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Chapter 4:

It had been four weeks, according to doctor Acura since their crash and he was still bed ridden. He had gotten the full scope of his physical health. One broken arm, a concussion from a rather nasty head wound, a leg fracture, a broken foot (both on his left leg) which caused a severe limp, burns scorching several parts of his body including his data port making him cringe every time he touched the innocent bandage around his neck, and a bruised lung. The doctor said he was lucky that his ribs hadn't punctured it. All that crap equaled bed rest and liquid foods for another two weeks. Then the doctor would consider moving him elsewhere.

Tyr, the mister I'm big and bad alpha male leader had yet to come back but he knew he was due for another talk since their one a few days before. Something about that man… Niet, whatever the hell he was supposed to call the alpha, was oddly burning through him like a forest fire. A curiosity to get down to the bare bones of it all. This species was odd, for one thing, and he knew nothing about their culture save what Fabian had deemed appropriate to tell a prisoner. Apparently their slaves were very closely related to humans, genetically, since the doctor had run a genetic scan from his blood and their slaves. 'So, apparently in this world I'd be considered a slave…well, that's not surprising really,' Harper thought as he limped around the room. He needed out of this tiny space he had now come to call home. "Sucky substitute for a home though." He mumbled to himself just as the door opened admitting a friendly face.

"Well, nothing I say can keep you in bed can it?" the doctor was dressed differently today. He was in more relaxed clothing, brown as far as the eye could see with dirt stains traversing the pants and boots.

"Go on a safari doc?"

"Safari?" The doctor placed a bundle of clothing down on his bed, eyes confused.

"Nothing important. What you got there?" Harper had taken to using a handmade crutch that Fabian had given him for when he had to use the restroom during the middle of the night. So far he had yet to fall flat on his face using the crude instrument. Although, the doc said he was only to use it sparingly, for it did nothing to heal his other injuries including his lungs. It hindered them more then helped, he had said.

"These are clothes that I believe will fit you just fine. There was nothing small enough to fit you except slave clothing so I found the best I could that would assist your injuries."

"Jeez doc, didn't know you cared that much. So I'll be dressed like a slave. Ah, what a wonderful notion. By the way…why am I being dressed like a slave?" Harper had by then picked up the shirt, noting the drab colors and worn fabrics. He'd have to talk to his 'Gracious one' about getting his own clothing out of the Maru.

"You're not dressing up as a slave. Everyone here knows who you and your crew are, and I decided today was a good day to get you moving. Injuries heal better if you exercise them."

"Wait…I'm leaving this room? Can I go outside? Can I visit my friends? Why are we still sitting around here talking?" Harper hurriedly took off the sleep jerkin he was allotted not caring that he was naked or that his arm gave a spasm of anger at the rough jerking movement. He could leave this hole and visit the outside world…finally!

"Well, let's not get carried away. His gracious one has allowed you to go to the courtyard but that's all for today. Maybe a little later in the future you can go visit your friends. They are worried about you and are in the same isolation as you are so you don't need to get jealous."

"I'm not jealous, I'm angry. What is that Niet think he's doing anyway? What kind of strategy can be had from separating us? What do you think he can learn from this besides un-cooperation?" He had finally got the shirt over his head, groaning briefly at his unhelpful arm. It was definitely drab. Its color was a faded gray, most likely from too much washing…meaning it was at one time black scarily enough. It hung off his small frame, making him feel even more the looser and there were no sleeves, only empty sockets to show off his many bruises, cuts, bumps, and burns.

"It was this or women's clothing and I didn't think that you would have appreciated that…hmm?" Fabian smirked as he helped his patient into the pants, tying the strings at the top together. It's a good thing that these can be altered easily." The shirt was a different matter entirely, even though he had tied the top laces; it still barred his collarbone in a most deeply embarrassing way. He didn't know why…

"Alright, we're dressed so I think we're ready to go." Harper stood up as fast as his body would let him and grabbed his crutch, heading for the door before Fabian could fully stand.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Harper turned around and spotted the pair of slippers at his bedside.

