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The rest of the day was nothing but action, a quick bite to eat, then preparing, making sure they had the right materials. Around 7:00 PM Dean sat sharpening knives and Sam was settled next to him cleaning guns.

"So stop me if this is a stupid question…but what is our plan?" Dean asked.

"We actually may not need all of this stuff." Audrey indicated all the weapons with a nod of her head. The thing is, all Dean and I are going to do is hold him off. In the end it's all going to be up to you Sam."

Dean looked up sharply. "What does that mean?"

Audrey answered, "Well the idea is that in order to take out this demon, the chosen one –She gestured towards Sam- and the sacrifice –points at herself- will combine powers in order to kill the demon.

"But…I don't have any powers, not yet…or at least none I have control over…" Sam said hesitantly.

"Well that's the chancy part of this whole plan. We need a trigger for your powers. I'm hoping that something about the demon will be that trigger. So you'll be out of the way, off to the side. Dean will be too. I'm going to be our first line of defense. Now I'm fairly strong, and I can hold him off for quite a while, but in case, Dean will be our backup, and you…you try to take control. You'll know when you come into power. You'll feel it. And then we can take him out."

Sam immediately started to protest being off to the side, and Dean instantly started to protest being the backup. Audrey silenced them with a serious look. "It's our only plan. And…and I don't want to die, not anymore." She hung her head. "It makes me feel selfish though, not following through on my sacrifice. Almost as if this doesn't work then it will be my fault if anyone is hurt by this demon."

Jesus. Dean thought. He nudged Sam. "Look Sammy it's your long-lost good twin!" Sam heaved a sigh that reached his toes and leaned over to smack Dean.

"The point is that Dean is so tactfully conveying is that it's not your fault. It never was. And the plan won't fail."

Audrey smiled at the two of them. "No, it won't." She returned to her business like manner, her control regained, and her easy confidence back in place.

"Now as I was saying, Sam, you'll feel when you come into your powers. It's…an odd feeling, but it's unmistakable. You'll know, and then you'll be free to take out the demon. As for how to actually use your powers-that parts fairly easy as well. The common powers that you see-such as telekinesis or pyrokinesis-are simply general ways that psychics like to use their psychic energy, because they are effective and don't burn up much power. They are so commonly used by psychics that they have been named, but you are not limited to these, you can really do anything you want. Using your powers-you don't need to wave a wand or burn herbs-it's all to do with your force and will. You concentrate on what you want, and if you have enough power to back it up, then you will do it. Other powers-like visions or sensitivity to emotions- are simply side effects that some psychics have. It really all comes down to how much psychic power you have, if you have enough- believe me when I say you can do almost anything. And you…you have enough to kill this demon, with my help. I will actually probably be pretty weak from holding off the demon, depending on how long I have to hold him off. But since you are still untrained you will have to be careful how much raw power you burn up trying to kill him. I will be acting as a…buffer of sorts. I will make sure that you are regulating your energy and not just shoving as much as possible into your goal. The thing about overreaching yourself is that if you burn off all of your psychic energy your body will begin tapping into your life force and eventually that will run out too. If you happen to be not as powerful as I thought you were-I'll start channeling whatever psychic energy I have left into you. But I really don't expect that to happen."

Sam sat there looking slightly overwhelmed. But he nodded. "OK."

Audrey stood. "I'll be right back," she said stepping toward the bathroom.

Dean squeezed Sam's shoulder. "You nervous?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah. You know…it could all be over. Tonight. Doesn't that…hit you a little?"

Dean shrugged. "All I know is, that son of a bitch is finally going down."

Sam nodded and returned to cleaning the last gun his eyes shaded by his curtain of bangs.

Audrey walked back into the room and gave both of them a reassuring smile. "You'll do fine, Sam. And Deans nervous too, he's just doing that strong and silent crap. But he is right that son of a bitch who stole everything we held dear is going down."

"Yeah that's right!" Dean piped in.

"Wow Dean you woulda made a hell of a cheerleader."

"Shut up bitch."


Audrey rolled her eyes. "Shut up, both of you." The boys suddenly felt this pressure on their faces, holding their lips shut.

"HPHEY!" Dean muffled out.

"Yweah wfth tge fhdell?" Sam struggled to form the correct words.

"If I say I'll let you go, will you shut up?"

Both boys nodded vigorously. Audrey laughed and released them.

"Jeeeez Sammy I thought you could release us!" Dean whined, rubbing his hands across his lips.

"Well sorry my powers aren't up to your standards Dean!"

"HAH! WHAT powers!"

The lights in the room suddenly flickering stopped Sam's next retort abruptly. On. Off. On. Off. Audrey rose to her feet with a tense air. "He's here."

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Excerpt: Dean screamed for his brother, desperation coloring his voice with its fearful tones. Audrey stood off to the side, in the wreckage of their fierce battle. "Dean. Stop. There's nothing you can do. The Demon took him. But we're going to get him back. I swear." Dean continued to scream out his brother's name in a voice he couldn't even recognize as his own and Audrey flinched. How could it all have gone so wrong? She wondered as a fresh drop of guilt dripped harshly into her already overflowing cup.