FREAKY FRIDAY (version 2.0): Chapter 4

(Scene: Detention. Bridget's body is sitting there, along with many other students, reading a novel.)

Principal Gibb: Miss Hennessey? Miss Hennessey?

Bridget: Yeah?

Principal Gibb: What're you doing?

Bridget: Uh, reading a tragic romantic-story about two lovers parted by war. (He looks at her, surprised.) Cosmo acrticle.

Principal Gibb: There you go.

Guy: Uh, principal Gibb? How long are we gonna stay here? 'Cause I got a hot date waiting for me at home.

Principal Gibb: Twenty-seven more minutes. So you people better make yourselves comfortable. Like Bridget.

Bridget: (crying over the book she's reading) Oh, please Annette and Georgio, get back together! ... (Gibb looks at her again.) I-I mean, Brangelina adopted a new baby. Can you believe that?

(Scene: Cate's Office. Cate is trying to narrate as she works on a patient while CJ and those LCCC students watch in concern.)

Cate: And now I am going to, umm, take his blood sample. With-with a needle. (winces, to CJ) A needle!

CJ: That's okay...

Cate: Right, yeah, 'cause I mean I'm used to doing this. 'Cause I'm a nurse! (laughs) Nurse Cate Hennessey. Did you know I was a cow in high-school?

(CJ gasps)

Medical Student #1: What?

Cate: Oh, yeah, I was like a three-hundred pound bitch with a fat ass.

CJ: I had an experience with a man in high-school!

(They all turn around and stare at him in shock.)

Cate: (sternly) Did Rory tell you about that?!

(CJ, gasping in shock, bursts into laughter)

Medical Student #2: Uh, I'm sorry, can we get back to the training thing?

Cate: Fine, whatever.

CJ: Alright.

Cate: So I'm gonna take a sample of this guy's blood. (sticks a needle in and the guy screams in pain) Oh my god there's blood coming out everywhere!

Medical Student #1: Well, do something!

Cate: You're right. (goes to the phone and starts to dial)

Medical Student #2: Who're you calling?

Cate: 911, I'M NOT A REAL NURSE. IN FACT, I'M NOT EVEN A WOMAN!! Isn't that something to tell your kids about tonight?!

(Scene: School hallways. Rory is walking out and a girl, Lauren, approaches him.)

Lauren: (smiling and flirting) Hi, Rory.

Rory: Hello, ma'am.

Lauren: I didn't know you knew all that much about history.

Rory: Well, sure, I am mentioned in the book, so...

Lauren: (Laughs) God, you're funny.

Rory: Yes, he is, lady. God's always funny. (taps her on the back and walks away)

Lauren: (follows him) So, umm, you wanna hang out later?

Rory: Sure.

Lauren: My place or yours?

Rory: Well, I guess going to my place would be weird 'cause I'm living with my daughter.

Lauren: Oh, you have a daughter.

Rory: Yeah, and she has three kids.

Lauren: WHAT?

Rory: Why are you surprised? I'm over 50 years old!

(Scene: Prison. Jim is locked up with two other dudes.)

Jim: Hey, that's not fair! I wasn't going fast! Ouch, my back! (Pause) WHY do I miss school all of a sudden?!

(Scene: School Hallways. Kerry is walking with her books, and she is walking in a complete slutty way.)

Kerry: Hi, Jason.

Jason: H-hey, hey, Kerry. What's up?

Kerry: Y'wanna do something tonight?

Jason: Uh, I already kinda have plans with your sister Bridget.

Kerry: Oh, forget that bitch; come with me. (drags him away)

(Scene: The living-room of the Hennessey's house. Cate has woken up all of a sudden and everyone else is still sleeping.)

Cate: It's all a dream... It was all a dream. (she smiles to herself)

(They all wake-up now)

Kerry: God, Mom, were you just speaking to yourself in our sleep?

Bridget: What time is it?

Cate: It's, uh, it's uh I think it's at the break of dawn right now.

Rory: Wow.

CJ: We overslept.

Cate: CJ, I have to ask you this. Have you ever had any sort of...experience with a man back in high-school?

All: WHAT?!

Bridget: Oh my god mom!

Kerry: So gross!

CJ: Aunt Cate! No!

Cate: Sorry, sorry! I'll go make breakfast.

(Cate gets up and goes to the kitchen just in time when CJ turns around to face Rory)

CJ: (whispering to him) I can't believe you told her man!

(Cate bursts into laughter, obviously overhearing and now everyone else laughs)

Jim: This is so...funny.

CJ: Oh, really? Is it "let's take away your cane and see if you cans till walk" funny?

Kerry: I can't believe you did that, CJ. You were so wild.

Bridget: Ooh, I have a date with Jason tonight. (gets up)

Rory: And I think Lauren asked me out last night.

CJ: (wincing, staring at Rory) I paid you fifty bucks man!


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