"I'm not wearing those. I'd rather go barefoot over hot coals." They were womanly and he was far from promoting male feminism. He was a man and his ego demanded boots.

"You know we don't have anything smaller and you're shoes were completely destroyed."

"You know, I have clothes and stuff on the Maru, I don't see why I can't just get them. It's not like their rigged or anything. I'm sure some of them survived." Harper limped back letting Fabian slip the tiny slippers on his feet. He wouldn't tell the doctor, but they kind of felt nice. Especially since his feet still ached…

"His gracious one doesn't want others too…how shall we say…notice you. He has seen your clothing choices that you and your people wear and deemed them too flashy."

"Thank god I didn't have to grow up in this place. I can only imagine what colors you think are acceptable besides this."

"In our world anything that doesn't match your surroundings is never a good for survival." Fabian quickly opened the door and let Harper go through first. "Your styles have absurd patterns and there are colors that none of our people have ever seen before. One was the color of a flower only seen at midnight when the three moons are full."

"What shirt did it look like?" Harper asked as they made their way down the hall, ending further then he ever had before even as his breathe came harder to take in. They made frequent stops, Fabian stating that the courtyard would still be there no matter how long it took.

"The one with the patterns like trees…oddest trees I've ever seen though." He finally stated as they got back up and on the move.

"Hm…let's see I have three with trees…their called palm trees and they were grown in the tropics of earth before it hit the pooper. One is orange with yellow swirls, like the sun if you will…I thought it looked like a drink you can find on Tolan 5…that's a breaking station. The other is what we call purple, which is something you'd see when the sun has set in the sky it's a mix of red and blue…do you understand?"

"Do I understand what purple is to you? No, but I'm sure you can show me some time. What was the other?" they had made it up from the holding area and past the natives sleeping quarters and were now walking the spacious caverns above where what appeared to be a market was in progress.

"What's this?" Harper asked, turning his head about as far as it would go to peer at the drab stalls selling things from food to clothes to weapons. One stall owner was at the moment collecting payment over what appeared to be a knife…although could a knife be called a knife when it was at least a foot long?

"This is the courtyard…what about that other shirt then?" Fabian gently guided Harper forward to a fountain in the center, almost clear water spouted from a second tier and what appeared to be half of a statue crumbling down into the pool below.

"So…were not going outside?" Harper sat down on the edge, mutely relishing the give on his legs.

"Did you think we were? I'm sorry Harper but it's too dangerous to go outside. Most of our people rarely are able to either." They sat silently, natives rustling about them with their overloaded carts trailing behind them.

"How do you people survive without going outside?" He didn't quite understand… Why didn't they go outside? Was there something that he was missing in their cultural division? A translation gone awry?

"We do go outside. Just not as often, you see there are three moons on Pyrzm…have I told you the name of this planet…no, well Pyrzm." He quickly moved on, answering his own question before Harper could even shake his head in agreement. "There are four suns. Only at certain times of the year are we able to go outside. If we went out during the four season cycle we wouldn't survive more then half an hour. I didn't want to tell you this yet but…when we rescued you and your crew members it was during the third cycle. You were all barely alive, it was a miracle that his gracious one was able to get you back to the caves." He paused letting the information seep in. So that was why…he did remember excruciating heat and all the burns all over his body but he thought that was due to the crash itself. "…Although, you said you lived on a ship yes? So what's the problem Harper? I don't quite understand."

Harper sighed and placed the crutch aside, unconsciously rubbing at the bump under the thick bandages on his head. He felt like he had just worked on Rommie from scratch and finished her in only two minuets. This, likely to say, was impossible. "It's nothing…just that, I haven't been outside with a real sun and real plants…in such a long time. Guess I got my hopes up too fast huh." Harper dropped the subject, eyes traveling the crowd.

It appeared his presence was causing quite the stir. Almost everyone who wasn't busy buying something was staring at him. He wasn't sure if it was because they knew he was one of the strangers or his numerous injuries that most likely made him look like he had just won a major battle with no survivors. He slowly brought his hand back down to his neck, wincing at the horrible sensation just one touch did to him. His neck was always sensitive and when he had damaged his data port in the past, he had screamed bloody murder until Becka had to conk him out with her right fist.

