Hey gang,

The funny thing is, that of all the projects I have, I really think that this story has the best chance of "making it." So, wish Susie and I luck as we begin the editing process and start to find an agent worthy of Ali and Chloe! You can help us by answering a few questions about the story. It really means a lot to both of us that you would take the time to do this and we take what you say seriously.

1. Who is your favorite character?

2. Do you have a favorite scene/line of dialogue or memorable moment from the story?

3. Does anything that need work particularly?

So now, in traditional dutchesscourtney style…thank yous!

Raindropskeepfallingonmyhead – So, thank you for consistently weighing in on our little story and suffering along with our little Ali. You can blame Susie for all those embarrassing situations – she certainly has a way with words. And, you know what they say…all fiction is at least a little bit autobiographical! (Maybe you were really suffering along with Susie!)

Percussion Chick – thank you too for responding so often and with such enthusiasm! And ditto on falling in love with Ben. He's pretty much awesome… And ditto what we said to Raindrops, thanks for suffering along with Ali!

clarinetbandgeek07 – thanks for the reviews! we love them and hope you will review us again soon.

Nique – thanks for letting us know how we're doing! Susie appreciates having a fan among her coworkers, and really thinks you ought to consider naming your baby Little Ali.

Somewei – even with all your fifty things going on it means a lot that you took a few minutes to review…and Susie and I both thought it was a huge compliment that you said our writing styles complemented each other. It meant a lot! Now we can only hope some agents and editors out there agree!

Lizai – hey thanks for taking some time out of your crazy life to leave us some love! We hope your life has calmed down a little during this time of the year.

Brokos/The Pterodactyl – it took you until Chapter 8 to review! Shame on you…just kidding! Thanks for making the leap over to a non-marching band story with us. We think things turned out ok. And extra points for getting really REALLY mad at Blade.

abcsnowfall – it's such a compliment that our story would drag you in and keep you wanting more! We're glad you liked it.

daphnebandweenie – I'm sorry you fell down the stairs in front of your crush…with an instrument, I hope things turned out ok!! You never know, maybe someday Ali will fall down the stairs in front of a crush…

riflefriedrice - I'll look up the song soon! I always love reader reccomendations.

All the best,

Courtney and Susie