Chapter Two Rating – K


Kendall awoke to find Zach lying close to her with his head on her shoulder. She smiled as she lifted her right hand to crease his check gently. She loved watching him sleep and just running her fingers down his five clock shadow. She loved it when his face relaxed into a smile even through he was in a deep sleep. She moved closer and rested her head closer to his and waited for her husband to awaken to meet the morning. She wanted his first sight to be her face.

Kendall couldn't believe how much she loved this man who was lying next to her. This man who was her husband. This man whom she only married as a business deal. But it truly wasn't a business deal on Kendall's part when he had slipped the ring on her finger. No had fallen in love with Alexander Cambias jr. a.k.a. Zach Slater from the moment the he had helped her spy on Ryan and Greenlee in their hotel room in Zach's casino. Zach had placed his hand on top of hers on the desk as she watched as Ryan and Greenlee passistantly made out on the couch. She knew than that Ryan was no longer hers. She knew it when Ryan chose to marry Greenlee after Kendall tried to trick Ryan into marrying her. But that night Kendall finally allowed the truth to hit her.

Kendall's eyes widen in surprise. This was the first time that she admitted to herself that she loved Zach Slater. She knew it was the pregnancy speaking, it was her heart and soul speaking. She softly smiled but than she suddenly frowned as she realized that her love was just one sided. Zach Slater didn't love her, no he loved Maria Santos Grey. He just married her so that she could be the fore runner for his casino after Ethan had shut him down for his alias name. Zach was only staying with her because he told her that he would never divorce her that it was all up to Kendall.

Before she could get any future into her dark thoughts Zach awoke. "Hey now I don't like seeing you frown first thing in the morning." He said softly. He lifted himself up so he was leaning on his right side. He lifted his right hand up to his wife's mouth and turned the frown into a smile. He worked his face into a funny face.

Kendall couldn't help it but laugh. "So I take it that's a face I'll be seeing a lot on you when we are visiting Greenlee and this little one?"

"You know it." Zach grinned.

Kendall shook her head causing Zach's hand to drop. "I don't have time to lie around bed all day making faces with you, I have to go and see Lizzie." She sat up feeling Zach's hand slip around her waist. She felt his hand tighten slightly. "Are you going to let me get up or what?"

"Oh what." Zach said with a grin. He sat up allowing his hand to leave her waist as he moved so he was sitting on his knees in front of his wife. He leaned forward and captured her mouth with his and kissed her pouring out his love to enter her soul.

Kendall returned the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down so that he was laying on top of her pregnant belly. She broke the kiss and groaned. "No sex cause remember."

Zach groaned "I remember." He gently removed himself from his wife and held out his hands to help her up from the bed. Once she was standing next to him he leaned in for another kiss. He ran his hands up and down her back not wanting to let her go.

Kendall finally broke the kiss and stepped away from her husband and walked over to the bathroom and closed herself behind the door. She leaned against the door and wrapped her arms around her womb and whispered. "What are we going to do kiddo, mommy's in love with daddy Alex and he doesn't love her back." Tears fell down her checks. She stayed in that position for a few moments before she walked over to the shower and turned the shower head on.

Kendall stepped underneath the shower head and as she washed herself she thought about the mess that she was in. Not only was she in love with Alex, her husband and whom would never return her love. But she was pregnant not with Greenlee and Ryan's baby. But hers and Ryan's baby. She was willing going to give up her child to another woman. No one knew the truth not even Alex. Even though she knew the truth that Alex was the one who caused the blackout the night that she was impregnated with Ryan's sample.

When Kendall went to Doctor Greg Madden's office freaked out that the sample that held Ryan's sperm and Greenlee's eggs was going to be destroyed from the blackout she learned that the sample was destroyed. But there was enough of Ryan's sperm left to restart. But Kendall knew how broken hearted Greenlee would be finding out that the process would have to began over again and that they would have to wait another month before Kendall could be impregnated. So Kendall made a quick decision and told Doctor Madden to use Ryan's sperm with her eggs. Not to tell Greenlee the truth and that Kendall would give up her own child so her best friend could finally have a Ryan's baby in her arms.

