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Chapter One :
The Arrangement

Normal POV

( Kinomoto Residance )


" No! No! No! No! No! " Yelled Sakura, as she shook her head from left to right.

" Err-- Sakura? Umm, I know that was really sudden but... " Fujitaka stuttered.

( I'm only using 'Fujitaka' this once, and from now on I'm going to call him Mr. Kinomoto. )

" It doesn't matter if it's sudden or not! I'm not going to do it! " Shouted Sakura.

Sakura covered her ears with her hands and began running upstairs to her room as she shouted, " Don't bring that up again! "

' Bam! ' Came the noise from Sakura's door being slammed close.

Mr. Kinomoto sighed as he sat down and began rubbing his forehead.

" Nadeshiko, I don't know what to do anymore... " Said Mr. Kinomoto looking at his wife's picture.


( Flashback )


" Hey dad, I'm home! " Said Sakura happily, as she came in through the door, taking off her shoes.

" Ah! Sakura, I need to talk to you. It's very important, here, come sit with me. " Said Mr. Kinomoto, sitting on the couch, motioning for Sakura to take a seat next to him.

Sakura took a seat, still smiling happily as she looked at her father, waiting for him to speak.

" Sakura. " Said Mr. Kinomoto in a very serious voice, as he looked at the floor, fidgeting with his fingers.

" Yeah, dad? " Asked Sakura, now a little nervous.

" There's been an arrangement. " Said Mr. Kinomoto.

" What kind of arrangement? " Asked Sakura curiously.

" Well, my friend... " Mr. Kinomoto stopped, searching for the right words.

" Your friend?... " Said Sakura, looking up at her father.

" My very old friend... " Mr. Kinomoto started again.

Sakura watched her father intently as he spoke slowly, and clearly.

" My very old friend, he-- , he's going to die soon, and... And, he asked me for one last favor before he dies. " Said Mr. Kinomoto, suddenly looking up from the floor and at Sakura, with a very deperate look on his face.

" What kind of favor? " Asked Sakura nervously, fearing that the answer may be something she didn't want to hear.

" Well, he asked for, an arranged marriage. " Answered Mr. Kinomoto .

" An arranged marriage? For him? Why? Isn't he going to die soon? " Asked Sakura, frantically wondering why an old man would want an arranged marriage for himself when he's nearing his deathbed.

" No! Not for him. " Said Mr. Kinomoto, sweatdropping at Sakura's outragous conclusion.

"Oh... Then, who is the arranged marriage for? " Asked Sakura.

" Umm... That is... I mean... " Mumbled Mr. Kinomoto.

" Just say it dad. " Stated Sakura, tired of her fathers stuttering.

" Well, it's for his grandson, who is living with him, his parents passed away so he's been living with him ever since. " Explained Mr. Kinomoto.

" Okay, so who is he getting an arranged marriage to? " Asked Sakura, getting impatient with her father.

" That's the thing that's been making me nervous... The thing is, my old friend asked me to make an arranged marriage between his grandson, Syaoran Li , and you, my daughter, Sakura Kinomoto. " Explained Mr. Kinomoto, bracing himself for Sakura's reaction.

" Are you? Are you kidding me! " Shouted Sakura.


End Chapter One


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