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HEY GUYS! NEW STORY! I was bored and I don't know what to do with Welcome Home so I'm starting a new story and hopefully, inspiration will come later! I'm having a writer's block!

Summary: Sakura is a princess who doesn't like to be tied up inside the castle. Her grandfather is the King and wants to make Sakura get married by force so that the kingdom can have a king. One day, she escapes the castle and meets a stranger. How will this stranger change her life? Will it be for good?

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and Sakura isn't really a princess…awwww…so sad. sniff sniff


"Where is she! Don't tell me that she's escaped again!" yelled an old man around his seventies. He had a long red robe covering all of his body and his silver hair glistened in the light of the room. His eyes were a sparkling emerald.

"I'm so sorry King Raidon, I've already sent some guards to find her." The man bowed at the older one. His blue eyes looking with concern while his hair was a chocolate brown.

"She's just a child for God's sake! How can you cough lose her cough so easily?" The king asked as he sat down on his throne and gazed at his loyal servant.

"Please calm down, Sire, you know better then anyone how Princess Sakura is, especially with these kinds of things." The young man said while a servant brought the King a glass of water.

"Yasuo, my time is approaching and I know that I will die very soon. My cough granddaughter must get married soon." King Raidon said as he drank his water.

"No, Sire, don't speak this way! You will live many years!" exclaimed the man named Yasuo.

"Hahahaha, don't make me laugh cough cough. How am I supposed to live so many years? Anyway, let's not get sidetracked. I want Sakura found immediately!" The King exclaimed as a fit of coughs came harder. He took his handkerchief from his robe and coughed in it.

Taking the handkerchief from his mouth, he stared at the blood that he had coughed. He became frantic and nervous. Yasuo noticed.

"Is something wrong, Sire?" The King shook his head.

"Just bring me my granddaughter now!" he exclaimed. Yasuo, getting nervous, nodded and ran out. "Oh, Sakura, where are you?" The old man said as he looked out through the window.


Meanwhile, a woman in a black cloak with a hood on walked around town. She looked around, admiring the marketplace. She had never been to one and thought that it was amazing how all these people fit in one place. There aren't nearly as much people where she comes from. Looking around, she bumped into something hard. She looked up, griping her robe hard with both hands, so the hood wouldn't come off.

Onyx clashed emerald.

Looking away from the person she said sorry and continued on her way.

The man looked bewildered at the site but said nothing as he decided to follow her. She looked very familiar to him and he wanted top know why.


She went back too looking at the places and stands. People looked at her bewildered and she only tried hiding her face even more in her hood. She decided it was better for her to leave the marketplace because people might be suspicious and because she felt that someone was following her.

She glanced back and found nothing. She sighed. She must be getting paranoid.

She walked out of the marketplace and by mistake, ended up in a dead end street. She was about to turn around when three men appeared and stopped her from moving.

-"What's a poor, innocent little girl doing around here?" one of the men asked. He seemed like the boss of the small gang. She stared at him and he smirked thinking that she was afraid of him.

-"What's wrong, cat got your tongue?" asked the second man. They were all skinny to the bone, but you could see their muscles. She started backing away slowly. She was against to the wall now.

-"No, she's probably just afraid that we might hurt her. Isn't that right?" the third man said, chuckling.

She spit in his face and glared, although they couldn't see it.

-"Why you little whore! What do you think you're doing?" said the boss as he grabbed her arm. She smirked and took off the hood.

-"I'm doing what I like best." She stated. Her hair cascaded down to her mid-back while her eyes glistened with mischief. The men stared in awe at her beauty. She was a goddess. The men smirked, they had gotten a good catch. Before they could expand on that thought, she had attacked them with a kunai she had inside her cloak. She beat them to a pulp easily and put the hood back on. "Don't mess with me ever again or I will have you executed." She stated as she walked away from them.

Suddenly, a man with onyx eyes came out of the shadows and smirked. It seems that she didn't need saving after all. He was about to attack them when he saw her take off her hood and smirk. From then, he knew that she had it under control. He was about to go follow her again, but was stopped with a kunai at his throat and a slim body pressed against his back.

-"Who are you?" the woman asked. He sighed, It was only the woman he was following.

She felt him relax and raised a brow.

-"Sasuke." He stated. She let go of him and he turned around to look at her.

-"Why were you following me? Did someone send you?" she asked. He looked skeptically at her.

-"Hn. State your name and I might just answer your questions." He remarked smirking smugly. She sighed. If he didn't know her name then that meant that he wasn't sent…so why was he following her?

-"My name is Sakura. Now answer, why were you following me?" she stated coldly as onyx clashed with emerald again.

-"Hn." He answered stoically.

-"What do you mean 'Hn'. You said that you'd answer the question if I told you my name." she said getting annoyed at him.

-"No, I said maybe I'd say it." He answered stoically as he turned around and started to leave. Sakura became infuriated.

-"FINE! BE THAT WAY BASTARD!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as he turned around the corner. She sighed. At least the guards haven't found her yet.

-"WAIT, THE VOICE CAME FROM HERE!" screamed a man; pointing a finger to the alleyway Sakura was in.

-"Uh-oh, I think I thought too soon." She turned the other way and started to run.

She looked at the group of guards that started to run after her.

-"It's the princess! Get her!" screamed one of the guards.

Sakura ran frantically and kept looking back to see the guards. She crashed into someone. She looked up. Oh, great! She's in big trouble now.

-"um…hi Yasuo." She took off her hood and smiled at him. She knew that her smile captivated and melted any heart. He wouldn't be so hard on her, right?

She was wrong.

-"Guards, grab the princess and take her to the palace. She can't leave her room unless it's for the party tomorrow. She must be supervised 24 hours a day. Understood?" Yasuo said sternly.

-"Hai." Repeated all the guards together as they grabbed Sakura and took her, while she struggled out of the grasp.


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