Kendall honestly thought she could separate herself from this child growing inside her. Like how she planned on doing when she was going to carry Greenlee and Ryan's baby. She was just the carrier plain and simple no emotional attachment whats so ever. But everything changed when she felt the little person inside her move for the very first time. She knew than that she loved this child with a mother's love. She was still going to give her child up at birth to Greenlee. Because she knew that this baby was what was truly saving Greenlee's life after Ryan's death. That was the sole reason why Kendall even agreed to be a surrogate mother for Greenlee.

Greenlee learned that she could never carry a child after she had mis carried the child that she herself had impregnated with Ryan's sperm, after he told her that he had a vasectomy. After Ryan rent over the mountain on his motorcycle and died, Greenlee was so upset over the loss of her husband that she had miscarried soon after. Doctor Madden had to be the one to break it to Greenlee that she could never carry a baby to term. Greenlee was heartbroken and was ready to give up on life, when Kendall came to her and offered her own body to carry Greenlee and Ryan's baby to term and hand the baby over to Greenlee.

Kendall stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around her wet body and walked over to the mirror and wiped it off as she stared at herself in the mirror. She shook her head and tried to put her thoughts towards finally seeing Lizzie Webber after such a long time of not seeing her. She smiled as she thought of their childhood.


Elizabeth awoke as sun bathed her face. She smiled as she slowly opened her eyes. "What a beautiful morning Lucky." She said turning to her husbands side of the bed but she found it empty. She blinked as she realized that she wasn't in her and Lucky's bed that she as in a strange bed and a very strange room as she slowly took in her surroundings. Everything came rushing back to her as she remembered the previous day. "Carmen." She sat quickly up as she looked towards the closed oak door.

Elizabeth got out of bed as quickly as her pregnant belly would allow her too. Which quite frankly wasn't that fast. But she did manage to grab the pale yellow cotton robe that someone had taken the time to place over the the rocking chair next to the window. She couldn't help but smile at the kind jester, but she was more concerned on where her two year old son was at the moment to think too kindly to her two unexpected hostess. She walked to the door and opened it after she had tied the rob around her waist. She heard voices coming down the hall which she remembered led to the living room of the house that she had sought for shelter from the down pour of the previous evening.

Elizabeth walked down the hallway and she smiled as she heard her son's voice along with a little girl's voice. She walked into the living room to find her son playing with a little girl who was his age with a smiling woman watching the interplay of the two toddlers.

"Good morning Elizabeth. I'm Bianca Montgomery." Bianca said looking up as she noticed Elizabeth walking into the room.

"I remember you saying you share the house with Maggie Stone and your little girl. I take it this is she." Elizabeth said as she walked over to sit in the over stuffed blasé chair that was closets to the couch where Bianca was sitting.

"This is my daughter Miranda Mono Montgomery. Miranda, honey, come and say hello to Carmen's mommy." Bianca turned to her daughter.

Miranda looked up and smiled at Elizabeth. "Hello Carmen's mommy." She looked back over to her new friend whom she had discovered upon awaking that morning. "Hey that's my toy." She reached over and took the toy away from Carmen

"Miranda, it's not nice to take something away from someone. It's share time remember." Bianca gently rebuked her two year old daughter.

"I'm sorry. Would you like to play with it." Miranda held out the toy.

"Yes please." Carmen said taking the toy back and continued to play with it.

Elizabeth and Bianca shared a gentle laugh at the inter action of the two toddlers.

"If you would like the bathroom is on the left of your bedroom." Bianca said noticing that Elizabeth was till in her nightgown and robe. She wanted to tell the young woman whom had appeared in her life the previous night that an old friend was coming to see her that morning, but she promised Kendall that she wouldn't tell. But she knew Elizabeth would feel embarrassed if Kendall saw her in her slightly unkempt look. "I'm going to be cooking breakfast while you set out to meet the day."

"Thanks." Elizabeth said standing to her feet. "I was about to ask that after I made sure Carmen was safe and not too much of a handful for you."

"Carmen isn't a handful. He's an angel." Bianca said standing to her feet also. She watched as Elizabeth made her way back down the hallway before turning to the kitchen which was connected to the family room through the open space so that she could be in there making meals and still keep an eye on the two toddlers who were playing in the family room.


"Oh Maggie, I'm glad that you are here." Joe Martin said with a smile as he walked over to where Maggie was standing at the nurses station going over a chart.

