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The Arrangement

Chapter 8: Sleepover

"How do you feel about Sakura?" Syaoran said, immediately getting to the point.

"Well, I like her, what else?" Yukito asked oblivious to the real meaning behind Syaoran's question.

Syaoran froze up, thinking that Yukito meant that he liked her as more than a friend, "How can you just say that?" He asked in surprise.

"Well, it's easy! I like Sakura, Touya, Tomoyo, and a lot of other people." Yukito said, smiling and looking thoughtful.

Syaoran paused dramatically before shouting, "Not like that! I mean how do you feel about her?"

"Huh? Oh, you mean it like that. Well, I could say that I'm not entirely sure about how I feel about her, in that way." Yukito said.

"But, if she liked you, what would you do?" Syaoran asked, trying to make sure that Sakura would not easily slip from his grasp.

"Hmm… I do not know… It's difficult to say seeing that there's an age difference, and that she's Touya's sister…" Yukito said, his brows knitting together, "But, if Touya allowed it then I might…"

Syaoran twitched at his statements, and used his last line of defense, "Well, I'm sorry to inform you, but I am engaged to Sakura."

"Oh, I see…" Yukito said, not appearing to be very sad.

"What do you mean by that?" Syaoran questioned furiously.

"Well, even if you are her fiancé, it's not like you two are married yet anyways." Yukito started, "Now, if you were a few years older, I might have been a little shocked, but I don't really think the relationship and the whole fiancé thing is going to work out as planned anyways." Yukito explained, leaving Syaoran at a loss for words.

"Why would you think that?" Syaoran said, finally finding the right words to say.

"Well, I still think you're a bit young for a huge commitment like getting married. On the other hand, you never know… you actually might end up marrying Sakura. Only time will tell." Yukito said, smiling as he turned to walk back to the dining room.

Syaoran stood in his place, completely stupefied. His plan had pretty much backfired on him.

Syaoran had now made Yukito more aware of what was going on romance-wise, and pretty much invited him to interfere with his 'plans', Syaoran hit himself on the forehead, "Damn…"

Touya and Sakura had watched the entire conversation, and at the beginning. Sakura had almost come out from hiding just to slap Syaoran upside the head for telling Yukito about the fiancé thing. In the end though, everything fell into place perfectly. Sakura even had the urge to tell Syaoran 'thank you', but restrained herself, knowing that it would only anger him more.

After dinner, all four of them gathered in the living room to watch television, and to talk for a while. On the large three-seated couch sat Yukito, Sakura, and Touya. Sakura sat in the center, Yukito sat at Sakura's left, and Touya sat at Sakura's right. The three of them had taken up the space on the only couch in the living room, so Syaoran had to think about where he would sit for a moment before he got another one of his deliciously devilish plans.

Syaoran took a deep breath unnoticeable to the others in order to hold back his smirk. He sat right in front of Sakura, his head resting against her knees.

Sakura jumped when she felt the softness of his hair brush up against her knees and a little on her thighs, "Syaoran, what are you doing?" Sakura hissed, shifting her legs a bit.

"You three took up the entire couch, which happens to be the only couch. What did you expect me to do, sit on your lap?" Syaoran retorted.

"I'm going to make you sit on my lap if you don't stop your stupid—" Touya started.

"I think that's quite enough, Touya." Yukito said, uncharacteristically looking down at Syaoran with eyes that seemed to have a devilish charm to it.

Syaoran quieted, but still moved once and a while against Sakura to elicit different reactions from her.

The hours went by rather quickly with all of them chatting happily, but Syaoran refused to speak to Yukito if he did not have to, so he became sleepy.

Syaoran stretched his arms, and upon bringing them back down fell asleep with his hands on top of Sakura's thighs.

Sakura was about to scream, but noticed that he was sleeping before actually doing so. She paused for a few moments, looking down at him and her face became four shades of pink before she resumed chatting with Yukito and Touya.

Eventually all of them became tired, and with Syaoran still leaning against Sakura, she did not have any other choice but to sleep on the couch. Touya stayed at his place on the couch, telling Sakura and Yukito that he did not trust Syaoran to be alone with Sakura when and if he woke up later, and Yukito just stayed wherever Touya was, so they all ended up sleeping on the couch in a heap.

Unfortunately… The events of the next morning were not very nice.

End of Chapter 8

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