Author's Note: This story is written in response to this month's Challenge. Jules and Verne discuss the future an Marty shortly after returning from 1985.

September 7, 1893
4:15 PM PST

It was almost fifteen minutes after the Brown family had returned from 1985. Jules and Verne decided to switch into their swim trucks, and they headed down to the swimming hole to do a little bit of swimming.

'So what did you think about the future, Verne?' Jules asked. 'Are you feeling excited about moving to 1985? I sure will miss all my friends, but the future seems very exciting. Dad says we can move there in about two months.'

'Why do we have to wait two months?' Verne groaned. 'I'd rather go there, now - and I really would prefer for us to 2015. I mean, 2015 is an even more exciting year than 1985. I mean, there you have boardhovers.'

'I think you mean hoverboards,' Jules corrected. 'We can't go to 2015 instead, because Dad left Marty in 1985 - and he wouldn't make his friend wait thirty years to see him again. Just think of how Marty would feel.'

'I can hardly wait to meet Marty,' Verne replied, sighing. 'He sounds like a very fun person to be around. I gather it must be great for him to live in the late 20th century. I greatly enjoy this kind of music that they have in the future. What do they call it? Rock and rail?'

'No, it's called rock and roll,' corrected Jules. 'Dad says that Marty plays the guitar in a rock and roll band. He says he used to always listen to that kind of music with Marty. Mom, however, does not appear to enjoy that kind of music so much. I wonder why not. Well, it was nice that Marty from 2015 gave us his old collection of rock and roll tapes - and for Dad to buy us a tape player with some batteries.'

'Yeah, I can hardly wait to hear more of this kind of music,' Verne gushed, nodding. 'The Gameboys are really nice, as well. We'll have to learn how to play those games. It's too bad we can't show them to our friends.'

'Would you like to visit any other time periods?' Jules asked, with curiosity. 'I'm a little curious to see what it was like in the 1920s. That's when Dad was a little boy, just like us.'

'It's very strange to think we're, in a sense, older than our father,' Verne said, awed. 'I mean, he said he wasn't even born until the year 1920. That's 27 years from now. It would be nice to hold Dad as a little baby.'

'That would probably never happen, though,' Jules commented. 'Dad would probably be so worried about causing a huge disruption in the space-time continuum. I mean, what if we were to drop him - and cause him to be injured?'

'Why would we want to drop Dad?' Verne asked, shocked. 'I love Dad, and I wouldn't ever dream of hurting him!'

'Well, I didn't mean we would do it on purpose,' Jules said, quickly. 'I mean, I was just simply giving you a small example of how we could create a time paradox. Dad says that could be a very disasterous thing to happen.'

'What is a time paradox?' Verne asked, confused. 'Why would a time paradox be disasterous?'

'All right, Verne,' Jules said, quietly. 'Let me explain to you what a time paradox is. Let's say that we do end up travelling to the year 1920, and we get a chance to hold Dad as a baby. Are you following me, Verne?'

'Yes,' replied Verne, 'we are in the year 1920 and one of us is holding Dad as a baby.'

'That is correct,' replied Jules. 'Now let's say that a bear is chasing one of us, and we run away with baby Dad in our arms. We then trip, and we drop baby Dad, causing him to split his head open and be killed.'

'That would be a very terrible thing to happen, Jules,' Verne cried out, anguished.

'Yeah, it would be,' Jules replied, 'but just calm down. I am only using this as an example. I'm not saying that it ever would happen. Do you understand what I'm saying?'

'Yeah, I guess so,' Verne said, sniffing, as he wiped away a tear that fell down his cheek.

'It's all right, Verne,' Jules said, comfortingly. 'Don't cry. The point I am trying to make is that, if we were to accidentally kill Dad as a baby, he would never grow up to become a man. As a result, he would never marry Mom, and you and I would never be born. That's when we would have a paradox.'

'Then how would be able to kill Dad, if we were never born?' Verne asked, confused.

'That's the point I was making,' replied Jules. 'That is exactly what a paradox is, Verne. To make the matters even more complicated, we were born and grew up even before Dad was born. It might cause the universe to unravel, and it might bring about the end of the world. This is a dangerous risk we would want to avoid.'

'Now I have a headache,' Verne said, sighing. 'I never realized before that time travel could be so confusing.'

'Yes, Dad says that you must always use caution when travelling through time,' explained Jules. 'In fact, I believe that is the main reason why Dad wants to move us back to 1985. Well, that along with the fact that he really misses Marty a lot. I wonder if Marty will even like us. I mean, from his perspective, Dad went from being a single man to having a family in just a few days. I wonder what the kids will be like in a hundred years.'

'It looks like there'll be a lot of fun things to do in 1985,' Verne replied, 'even though I do still somewhat wish we were moving to 2015, instead. At any rate, it's nice that we're able to move to the future.'

'You must consider how lucky we are, Verne,' Jules said, gently. 'As far as I know, there are no other kids our age whose father has a time machine. Maybe Dad will let us visit 2015 occassionally, but I believe it would take enough getting used to to adjust to the year 1985. Why don't we head back to the house, and go listen to some of that rock and roll music that we brought back with us.'

'That sounds like a great idea,' Verne gushed. 'I really like rock and roll. It's like no other music we ever heard before. It's really fun to dance along to.'

'Well, then, what are we waiting for?' urged Jules. 'Let's go. We should just remember that Dad tells us we have to keep it in the shed, because Mom doesn't really like that kind of music. She says that it's too noisy.'

Verne skipped after his older brother excitedly, as he was excitedly to hear more of this rock and roll. This would certainly tide him over for the next two months, until they can finally move to the year 1985.


Within twelve minutes, the two brothers were out in the shed getting ready to some on some music, when their father went to join them. He had a huge smile on his face.

'Hey, boys,' he called out, smiling, 'I decided to make you some pizza and breadsticks, and I bought back some cans of Pepsi for you. I figured you would like to have a little taste of the 1980s, after we arrived here about an hour ago. I hope you boys enjoy yourselves.'

'Thank you so much, Daddy,' Jules and Verne said, in unison, as they threw their arms around their father.

'Enjoy yourselves,' the boys father said, as he left the shed.

'Here, let's put on this tape,' Jules suggested, as he popped the tape into the tape player.

After a few seconds, loud music came blasting from the take player. Jules and Verne stood up and started to dance.

'The power of love is a curious thing...' warbled a masculine voice, 'Make a one man weep, make another man sing... Change a hawk to a little white dove... More than a feeling, that's the power of love.'

'Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream... Stronger and harder than a bad girls dream... Make a bad one good make a wrong one right... Power of love that keeps you home at night'

The boys started to sing along with the chorus. 'You don't need money, don't take fame... Don't need no credit card to ride this train... It's strong, and it's sudden, and it's cruel sometimes... But it might just save your life... That's the power of love... That's the power of love.'

'All right, Verne,' Jules prodded, 'let's start eating our pizza, before it gets cold. It smells so deliciously.'

Verne eagerly agreed, as he sat down with his brother, and grabbed a slice. As he ate, he began to get very excited about moving to 1985 in a couple of months. Sure, he would greatly miss his friends - but there certainly was a lot to look forward to. Verne couldn't remember when he last had so much fun.