"Hello Doctor Martin." Maggie smiled at the chief of staff at Pine Valley University Hospital, most interns would be nerves around the chief of staff but Maggie had known Joe Martin since the moment she first arrived in Pine Valley, four years previous, that she considered Joe Martin a close and personal friend of hers. She was relieved that he had allowed her to do her internship for medical school at the hospital and that he didn't insist that she lived in the hospital quarters as first year interns had to. She was allowed to live with Bianca and Miranda, because Joe knew that they were her family.

"I know this is unusual, very unusual, but I am going to be assigning you to work permanently with one of our doctors." Joe said with a smile. "Doctor Robin Scorpio to be exact." He watched as Maggie's face broke into a glad smile. "I knew you would like this new development."

"I didn't know Robin was transferring here." Maggie shook her head. "Anna never told me."

"Anna wanted it to be a surprise. I had to keep a tight lid to keep it from leaking out among the hospital grape vine. Robin will be arriving here this afternoon and she all ready knows that you will be assigned to her." Joe patted Maggie's shoulder. "David is quite upset naturally that I'm not assigning you to him, but as I explained to him, he didn't need a intern assigned to him." He shook his head and excused himself and continued on his rounds.

Maggie walked down the hallway with a smile on her face not knowing that someone was watching her leave nurses station with a deep frown on his face.


Jax picked up the phone and dialed quickly. "It's me."

"I still haven't heard from Elizabeth, Jax. I'm sorry but like I told you earlier even if I have, I won't tell you." Emily sighed deeply into her cell phone. She looked out at the ocean from where she stood on the dock.

"I don't expect you to tell me. I just wanted you to know that I read the letter that Elizabeth left Lucky, and I agreed to her terms. So I just wanted to let you know I won't be bothering you, Emily, about Elizabeth's whereabouts." Jax leaned back in his chair over looking the lake front.

"Thanks on that note." Emily nodded as she watched as the boat from Windermere came closer. She held her breath hoping that she didn't have to see Nikolos our worse yet Country in the boat. She thought back on her ex – husband and his mistress with such hurt feelings. She couldn't really blame Nikolos for cheating on her, after all she had distanced herself emotionally from him since the moment when his look a like had raped her while he was in hiding from the feds for the murder of his grandmother, Helena, who in fact had faked her own death and only came back to "life" to save her grandson from a life time imprisonment for her murder. It was a long and sick story, one of many.

But it hurt that Nikolos had decided to cheat on her with Country Matthews, Sonny Corinthos little sister. Country who used to be married to Emily's adopted older brother, Jason Morgan. Country whom Emily used to think as her sister – in – law. It just hurt Emily to think that someone as close to her as Country had been in the past would cheat on her husband against her. Also Country was currently married to Jasper Jax and was the expected mother of Elizabeth, Emily's best friend, baby. Granted Country wasn't the biological mother to the baby, Elizabeth was, but still the only reason why Elizabeth was a surrogate mother to her own child was so Jax and Country could finally have a baby. So Emily found it inconceivable that Country would cheat on Jax with another man months before her baby would be in her arms. So Elizabeth was giving up her child for nothing.

"I was actually calling on a different matter. Would you care to have dinner with me tonight?" Jax asked into the phone.

"I don't think that's a wise idea." Emily said gripping the phone tightly as the boat came closer, she relaxed her muscles as she saw that the boat was empty expect for the driver.

"Why not?" Jax questioned.

"I don't know." Emily confessed.

"Is it Sonny?" Jax asked in a tight voice.

"Of course not. Sonny is just my friend, he's my comforter and protector." Emily shook her head.

"He's a mobster, Emily. I know you feel safe with him because of Jason, but you know you are safe at the Quatermaines also. Among your family who just want to be there for you and help you through this time." Jax sat up straight and leaned against his desk.

"What do you know about this time of mine!" Emily demanded as heat crept up her neck and her checks.

"I just meant through this divorce you are going through with Nikolas." Jax quickly replied.

"No you didn't." Emily said in a tight voice.

"Have dinner with me tonight, Emily." Jax said softly into his end of the phone. "Let me be a friend to you."

"No." With that Emily shut her phone ending her call to Jasper Jax. She wanted to throw her phone into the ocean and watch it sink deeper and deeper, but she didn't. Instead she placed her phone in her pocket and tucked her hands into her jacket pockets, turned and walked up the stairs that would take her to her car.