"I wouldn't bother it. It will heal on its own…I've been wondering about it actually. None of my scanners were able to discern it's…properties." Fabian let it hang in the air. Letting Harper decide if he wanted to answer or not.

He looked over, staring up at the other man from the corner of his eyes…still not sure how much he wanted to give away. His life was his life. The Maru, the Andromeda and its crew…they were his life…it was all so overwhelming.

"It's called a data port." He would leave it at that and only that. Some things were meant to be kept to oneself.

"I see." Fabian quickly dropped the subject, staring down at his patient who had now brought his hand down to his arm, fingers worrying the taut bandages. His skin about his eyes was still dark, something he worried about consistently. It meant that he still wasn't getting the right nutrition and care that he needed. After frequent testing and scans he had finally received the results that Harper, to begin with, was never in perfect health. His immune system was trashed…leaving him susceptible to diseases and sickness. It was no wonder he developed so many fevers.

"Black and crimson…" Harper finally said, eyes still unfocused and turned away.


"The other shirt…its black and crimson. Black like the night sky behind the stars and crimson like blood."

Fabian smiled shortly, nodding his head. "Crimson I believe…is what I was referring to then."

A loud crash to their right disturbed their momentary silence. They both turned to see two men of equal heights and girth, landing punches left and right, slashing out with their bone spurs, as Fabian had told him. Odd name really. Everyone seemed to stop, watching intently as the show continued. Harper even spotted a bit of coin trading hands most likely as a bet on the winner.

Harper turned to look at Fabian, who was pulling him up from the fountain harshly. "What is it?" he asked curiously. But the doctor just shook his head and told him to gather his crutch and that their day out was down with. Sadly Harper did as he was asked, sourly glaring at the two still fighting over what now appeared to be a gun of some kind. Its length was equal to that of Harper himself. Men and their guns…wonder what each of them is compensating for, he thought smiling to himself as he was led through the crowd.

By the time they head reached the end of the courtyard, Harper was breathing heavily, ready to collapse. He had never been jostled around that much in his life. Someone had stepped onto his foot, another had kicked his crutch, and he could have sworn that he felt hands, not his own, touch him places he didn't even want to think about. If he had been in his right mind and had his force lance, there would have been a few less Nietzschean's to worry about.

"It's alright Harper. You'll be able to come back again some time. Maybe when it's a bit quieter." Fabian nodded to himself, once more guiding Harper back down through the many halls and caverns silently until they were at his door. "But for now all you need is rest."

"Rest…I'm tired of rest. I want to see my friends not the courtyard. I need to see them with my own eyes not get a second hand story from a stranger that their all right." Harper let himself be man handled onto the bed, utterly embarrassed that he was in fact physically drained from such a short excursion. He couldn't wait until he was able to feel like his own self again.

"Well, I'm afraid your body doesn't agree with your quick mind Harper."

"Fabian?" Harper asked quietly.


"You're the only Niet I've seen with hair that color. Why?"

Fabian paused, hand setting the crutch in the corner absently. "My mother was a slave, my father a Nietzschean. I retained her hair color and only that." Fabian poured more water, letting the subject fall and handed the cup over to Harper as he searched for the previously cast aside jerkin. Once he found it, he preceded undo the shirt and pants, not even daring to catch a glimpse further south. He had already seen Harper bereft of any cover many times and each time he had to hand it to the creator of such an odd species.

Their slaves, while appearing the same as a human, were in fact quite different. Their slaves, called Dami's, were all skin and bones, no matter how much they were fed. They never put enough meat on their bones to be anymore useful then simple house slaves. Their brain waves are akin to that of a simple animal. As if it was bred in them to behave like a trained pet. They had no will to run away, yet at times they did defy their owners, causing uproars and usually death. No one wanted a civil war to rise between the Dami's and the Nietzschean's. For then, there would be a massacre and no one wanted that.

Dami's were treated fairly when they did things right and any Nietzschean punishing their Dami for nothing was sentenced to serve time collecting vegetables and fruits during the low third season cycle. There hadn't been many up rises on either side in many years and Fabian knew that Tyr was the reason. He was their best Alpha yet and he would proudly say he would be for years to come.

