Title: Passion

Author: veiledndarkness

Rating: PG

Summary: Saying nothing can say everything.

Warnings: Mild angst

Disclaimer: Definitely not mine, these boys don't belong to me. Shame, really.

A/N: My first Murder by Numbers fic, lol.

Pairing: Richard & Justin

Final Warning: Implied slash.

Richard's POV

He has a quiet passion, intensity to his eyes. In speech, his voice is low, each word spoken with utter conviction in his beliefs. I watch his hands move with grace. I study the way he gestures to make his point, the way he pushes his hair back in an unknowing nervous motion.

He knows that I'm taken in by him. The way his mind works, he must know, of that I'm sure. He has a sensuality that surrounds him, an unconscious beauty. I'm drawn to him. He has a reserved dignity, and unbridled intelligence. I watch him bite his lip absently while reading his book, seemingly deeply immersed in the words.

He is my obsession, the one thing that seems unattainable, the one thing that I will have. I swear it every night to myself that he'll be mine, mine and only mine. He is my passion.

Justin's POV

He's watching me again. I bite my lip fretfully as I pretend to read. He's unnerving, yet I can't find it in myself to push him away. He's everything a guy should want to be. Suave, popular, sophisticated, with a seemingly endless wallet. I sneak a glance out of the corner of my eye at him.

He's so confident, an outgoing person with such potential for brilliance. I wish I could hear his thoughts, to know what he thinks. He's everything I shouldn't want, hormones be damned. I ache to touch him, to let him do what he wants, to do the things that I can see in his eyes. He's so carefully guarded in school. I want to peel away the layers, to have him bare before me.

My breath speeds up. All I could ever want and all that I fear keeps me from closing the distance between us. 'He would never want me, not like the way I want him' I tell myself sadly.

I sigh softly before scanning my book again. I long for him, my unrequited desire, my passion.