A Pirates Life for Me

By Skye-Chan12


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter that is a right only claimable to Ms Rowling and Pirates of the Caribbean rights are all Disney's, I'm just a wanna-be writer who has to many ideas to write and draw but never enough time.


There are, it has been said, two types of people in the world. There are those who, when presented with a glass that is exactly half full, say this glass is half full. And then there are those who say: this glass is half empty. The world belongs, however, to those who can look at the glass and say: what's up with this glass? Excuse me! Excuse me! This is my glass? I don't think so. My glass was full! And it was a bigger glass!

- Terry Pratchett


AN: Once again, I have only just finished this chapter and have decided to post it right away rather then waiting a few days to read over it a few more times. This means that there will be grammar and spelling mistakes. These will either disappear over time as I continue to proof and edit my stories or, if you want to help, feel free to send me a comment or review with an error that you noticed.


The hours that followed were spent in relative silence. Jack would seemingly stagger aimlessly about the deck, before calling Will over to help take care of the sails and ship. By the time darkness had settled about them, he had ensconce himself at the helm and ordered Will to get some sleep below deck.

With the cool night enveloping him, Jack took the chance to allow himself to breath and think. The creak of the ship as it pressed through the waters comforted him like a mothers lullaby. This was where he belonged.

Harry was everything he was looking for in a partner and more. He was beautiful, intelligent, useful in a fight, and had only eyes for him. The dark haired beauty and quickly become much more than just a good luck charm.

The moon drifted through the sky, keeping him company in his dark solitude as they swept through the calm waters.

A soft creek and stirring of shadows below, alerted him to Harry's presence. The young wizard paused for a moment to stare out across the open sea. His senses open, and taking in all of his surroundings.

Harry had never felt the way he did in that moment. The smell of the sea was everywhere and as the salty breeze cut through him, he shivered. His toes curled, scratching against the wood grain as he rocked back and forth with the swaying of the ship. He was content. He had had no dreams of Voldemort or his followers. All of the troubles and problems that had plagued him since he was a child, were all so very far away.

Glancing up at the pirate captain's striking silhouette, he knew in an instant that there was something deep pulling them together. It wasn't his figure, his seductive smile or his woeful tale. Under all of that was… something… A calling perhaps, that they both heard. But here, in this moment, their souls sang as one. Not for each other. Not yet. But for something…

It was Jack's gaze that wavered first. His dark eyes flicking carelessly back to the horizon. Harry slowly made his way up to the wheel, his rocking movements giving him a hypnotic sway as he joined the captain.

"I didn't mean to wear you out, love." Jack's lips curved into a smirk.

Harry felt a slight blush rise to his ears, though he tried to suppress it. He caught Jack's eyes scanning him for a reaction, "Don't take it 't heart, it doesn't take much to tire me out."

He meant it as a joke, but Jack's brows furrowed at this, "Tha' been happenin' a lot, now."

Harry shook his head as if to shake of Jack's concerns, "I told you, I just need to gain back my strength."

"An' how exactly did you lose your strength to begin with?" Jack's gaze burned into Harry, who crossed his arms tight over his chest and avoided Jack's eyes by looking out towards the sea.

"I was being held… In a prison…" Harry started, still not looking at Jack.

"Tha' confin'ment ya said Tia got ya out of." Jack's gaze holding Harry's striking profile in view.

"Yah…" Harry shifted, looking down at his feet. "The Solitude…"

It really shouldn't matter. If Jack wanted to know, there was no reason not to tell him.

He took a breath, ignoring the burning he felt in his chest. "I was there for five years, Jack. No one to talk to, nothing to do. I was on the back burner until those self-righteous pricks needed me. And towards the end of it, I just wanted everything to end. I guess I figured that it was the only way I was going to get out of there on my own terms. So I stopped eating."

"At first I was dumping my meals, but towards the end I couldn't get out of bed anymore. Then one day I fell asleep and I didn't wake up for a long time." It was stupid. He hated himself for feeling like this. He wished he were better at Occulmancy, then maybe he could stop feeling like bloody nesh wimp. "As it happened, they decided that it was easier to just keep me asleep than risk me damaging myself. The only reason they woke me up was because the war that they were fighting was going badly and they thought they might need me to fight. They locked me back in my cell and told me to be a good lad and they would be back in a few weeks for me."

Silence permeated the air, and Jack knew Harry likely wanted to keep it at that. But he knew there was more.

"What happen'd in those weeks love?"

Harry gave a choked laugh before turning to face Jack. He threw out his hands palms first, his cloak falling away to reveal long thin scars "I managed to do this with glass from a mirror and this…" He pulled down the top of his gown, fully displaying his emaciated chest, "Is where I plunged a butter knife eight times."

Jack took in the eight thin lines that dotted Harry's stomach right below his rib cage, "They heal y'u?"

Harry's hands drew up to his face and then buried themselves into his hair. He had no way of knowing for sure what happened, but he was pretty sure he knew. Both times he had woken up with only the scars on his body and the blood on the floor as evidence of his attempt. A house elf would have cleaned the blood and a potion or spell from a mediwizard, wouldn't have left any scars.

"Yah." Harry lied.

"And no'w…"

Harry knew what Jack was asking. He lowered his hands, allowing them to slide down his hair in a smoothing gesture before turning and looking at Jack at last, his eyes bright with held back tears, "I never wanted to die, Jack. I just wanted out of that hell. But now - I'm free, Jack. That is all that I wanted."

And Jack understood and Harry knew that he did. Jack smiled a soft mirthless smile and reached out and took Harry's hand, pulling it to the wheel of the ship.

"Have you ever steered a ship before?" Jack's body seemed to mould around Harry's smaller form as he twined their fingers together around the wheel's spokes.

"No." Harry murmured as he stared out into the dark, their path illumination by the moon's smouldering gaze.

"The key to steering a ship…" Jack murmured softly in Harry's ear, tickling the hairs there with his warm breath. "Is to listen to her… The sails… The wind… The sea…"

Harry felt his stress evaporate under the moon's gaze. None of that mattered anymore, he would get stronger and build a life. He was Slytherin enough to try use any means to achieve his freedom. Now he just had to be Gryffindor enough to pick up the pieces. Their bodies rocked together in a slow dance as the ship swayed them gently.

The moment was perfect.

Harry tilted his head – his lips seeking Jack's – their eyes drifting closed –







"Hey Jack, I thought you might need a -" Will was struck still as he took in the sight of Jack and Harry's intimate position. "… break…"

Jack and Harry blinked at Will before returning their gazes to each other.

"Do you need a… break, Captain Jack Sparrow?" Harry asked with a slight smirk.

" i –ahem- I think that I would be –- up for a break…" Jack's voice squeaked as he looked questioningly down at Harry, "You be up for a… Break?" He ended his question with a slight raise of his eyebrow.

"Do you really think I wouldn't be up for another break after five years, hum?" Harry raised an eye brown back at Jack, "Lets just say, I have a lot of breaks I'd like to get out of my system."

Jack cleared his throat and shifted his eyes as his mind exploded with the promise of more erotic prospects. Harry pulled Jack below deck as a blushing Will took the wheel.

"This is madness." Will muttered to the open air, blushing even redder at the erotic wanderings that his mind provided for what was about to happen below decks.


AN: Once again, I have only just finished this chapter and have decided to post it right away rather then waiting a few days to read over it a few more times. This means that there will be grammar and spelling mistakes. These will either disappear over time as I continue to proof and edit my stories or, if you want to help, feel free to send me a comment or review with an error that you noticed.