Humans though, oh they were fascinating indeed. As if they were a mix between the Dami's and the Nietzschean's but having the Dami gene being more dominant. He had learned in school that if a Nietzschean and a Dami procreated it rarely if ever mattered because the Nietzschean gene was the more dominant of the two and would therefore make a Nietzschean half-breed…not the other way around. People had always been amazed at his hair, for when one lives underground it does not give the pigments in ones hair light. But never the less, Nietzschean's prized darker hair for it gave them stealth.

It really didn't matter to him. Either way he ended up doing what he always wanted to do and that was to heal.

It was funny really. When the strangers were brought into the entrance compound, every local Nietzschean and Dami had dropped everything from their collections outside. Fruit, vegetables, meat and water…spilling onto the ground like a perverse myriad of a quilt. When their hasty entrance was over and everyone had seen the sight of a creature only seen in nightmares, fur matted with blood and broken pieces of metal and a purple girl, tail whipping about menacingly did Tyr signal for a few of the hunting pack to remove all the unwanted's from the cavern, but not before they all saw what was in their Alpha's arms… A small boy, with blonde hair and red blood covering him from head to toe. It would be burned into their peoples mind's forever.

"Hey doc. I lost you for about a couple minutes there. Where did ya go?" Fabian looked down at his charge, amazed at his lack of control. He had always delved to deep in his thoughts at the wrong moments. It seemed he would never learn.

"Nothing Harper." He then pulled the many sheets back over on top of his charge, ignoring the many insults that it was too hot as it was without so many sheets. "Let me tell you something I know you'll like. In about two months the fourth season cycle will be over with and there will be the stand still, where there is no sun at all for a few weeks. At that time, Tyr will move our people outside; for it would be too cold in these caverns…how does that sound you?

"Great. Can't wait." Harper noted the sarcastic comment right off but he couldn't help it. Two months away from finally seeing the outdoors after so long and who even knew if he would enjoy what he saw, or if they left by that time…or if he was killed from the heat! "Look, give me an estimation."

"Of what?"

"When I can see my friends and our ship so we can begin repairs." Harper sat up, ignoring the doctor scowl.

"Like I said it's not up to me. His Gracious One will make that decision."

Nodding, not at all liking the situation, Harper let himself sink back down. "Hey, have you ever told me his real name? I can't remember."

Fabian walked to the door and glanced back. "He is called Gracious One…and that is all I can give you. Rest." With that he left, leaving a bewildered Harper behind.

"Odd, world." He groaned, letting his eyes fall shut. He would make an escape attempt if it killed him. He needed to see them…it was calling through his blood. Who cared what some big alpha nameless one said or did. He was Seamus Harper and a little injury on some unknown back water planet was going to stop him from what he wanted.

That's right, he remembered now. The Filiations were attacking the Andromeda not only because of the common wealth but because of something his little brain had decided to make. He had thought of the tractor beams that he had seen on the ship Orpheus docking into one of the common wealth major supporters. It had shot out a particle stream, which then attached itself to the cable and hauled itself in, half of it smoking and damaged from some sort of attack. He never really found out what.

But it had given him an idea. What if one was to reverse it? Instead of grabbing a hold of things what if it sent things…living things basically. He hadn't even told the captain what he had been working on until it was over half way finished. Dylan had berated him, yelling and stomping his feet until the ship shook. He didn't like his crew doing things behind his back…he said he needed trust and if he wasn't given trust then he wouldn't give trust.

It took Harper awhile for the Captain to see his way of things. He explained the machine and what it would be capable of when it was finished and afterwards Dylan had seemed more or less pleased with his engineer. He started thinking of ideas on how to use it in the future to add the common wealth. Quicker then sending ships to and from a planet. If they had a diplomat come to survey the common wealth they would be in awe over that kind of power. The speed in which things would get done without docking a ship and pressurizing the cabins…

They never heard the end of it until the Filiations attacked. Apparently one of Dylan's so called diplomats of the common wealth wasn't so trusting. At the time, Harper had moved the almost completed beam aboard the Maru, ready to test it out with animals and cargo boxes before any of them tried it.

