Outline: Cry the Beloved Country



HOMG, how horrible, I've rarely done this and I hate it when people do this, but I need to do this.

For those of you that know how I work, you all know I had everything saved on a 95/98 Windows computer, and we all know how old those are. Finally, it's given up on me, sad, I know, but it has.

Guess what this means?

Yup, I have to write everything from scratch. EVERYTHING. Even my two prides and joys, the Death Note/Kingdom Hearts crossover and Home For The Summer.

I pretty much have nothing left of my work because I was not able to save it to my grandfather's comp.

Kiraracutie is going to try and bring me her big hard drive (who she's named 'AkuRoku') to see if we can get ANY information off of it.

Hope with us!

I'm putting this on most of my stories (the frequently read ones) in case someone doesn't read my other stories.

For the help of our loss, I will tell you how far I was in most stories so that you can see how big this is for me.

Deathly Sources Chapter 5- 10 percent

Note: This I will be working on quickly, so rest assured it will be one of the first updated

Black Eyeshadow-85 percent

Note: I pretty much remember what I was going to do, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. I just need to think of a finishing move.

Hands-On Computer-15 percent

Note: I was still debating whether to continue this, so it's getting written, but slowly.

100 Ways of Love-70 percent

Note: Now I must think of all new drabble ideas D NOOO!! All I remember was a RiSo one that was 'pizza' and a Zemyx one that was 'lights' but that's about it.

Cinnamon and Spice-30 percent

Note: I was at the Riku Replica!! I was so sad about this one!

Ocean Blue and Sapphire-56 percent

Note: This was the chapter right before the lemon, so it wasn't too big of a loss. I remembered the theme, so I will be able to get it done and up before anything.

Drifting 101-90 percent

Note: It was gonna be some Zemyx loving! Now I feel bad because I've been promising it.

Phantom-60 percent

Note: This one was going to be a bit of foreplay before a AkuSor lemon. 'Cuz that's what everyone voted for, so I will be trying to get this up for you guys.

Shinning Collection-70 percent

Note: One of my favorite stories, ever, damn. Well, don't worry, I pretty much knew what I was doing for this. I should be able to re-do it, finish it, and post it within a week or so.