FREAKY FRIDAY (version 2.0):

Chapter I

The characters do not belong to me. They belong to the hit TV show 8 Simple Rules...For Dating My Teenage Daughter. This is my first fanfiction for 8 SIMPLE RULES that includes CJ and Grandpa Jim in Paul is dead here...this episode is dedicated to Paul, really. Enjoy the following few chapters that center around the story that is similar to the episode "Freaky Friday". Only a few things different.
Well, excuse me, but I only write fanfictions that have dialogue in...sorry.

(SCENE: The Living Room. Grandpa Jim is on his usual couch, reading a magazine while Cate enters with her kids from school.)

Jim: Oh, hey, kids!

Bridget: Hi, grandpa.

Kerry: Hey, grandpa.

CJ: (appearing) Hey, Grampie.

Jim: I knew this lovely grandchildren-grandpa relationship would end up as crappy as this.

CJ: How was school, kids?

Cate: (Staring at CJ) Wh-? Why do you seem to care so much?

CJ: It's Christmas in a few days, right?

Cate: Remember, kids, it's Friday tonight, what does it mean?

Rory: No scary faces at CJ tonight, we know, mom.

Cate: And?

CJ: No hitting Grampie with the kane at night and saying it was Rory's rat!

Cate: And!

Bridget: Oh-oooh! I know! No boys tonight!

Cate: No, that's the weeknights rule. (Pause) Come on, you guys. Dig a little deeper. (Long Silence) Come on...

Kerry: You know, if it's something fun, I don't wanna know anymore, this is already fun!

Cate: Friday Movie Night!

Bridget: Mom, we haven't done Friday Movie Night since 1993!

Cate: Still, it would be fun.

Kerry: Mom, get real. The only way it could be fun is if we didn't see grandpa and CJ fighting over the movie!

Cate: No, no, now that's not gonna happen 'cause I already chose the movie.

(They all freeze in shock, all except CJ)

CJ: What's for lunch?

Rory: You already chose the movie! Mom, we all used to choose the movie together!

Jim: Yeah. Cate, I mean, in 1993, we watched Titanic. In 1994, we watched Something Happened Late That Night.

CJ: Oooh, I bet it was somethin'-somethin'!

Jim: A car accident!

CJ: (Giggling) Oooh, I wonder WHAT caused the accident to happen...

Kerry: So, mom, what'd you get?

Cate: Freaky Friday!

(They all start to give out bad judments about it.)

(It starts to rain out there)

Bridget: Hey, do you hear that?

Rory: It's CJ!

(They all turn and look at CJ, who is afraid)

CJ: Ooooooooh! (Pause) What, the movie didn't start yet, and it's already too freaky!

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