The Filiations destroyed their home searching for a device which could be used very easily as a weapon of surprise. If the Filiations or any civilization intending to do wrong got a hold of the beam they would use it to conquer cities without anyone the wiser on how they came or how they left.

Harper wasn't sure if he was glad that he had moved the machine or sad that he had yet to see it really work. Heck, he didn't even know if it was still in one piece. The Maru had been targeted and fired upon until it was but a shell of the original ship, entering a atmosphere at too hard of a speed.

Suddenly Harper's vision stopped, like a reel of old film before a different view came to the fore. It was odd, he was being carried and he didn't know by whom or why. All that he could remember was the heat. He felt wet and sticky, smelling of all things unpleasant. But those strong arms surrounded him like a shell. He sort of felt…safe. Like he had felt safe aboard Andromeda before... No, he groaned unwilling to remember the horrific scene again. To remember her fall and everything he had worked so hard to make. Dylan's dream gone…Harper's creations destroyed or pilfered. He didn't even know if the ship was still whole or not. Salvageable…

He opened his eyes weakly, feeling as if a sticky coating had sealed them shut. Above him was the person holding him, framed by too much light. He turned his face away into the chest belonging to those arms. He heard a grumble and felt the world move faster about him. Before he lost consciousness again, he suddenly felt heat so incredibly horrible he knew he had screamed. He was burning; set a flame…he wanted to kill Dylan badly.

Harper sat up fast, breathe coming in short bursts as he hurriedly pushed the covers back. It was hot again. He wasn't sure if the heat had come from his nightmares or the room about him. All he knew was that there was water nearby. He remembered that much. Wiping the sweat away from his eyes, hand shaking, he twisted about to find the water and found a cup being held out by a brown hand.

Looking up he found the face of his Gracious One, hard eyes and black braids. Groaning, Harper grabbed the cup and drained its contents, not caring if his stomach objected to the quick rush of lukewarm water. His entire body was shaking, teeth clattering and his head hurt as much as it did a few weeks ago.

That same hand took the cup from his and pushed him back down, hands not too gentle.

"You scream when you sleep…talk too. Is that a normal human function?" Harper glared up at the man, ready to tear his hair out.

"What do you mean?" he croaked.

"You spoke of a place called Andromeda. Something about a beam and the Filiations, if I'm not mistaken. You screamed when you awoke." Tyr stated matter a factly. "What do they mean?"

Groaning Harper covered his eyes with his hand, too tired and too hot to care if he offended his 'Gracious One'. "You know what. I'm tired of being asked questions that you don't need to know. And if you were to know, I told you already that Dylan would be the one to tell you."

He heard the chair squeak, his heart beat picking up no matter. He knew from the silence that he had stunned the other man but it wouldn't last for long. Dylan hated it, to a minimal degree, when he wasn't addressed his rank with respect. A leader of an entire people would deem it worth death most assuredly.

After what seemed like forever Harper sighed, and brought his hand back down, daring not to look to his left.

"Do you think my patience is endless little man? Do you think I am forgiving to those who defy me more then once?" Harper turned his head away. He wouldn't betray his captain's wishes by telling this man what he wanted to know. If Dylan hadn't told him the answers to his questions then what gave him the right to do so?

What he wasn't expecting though, was the rough hand gripping his chin, forcing his head back towards the other. Their faces were inches from one another and Harper knew his heart was about ready to burst from his chest but closed his mouth tight, eyes narrowed in defiance. A thought came to him suddenly and seeing as this was a perfect chance Harper let loose.

"I'll make a deal…" he breathed watching the other for any sign of give. "If you let me see my friends, I let you know…things." It wasn't solid but not every plan was.

The tall man glared, eyes easily telling Harper how close he was to a narrow ledge. "If I let you see your four friends…you will tell me…things? I'm not stupid boy." The grip hardened and Harper knew his chances were far from his grasp ones again. So far that he felt like he didn't care anymore about anything not even a beating.

