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Around 6:00 AM in the morning…

Sam and Dean had just finished their latest job and were heading back to the car. Unfortunately it had involved a river spirit and now the boys were wet, muddy and cold. And in Deans case, hungry. And also in Dean's case, because he was hungry, cranky.

"I'm starving!"

"DEAN I know! I heard you the last 46 times you said it!"

They get to the car.

"SAM! We are NOT getting into my car like this!"

"I thought you were starving!"

"Well I am, but the upholstery Sam think of the upholstery! I mean look at you! Your dripping mud and water and god knows what other shit all over!"

"And you aren't?"

"Well it's not my fault YOU fell into the river and I had to dive in to save your sorry ass!"

"You're the one who decided to go after this thing totally unprepared! 'All we have to do is shoot it with consecrated iron rounds and that things dead!' You're just lucky I remembered that Latin banishing chant!"

"I still saved your ass from drowning."

"No you didn't you were the reason my ass had to be saved you jerk. Now can we please get a move on? I'm freezing!

" SAM!" Dean gestured emphatically for extra effect. "UPHOLSTERY!"

Sam decided that if Dean said upholstery one more time he was going to bash in his head with a tire iron. "DEAN!" Sam mimicked Dean's gestures. "HYPOTHERMIA!"

"You know if you grunt a little bit, you'll get that ape look just right…throw in some primal howls too…"

All right that's it where is that tire iron. Sam fumed silently. "Ok Dean, what should we do since the car is off limits…just stand out here and catch pneumonia?"

Suddenly Dean got this look on his face…this funny smile seemed to spread across his face, and it looked like he had got this big idea.

"Dean…?" Sam cautiously ventured.

"Hey Sammy, for all the "normal" people it's Winter Break right?"

"It's SAM, and yeah I think so, why?"

"Well…." Dean glanced up at the huge mansion they had parked the Impala in front of…

"Dean, NO! We can't just break into someone's house just because you won't let your precious upholstery get wet!"

"C'mon Sammy, we can just go in, get cleaned up, maybe grab something to eat, then we'll leave! Besides, we're not even stealing from them, just using some hot water and stuff. Besides, we DID just save them from some majorly nasty plumbing problems, what with that disgusting river spirit in their stupid river that supposedly makes their complex look "natural"…"

"Well…" Sam mulled it over. Maybe. After all they had just killed off a river spirit for them, and its not like these rich people would even miss whatever they took. And nobody would be home; these moneybag freaks would all be off in the Bahamas or somewhere…Yeah they all go to the Alps in summer and the Caribbean in winter. Seriously, these rich people. Sam shook his head.

"All right, but we're only getting cleaned up, we're not taking anything else."

"Okay!" Dean agreed too quickly.

A thought occurred to Sam. "You just want to use a steam shower again, don't you Dean…?"

Dean grinned extra big…"So should we use the window or the back door?"

Sam rolled his eyes. "Window, then"