'm from a different dimension. It's…where you go after you die." Ignoring the disbelieving look from Ichigo, she continued, "I was sent here by the Soul Society to protect this village from the monsters that you just saw." Rukia held up a marker drawing for emphasis. "I was doing fine until you showed up. When the hollow held you hostage, I had to help."

"Wait…if it weren't for me, you would have died!" Ichigo cried out

"No. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be injured, and I would be at home right now."

Ichigo's eyes narrowed. He had no response. Rukia sniffed snobbily and walked out the door and into her own house.

The next day at school, Ichigo had dark rings under his eyes. He was up all night thinking about what had just occurred. Sighing, he recalled what had happened for about the hundredth time. The bell rang for school.

As soon as Ichigo walked into the classroom, Rukia walked up to him and said, "We need to talk." She had a serious expression on. Ichigo nodded darkly. He slowly went down and sat in his desk for class.

When class was over, he started to walk over to Rukia's seat when Mizuiro jumped in the way. "ICHIGO! What's with Kuchiki-san? Did something happen between you two? Mizuiro's eyebrows popped up and down. Ichigo gave him a death glare and walked away.

He walked out the classroom and was greeted by Rukia. She pulled him away into a private area.

"Now. You know that I am a Shinigami. Apparently you've stolen my powers, and you are a shinigami. You are going to have to use this power to protect the whole city like I did."

Ichigo stared at her and nodded dumbly. He slowly shook himself out of it and said, "Wait…if I'm a shinigami that has to protect the city…then if one of those monsters attacks…do I have to skip school?"

"Yes." She held up a sketchbook that had pages filled with marker. She slowly flipped to one and explained it to him.

"This is the thing you were fighting. It's called a hollow. When a hollow gets out of the spirit dimension, it can come into the Living World or the Soul Society. The Soul Society is what you humans call 'Heaven'. It is were you go after you die. If you die in the Soul Society, then there is nothing left for you and your spirit energy is turned into lumber or some material in the Soul Society. Do you get it?" she asked.

"No…but from what I gather, I have to just kill these Hollow things, right?" Ichigo replied hesitantly.

"Fine. That's pretty much how it works."

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