His hand came up on its own, taking hold of the others and pushing it away with all his strength. He sat up as fast as he could, getting to the other side of the bed to keep an equal distance between them. "You want answers for nothing? Is that it?" He snarled, too angry at everything and everyone to keep his mind clear. "You want to know why we landed here? Well guess what, we don't even know why we landed here. We don't know what evoked a species entirely not our own to seek us and destroy us. My home, 'my' ship! Fine, I'll tell you that much! Andromeda is a high guard ship, our home, and she was destroyed while we barely managed to escape on Becka's ship! I'm the engineer…I was to make sure everything ran properly, that the ship survived any battle someone threw at her! Now look at us. Captured by some irate Nietzschean high on power! Do 'you' think I wanted this to happen? Do 'you' think I feel as right as rain that I wasn't able to save my ship from destruction…to save Rommie's AI from total melt down? I don't even think you could care… I don't think you even give a damn about what 'we' need to do, to get back to our lives…to save Andromeda… You don't know…and you will never know because you don't deserve to know from me." The end was whispered in a hoarse voice. Harper had pushed it. His entire body was rebelling against the sudden onslaught of adrenaline and the energy it took to yell at the somewhat startled man still seated in his chair.

His chest was rattling; breathe coming in and out in short pants. His head felt too big on his shoulders, like it was going to fall off and roll about the room like a beach ball. He wanted it all to end. He wanted simple life back. Where he played havoc in his workshops, listening to his loud music while wearing equally loud shirts. Not this world of brown and black. Not this world of secrets, danger and slaves.

Harper finally watched as the other stood, arms relaxed at his side. He knew he looked the right wary beast, ready to bolt if it saw so much as an arm twitch. But all he did was stand there staring across the bed like it was a great divide not to be crossed.

"Thank you. Once again, you have given me more information then anyone else. But how is, that every time you do give me something…it's never what I want."

"What the fuck do you want?" Harper leaned against the wall, relishing the somewhat cool surface against his burning skin.

"Those answers will come in time I believe. As for your captain and the rest of your friends…well, you will see them when I think I have what I wanted."

"You're a bastard…" Harper spoke softly, drilling into the others eyes his hatred, his anger.

Tyr smiled, his heart beating wildly in his chest. Never before had someone yelled at him with such passion and all encompassing hate. He could feel it seeping from the boy. It was refreshing…something to set the blood to boil. Yes, he liked this boy. This spite fire of a human. The others had their silence and their fists, but this one had his words…and his protections. He felt it his duty to protect the others, and that he had failed as their engineer. To think this boy had kept an entire ship together as well as create what he now thought to be Rommie. His scientists had deemed it impossible to fix it. They knew nothing of the technology and said they had neither the parts nor the tools to do so.

"You can hate me. Go ahead, I can't stop you. But you need me and in time you'll learn to respect me." With that said he strode from the room, adding a touch extra swagger to his step. The human needed to understand that as the Alpha of his pride he had nothing to fear from these captives. The lessons were about to start.


Fabian Acura: A doctor, with long white hair, pitch black eyes, and gold skin.

Shira: Tyr's enemy and once former friend. Forest green eyes, jet black hair reaching chocolate brown skin.

Batavia: City where Shira's and his men are hiding in

Filiations: Group of aliens that were seeking out the Andromeda in the hopes of destroying the threat of the common wealth.

Flavak: Not sure yet, long dark hair pulled into pony, full lips, high cheek bones and hot body.

Wataru at Hisoka: The encampment Tyr's men are living at.

Tolan 5: breaking station, get parts, food, drinks, bars, sex…the usual

Pyrzm: Tyr's planet

Suns and moons: Pyrzm has three moons and four suns. They can't go outside when it's the third and fourth season cycle…especially the fourth. They would all die, hence why they live under ground where it's cool.

Dami's: Pyrzm slaves. They are all skin and bones no matter how much they eat so they are made into house slaves. Their brain waves are akin to that of a simple animal. As if it was bred in them to behave like a trained pet.

Stand still: a period (a few weeks long) where there is no sun and the Niet's have to move outside. It's in about two months on page 19.