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That gasp turned into a shock-filled yell, as Grandpa Max woke his two sleeping grandchildren, with his overly loud, "What in the good name of Orion have you two done!?"

As the two in question woke with a start, and began rubbing their eyes trying to get a feel for where they were and what was happening. Once they saw each other, and realized that neither of them were the cause of their awakening, they turned their heads, slowly, to face a Grandpa Max who was angry enough to make the both of them want to fight Vilgax and Kevin 11 at the same time.

"Uh… Hi there Grandpa! Me and Gwen…well…"

Gwen sighed, cutting Ben off before he could blurt out something stupid, before addressing Max, "Grandpa, me and Ben are in love. I know full well what could happen, and I'm willing to accept those consequences, should they arise. I do not regret what we did, and if you can't accept us now because of our love, then I have only one thing to say to you: Fuck off."

Both Max's and Ben's brains had shut off after that last comment. They reasoned that the world had ended, as Gwen was not one to swear (well, Ben knew, she did sometimes swear when she and Ben made love, but that's beside the point). Noticing the drooling, head hanging beings she had just created, Gwen sighed as she began to cast one of her favorite spells, "Hyocrium Definitiaus!" As she cast her spell, thunderclouds appeared over both Ben and Max's heads, before chibi-thunder roared and mini raindrops began falling onto Ben and Max. This had Gwen's desired effect, as both of them snapped out of their daze.

Ben was the first to try to form a sentence, "Whah happen…?"

Gwen smirked as she replied with a loving kiss. This was all it took to put Ben back into a dreamlike coma, only this one was from the feeling of pure bliss. This had entirely the opposite effect on Max, who cleared his throat, catching Gwen's attention and breaking Ben out of his blisscoma. "So, you two claim to be in love. Just what does love mean to the both of you?"

This time, Ben was the one to respond, "To me, my love for Gwen is an undying desire to make her happy in any way, shape, or form I can. Even if I myself lose my happiness in the process." Max was completely taken aback at Ben's description of what he felt as love. As he noticed Gwen look at Ben with eyes that he could only describe as ones filled with a love he knew all too well. He stopped her from starting her explanation of what she saw love as, both because he had a feeling it would be pretty much the exact same thing Ben had just told him, and because he already believed them.

"No need, Gwen. From what Ben just told me, and from what I saw in your eyes just now, I must say I've been convinced. You both have my blessings. And besides, with all that's happened this summer, I can both understand how this has come to be, and say, without a shadow of a doubt, that it is not the strangest thing to happen this year. Just promise me two things, will ya?" He received a wary nod from each of his grandchildren, which prompted him to continue, "Please, try not to do" He paused to indicate the position the two were in, "that too often. I can understand your urges, and I won't restrict your love from acting on itself, but there is love, and there is lust. Make sure you don't get them confused. Secondly, when you do do that, please, don't be so loud that you keep me up."

Ben and Gwen blushed brightly at his indication, but nodded in agreement.