6 September 2006

Fishy Conversation by Bela Luna

Disclaimer: I do not own No Rest for the Wicked ( w w w . f o r t h e w i c k e d . n e t). That lovely comic is by Andrea L. Peterson, an Icarus Falls Production.

This is a fic in response to a challenge on the Forum. Pairing: any. Key words: If you were a fish, would you be a vegetarian?


The leaves overhead rustled overhead, touched by warm winds and crisp air. The air touched upon a young woman's sensitive skin, causing her to shudder unreasonably. Said girl, called November by all, rubbed her arms with her hands, then adjusted her hair. She sighed, quite annoyed with every tense silence that seemed to find her and her two companions. She stopped walking for a moment and closed her weary eyes, trying to think of a way to break the loud silence.

"If you were a fish," November began slowly, opening her eyes, "would you be a vegetarian?"

They all stopped walking. Perrault looked at her strangely, his eyes inquiring her mental health. Even Red's brown eyes stared at her out from under her red hood, widened with a rare surprise.

"Your Highness, what prompted this question?" Perrault said smoothly.

November shrugged, forgetting to be a princess. "I'm not really sure. I had heard of fish that eat meat or other fish, so I was curious."

Perrault looked at her, his visage polite, but his eyes were laughing. "Your Highness, fish do not eat meat. If they did, then I would be unpleasantly surprised."

November sighed inwardly.

"Of course."

They continued on their way. November felt disappointment filling her. She didn't know what she had expected, but she was sure that it wasn't this.


It's just very, very weird.