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Chapter One: Black Cat.

' I'm a cat. How could this happen?' Sasuke thought to himself as he starred at his reflection in the water. Sasuke in cat form could remind you alot of Sasuke in human form. Literally. Sasuke had a shinny black coat that almost looked blue and his eyes were black. 'This is stupid. All that happened was that me and the rest of team seven were on a mission and we were fighting a bright light hit me and I hit the guy who hit me with the light and we finished the mission, came back home, got some food to celebrate finishing the mission an then I went home and fell asleep. But ofcoarse when I woke up I was a cat.' Sasuke turned his head away from his reflection and starred at the ground. ' Maybe it was because I got hit with that light, but the only question is, why did it turn me into a cat?' Sasuke walked over to the fence and jumped over it landing on his paws. 'How am I going to tell Kakashi-sensai that I'm a cat? I certaintly can't talk to him.' He looked around at all the people who seemed to be starring at him. Some even seemed to be backing away. 'Supersticous freaks. ' He closed his eyes as he walked. It was about eight o'clock at night and there weren't alot of people in the streets it's nice and peaceful. At least it was nice and peacful. Sasuke suddenly felt like he was being lifted up. He opened his eyes and all that he could see was a pair of big ocean blue eyes.

"Why hello little fella." The blonde haired girl said pulling Sasuke close. "Are you lost?" Sasuke looked at the girl closer. She had blonde hair that reached mid-back and ofcoarse her ocean blue eyes. She was wearing a dark blue sundress with a pair of black sandels. " I'm gonna take you home." When the girl said that Sauke tried to fight his way out of her grasp. She pulled him arms length apart and starred into his eyes. "What's wrong?" she said while her eyes were filling up with saddness. " You don't wanna come home with me?" Sasuke gave out a little cat sigh and stopped pulling away. The girl smiled and pulled Sasuke close again.

Within five minutes they were at her house, she pulled out a key with her free hand and unlocked the door. When she entered she carefully put Sasuke on the ground and closed the door. She turned on the lights and walked into the small living room. "I'm sorry," The girl started. Sasuke looked up at her. "I can't afford anything else an apartment is all I can afford." Sasuke tried to say 'It's okay' but all that came out was a small "Meow."

The girl giggled. "Well I'm gonna have to let you roam around yourself I have to get up early tomorrow. I have a mission." Sauske looked up at the blonde. 'Who is this girl. I've never seen her around. I wonder if she's new to Kohona.' Sasuke snapped out of his thoughts when he heard her giggle.

"It's almost as if you're trying to figure out who I am." She bent down and started to pet Sasuke behind the ear. And the most unthinkable thing happened. Sasuke began to purr. The girl giggeled again. She got up and walked into a room closing the door behind her.

Sasuke was just sitting there purring. 'It felt so good.' Sasuke thought purring. 'Wait a minute. It felt GOOD! I need to learn to control myself in this body.' Sasuke got up from his sitting position and started to look around. 'First things First. I have to try and figure out who this girl is.' Sasuke walked into a dark kitchen. A calendar was hanging on the wall with some writing on it. Sasuke squinted to try and see what it said but even with his new eyesight he couldn't read it. Sasuke jumped up onto a table and ran to the end. The calendar was only a few inches away from him. He stretched his head farther, but he still couldn't read it, he stretched farther, and farther. He could see it. But unfortunatly he was stretched out a little to far. Sasuke fell and when he tried to grab onto something it ended up being a towel which held alot of clean dishes.


Sasuke stood up. 'Owch' Sasuke thought. the lights turned on and the girl came running out of her bedroom. She bent down and picked up Sasuke. Sasuke looked at her and he thought he would find anger residing in those blue eyes but instead he found worry. "Are you okay Neko-chan?" The girl said pulling him close like you would if you were about to burb a baby. Thankfully for Sasuke he could see the calendar, but what was on it shocked him the most was he saw his name on it, under July 23. The exact words were 'Happy Birthday Sasuke.' 'How does she know my birthday.' Sasuke took his paw and turned it until he saw onother Happy birthday on September 15. 'Happy Birthday Kakashi-sensai' 'She knows Kakashi-sensai.' Sauske turned through a few more. 'Okay this is getting weird. She knows eveyone on team seven exept for Naruto. Well lets check Narutos Birthday spot.' Sasuke flipped through a few more until he got to October. He looked at October 10 and nearly fainted. There on Narutos birthday it said...


I'm thinking I should stop here and keep you waiting for more. Yeah...That's what I'll do I'll torture you. You'll never know what it says until you read the next chapter. Mwahahahahahahahah. Mwahahahahahahaha. Wait that would be mean. Never mind I'll continue on with the story.


...Happy Bithday Me. 'Are you trying to tell me that this girl is actually Naruto!' Sasuke screamed in his mind. 'That's impossible, Naruto is a boy not a girl. Right? But if this isn't Naruto then how does she know Sukaras Birthday and Kakashis and Mine and even Irukas. I've never even seen her around so that is the only explianation. This girl is Naruto.' Naruto pulled Sasuke away from her and looked at him n the eye with curiousity. "Are you okay? You seem a little shocked."

Sasuke looked up and made eye contact with Naruto or was that really her name. He quickly looked away and jumped down from her arms. "Neko-chan? What's wrong?" Sasuke looked at her again 'Why is she calling me Neko-chan.' Sasuke thought. But he figured it out. 'Oh that's why Neko means Cat. Obivous Naruto.' Naruto bent down in her night gown and started to pet Sasuke behind the ear. Once again he started to purr but he soon snapped out of it. 'No you must not purr. Whatever you do do not purr.' Purring was heard throughout the small apartment. Naruto giggled and picked Sasuke up bringing him into her room. She shut off the lights as she made her way to the bedroom and when she got to her room she gently put Sasuke down and headed over to her bed. when she was all covered up she started to pat the bed. Sasuke caught sight of the hand movement. "Come on Neko-chan. Come up on the bed." She kept patting the bed. Sasukes eyes watched the hand move up and down, up and down. 'Stupid cat urges. what is is with cats anyways there amused by the littlest things.' Sasukes eyes still wayched the hand go up and down. He couldn't take it anymore he jumped up and landed on the hand playfully biting down on it. Naruto giggled. "Good night Neko-chan." She said turning of her over head lamp and falling peacefully to sleep. 'So I guess I have to put up with this for awhile.' Sasuke yawned and curled up on the soft bed. 'Atleast until I find away to fix this.' Sasukes eyes slowly shut and he entered a world of dreams atleast until morning.


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