My Dragons Story

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Chapter 1

(Draco's POV)

I can feel the hot spike driving into my core, all in the search of an animalistic release. Over and over it stabbed me, unrelenting in its pursuit the bestial need to reproduce, reinforced by the feeling of bodily pleasures. Your touch burns me just as deep but I've lost my will to fight. So I just sit back and let you have your way with me. Over and over again but I still refuse to cry in front of you. No, you will never see my tears even if you are the cause of my greatest fears. I've lost all feeling once again. I know I'm weak. I know I shouldn't hide in the darkness. I know better than to hide all my pain from those around me that care but I can't stop myself from doubting. How would they feel if they all knew that truth? If they knew just how dirty I feel? How dirty you've made me? Even after I've freshly showered, my body is soiled and filthy. Your touch has left stains on me from head to toe. Stains that despite what I do will not come out. I know some think to suffer and dwell in the past is stupid, childish and weak but as I've said and will most likely say again I am weak. I haven't the strength to block it out any longer. Your words echo in my dreams forever tormenting me. Telling me that I'm "such a good little boy". That you're so proud of how well I've kept our little secret. You tell me that you are happy that I don't fight you anymore. You said that it was good that I had finally learned that what you did to me was to make us both feel good. I just nodded silently, overtime no longer willing to fight. Gradually it quit hurting me or maybe I just got better at blocking out the pain. Long ago people quit asking me if I was all right. As if any of them really cared. Long ago I quit caring, I learned to suffer in silence as my mother once told me 'We all have problems that we need live with and it was high time that you learn to live with yours.' So I sealed myself against the world and jumped. It felt strange to be so numb at first, but I soon learned the benefits were worth it. The odd feeling that what I was doing wasn't the right answer slowly faded. After years of pain, I've had enough nightly dreams of you. You would torment me endlessly and no one knew. During the day you would hunt me. Seeking me out to 'relieve your stresses'. I was tired of always being in your grasp. Day and night you were there and I'd had enough. I had finally decided to fight. And fight we did. Curses, jinxes and spells bounced off the walls in the old cellar. I bet at that moment you regretted all the training you had put me through but I, for once in my life, was glad for all that you had done to me. I didn't cry as you struck me down as I knew that if I didn't react quickly enough you would win. I can feel your shadow looming over me, prepared to kill. I look into your eyes. I no longer fear death, oh no, you beat that out of me a long time ago. Most, when they look at you, fear your imposing form. Tall with broad shoulders. You look the epitome of power - but I don't look at that. No, I look at your eyes. They've always told me what you thinking. I can see the thoughts as they progress, as you weigh the ups and downs of killing your only heir. I can see the ups overpowering the downs as you make up your mind. I may be your only heir, but it's quite simple to impregnate my heartless mother. All you need do is give her the order to be at your bed side. Yes, she may protest slightly: complaining about her figure as she had when she carried me. But you'll just promise her a trip to some powerful beauty mage in France or some foreign country, that's all it will take. I'll be replaced, I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough for you father. I've never been more then a weak toy to play your heir. I know this, yet I've done my best father and I've failed you. I couldn't handle it anymore. A small part of me had hoped to see some remorse in your cold eyes as you prepared to kill me. I am after all a member of the Malfoy line and I had hoped that meant something to you at least. But no, all I see is disgust and hate.

"I had high hopes for you Draco. Why did you go and spit it all back in my face?"

Then I think of the reason I had decided that I'd had enough of your game. The reason I had decided to truly fight back for the first time. Harry Potter. The boy thought me nothing but a lowly death eater, which I am not. I've always wanted to join the light but I could not. No one would believe Draco Malfoy, son of the great Lucius Malfoy, death eater number one, would want to join the side of light. No one would believe a word out of my mouth so I followed my fathers lead. Turning my back on what my heart told me was right. Until now.

"I'm sorry father. I'm sorry that I can't be the man you want me to be. I'm sorry that I'm weak. I'm sorry for everything but I can't live this lie anymore. I can't go on every day and pretend that I don't feel anything but hate and anger. Father I broke your number one rule. Father I fell in love."

A deep growl filled the air and I was hit with a curse. I wasn't sure which one it was. After so long you can't really tell one painful curse from another. All you know is the pain itself. I refuse to scream. If there is anything I've learned I'm my life is that any show of weakness will be punished. Screaming is weakness. So like the good Malfoy I've done my best to be, I bit my tongue and swallowed my screams. I could taste the sweet copper flavor of my own blood filling my mouth and gulp it down before it drowns me. My body twists and writhes uncontrollably I don't even try to fight it. Finally the pain is gone and I hear my father speak though he sounds a million miles away to my pain fogged brain.

"How could you? After all I've told you. Who is it Draco? Who is it that would cause you to betray me?"

"He knows not of my love father so why bother putting him through more pain?"

