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After five more high pitched screams on Naruto's part, and a couple clinging/flying away situations with both Naruto and Sasuke, The Grudge was finally over.

"What can we do now? It's only what... 1:00 in the morning?" Zabuza asked.

A grin spread across Sakura's face as she looked at Kankuro, "I have an idea..." earning grins from everyone but Ino and Kankuro.

"Oh...crap..." Kankuro said with wide eyes as he began to stand up.

"What's your idea Sakura?" Ino asked with a clueless look on her face.

Sakura rolled her eyes while muttering, "Psh, blondes..." (no offense intended to any blondes cept Ino)

"Well?" Ino pressed.

"If you don't know then don't worry about it," Seiji snapped, getting irritated with Ino again.

"Alright, alright... sheesh Sakura tell your guard dog to back off," Ino said holding her hands up in defense.

Sakura glared and frowned at Ino, "He's not a dog, nor is he my slave so I'm NOT going to tell him what to do," Sakura retorted.

"Rawr..." Ino whisered, "Well fine, then I'm going to bed, humph!" she said as she went and laid down on the couch.

"Good riddence... now, where were we..." Sakura said, grin returning to her face as she looked at where Kankuro was. "Alright where'd he go?"

Seita came running down the hall, "Sakura we got him!" he said excitedly, grabbing Sakura's arm and pulling her to a room where Neji, Sasuke, and Zabuza had Kankuro pinned to the floor with Kiba rolling around laughing and holding his stomach.

"He's all yours Sakura..." Seita said as he bowed with a smile.

Sakura's grin widened as she went to her stuff and got some make-up remover. "Make-up or paint, this will remove it all," she said as she knelt down in front of Kankuro.

Kankuro finally stopped struggling, figuring out it was futile, and suffered through Sakura taking off his face paint with a slight blush.

"There!" Sakura said triumphantly while the guys let Kankuro up.

"Sheesh! You guys are to loud I... Can't...sleep..." Ino trailed off as she walked into the room from the couch and saw Kankuro. "Who's the hottie?" Ino asked with starry eyes, making Kankuro cringe.

"Back off..." Sakura said dangerously, surprising everybody.

Ino got over her surprise and looked at Sakura with a smirk, "I bet I could make him like ME better than he likes you."

Sakura just glared daggers her way in response.

"NU-UH! I'm gonna make him like ME better!" someone burst out all of a sudden. Everyone turned their wide-eyed gazes to Hinata, Neji's being especially wide.

Neji then glared at Hinata, "Who are you and what have you done with my cousin."

"I am your c-cousin..." Hinata said back.

"He's gonna like ME better!" Ino said again.

"No ME!"


"No ME!"


"YOU PEOPLE DO REALIZE I'M STANDING RIGHT HERE DON'T YOU?!" Kankuro shouted to get their attention.

"No ME!"


" (T.T) Apparently not..." Kankuro sighed.

Everyone sweatdropped.

"I guess your invisible Kankuro..." Sasuke said, "I've got an idea," he said again as he went to Sakura and whispered into her ear. Sakura grinned as she headed to her stuff again and came back with some lipstick.

"What are you doing this time?" Kankuro asked quietly.

"Hang on," Sakura said as she started marking on his face.

"No ME!"

"M- AHH A ROBBER! HE'S GONNA RAPE ME!!" Ino yelled as she shot out of the room.

Everyone in the room sweatdropped again.

"Yep...she's an idiot..." Sakura said. "Plus, I think she'd scare off any rapist that comes near her without even doing anything..."

"I definitely agree," Neji also said as everyone else nodded their agreement.

"Ok, so it looks like you'll have to keep your face-paint on tonight... unless you think you can brave Hurricane Ino..." Sakura said.

"Well... I may have to, I'm not going to sleep with lipstick on my face..." Kankuro said looking at the door Ino ran through.

"Well, we could always try and keep her out of here." Shikamaru suggested.

"I didn't even invite her over... I could always send her home?" Kiba suggested.

"I'm up for it!" Everyone in the room said at once.

"Ok." Kiba walked to the livingroom where a loud 'WHAT?!' could be heard.

"Er... I'm gonna help Kiba before he gets killed..." Sakura saiid as she ran out of the room. "GO HOME!"

An 'Eep!' could be heard then a door slam. Sakura walked back into the bedroom with Kiba behind her, wiping her hands together.

"Jeez Sakura, I think she almost pee'd herself." Kiba said with a sweatdrop.

"Eh," Sakura shrugged as she walked over to Kankuro and handed him the make-up remover. "You can take it off now... since Ino isn't here anymore, Hinata shouldn't go hostile on us again... I hope..." she said scratchiing the back of her head.

"Yeah... I hope too." Kankuro said passing a warry look towards Hinata who was staring at the wall, before going into a bathroom and cleaning off the lipstick on his face.

"What should we do now?" Hinata asked.

"Hrm... we coul-" Sakura was interupted by a loud sound. "Oh no... no not now!"

"Is it that time of month?" Hinata asked.

"NO! Ew, not that Hinata... a -gulp- thunderstorm!" Sakura exclaimed.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!" Naruto yelled. He looked around the room and noticed everyone was looking at him like he was an idiot... oh yeah, he is an idiot. "Hey, the way she said it, it scared me..." Naruto sweatdropped.



"EEP!!" Sakura screeched as she clung to the nearest person to her... which to her distate was Sasuke.

"I knew you'd want me." Sasuke said with a sly grin.

Sakura turned to look at a wall and said, "Isn't this where I'm supposed to miraculously cling to Kankuro?" she then jumped off of Sasuke, glaring at him in the process, and walked over towards Kankuro.


Sakura once again clung to the nearest person... which was Naruto. "Oh dammit..."


All of a sudden Hinata screamed, "OH MY GOD! I'M ON FIRE! HELP ME OPRA WINFRY! SAVE ME TOM CRUISE!!!" (If you can tell me what movie that's off of then I'll give you a cookie!)

Neji sweatdropped, "I'm related to her... HOW exactly?"

"I don't know..." Sakura answered, also with a sweatdrop as she got off Naruto. (outta the gutter!)


"Eep!" Sakura yelped as she clung to the nearest person to her... Hinata. "The Hell? Kankuro where are you?"

"Right here." Kankuro answered as he walked over to where Sakura was.

Sakura detached herself from Hinata and held onto Kankuro, "There! Now I'll have to cling to you!" she said with a triumphant smile.


Sakura jumped and clung to the next hearest person to her... Neji. "-T.T- Do I have to cling to everyone in this ROOM before I can cling to Kankuro?" Sakura asked no one.

"Yes..." a voice answered.

"-O.O- What... was that?" Sakura asked as she lunged toward Kankuro.

"Kankuro held Sakura and answered, "I have no clue..."

Sakura looked around the room for any answers but everyone shook their head.

"Maybe it's a ghost?" Zabuza suggested.

"Riiiiiiiight... we'll go with that..." Sakura said as she stayed with kankuro.

"I think we should go to bed now..." Kiba said.

"Yeah... I think I'm so tired that we're ALL hearing some imaginary voice..." Sakura added.

"I resent that."

"NIGHT EVERYONE!!" Sakura screeched as she went into one of the guest rooms with Hinata, Seiji, Seita, and Kankuro while the others split up into different rooms as well for the night.

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