"Him? No son of mine is a bloody pounce!"

"But you have had me spread my legs many a time, father. To just about anyone of your friends who would have me. Even the Dark Lord has had his way with me. Why would it bother you that I would-?"

"Silence, You ungrateful boy! You are the most useless son I-"

"I won't be your son for much longer. I can see it in your eyes father, you plan to kill me tonight and I plan to let you. I've had enough father you've finally broken me completely I ho-"

A loud bang from the floor above cuts me off. I can hear voices shouting and yelling to protect their master. My father turns sharply and walks out of the dungeon room.

"We will finish this later."

Slowly I crawl to my feet and gather my wits. I dust off my soiled robes out of habit, knowing it would do no good to my tattered and bloody outfit. I climb the stairs, not really knowing why, but knowing that I needed to be there for this battle. As I enter the large guest dining room I see it. This is the final battle. Harry Potter stood facing me the worriers of light in a half circle behind him just as the death eaters had done behind the dark lord. Slowly I make my way up and into the ranks of death eaters not one of them caring to make notice of my presence. I see my father moving through the crowd as well. He stops to the far right of the death eaters, still hiding amongst them. I can see him draw his wand and then it dawns on me just what he plans to do. He's going to strike my beloved down while he's distracted by the dark lord. I move as quickly as I can in my disabled state. Thinking quickly I send a telepathic message to my godfather telling him to use his connection to Harry to tell him to strike as soon as I distract the group.

"Father how dare you!"

I shout causing all eyes to turn to me. Then I hear it. The death curse. Then the sound of a body falling to the floor. Harry's done it. He's killed the dark lord. My father snaps his face back and glares at me.

"You foolish boy! You just caused the demise of the Dark Lord! You will pay my son, you will pay dearly."

All I could think was that Sev had trusted me enough to pass the message on and that Harry had listened. The Dark Lord had been the grounding root of my fathers hate. The Dark Lord had trained him to use his hate for evil. The Dark Lord was the cause of all the reasons I had suffered so much in this young life. True to form I smirked at my father.

"You, have no power over me anymore father I've lost all fear of death. You saw to that a long time ago. Remember? 'Fear is weakness Draco'. 'Malfoy are not weak, we must be strong to serve our master'. It was always our master this or our master that, but I never took him as my master father, a small fact that killed you. I may not be as strong as you would have liked and I never loved your master but I will tell you this father, I am strong enough to face you without a fear in the world. Besides, think of it this way there's nothing you can do to me now that you haven't done dozens of times before short of killing me. I bet you regret not doing it sooner now father. I'm sorry you couldn't love me through all the hate in your life. But it's over now and from this day on you will be nothing but a distant memory to me. I'm finally free of you."

I lifted my wand and pointed it at my father's chest.

"I want you to die knowing that you will be both the first and last person I kill…now goodbye Father."

In a flash of bright green I felt it for the first time. Freedom. And it was truly bliss. I closed my eyes and couldn't help but smile when his body hit the floor with a sick thud. I was truly free from him. I could feel the weight being lifted. He couldn't seek me out for his own pleasure. I wasn't his toy any more. I no longer had to fear his beatings or the quick flash from his wand, which would most likely end in more pain. I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see my godfather. He looked proud. It took a moment for me to release that it was me he was proud of, and a soft smile formed on my lips for the first time in years. I looked over to where Harry and his friends stood still slightly in awe. My eyes locked with Harry's and the small smile on his face spread.

"Thank you."

I said, not knowing any other way to thank him. Harry stepped away from his friends and up to me. Sev looked at him for a moment and nodded, answering Harry's silent request and stepping away from me.

"No, I think that we all owe you a thank you. Had it not been for you, I never would have been able to defeat him."

I could feel the unwanted heat of a blush filling my cheeks.

"I didn't do anything. I-I should go now."

I stammer for the first time without fear of punishment. I pull back and rush out of the room. I can hear feet behind me and run faster. I go out the main doors and down the hill to our stables. I don't know why really but I've just always felt safer there. I dart into my favorite horses stall, a large black stallion by the name of storm. Slowly the foot steps drew closer. Storm sensing my fear stands in front of me protectively, as I huddle in the corner of his large stall. Storm snorts pawing at the ground I look up to see Harry standing just inside the stall.

"Easy boy, I'm not going to hurt him."

Harry says softly and storm takes a step back giving the dark haired boy just enough room to walk by. Before he passes storm takes a good sniff and pulls back even more, seemingly satisfied that I would not be harmed by this boy. Harry pats Storm gently as he moves by him and kneels in front of me.

"Draco, are you all right?"

I stair at him wide eyed. He called me by my first name for the first time. Tears leak from my eyes and Harry moves slowly closer. As if testing my reaction he gently slides one arm around my waist. When I don't pull back he wraps the other around me as well and pulls me close to him. A feeling of warmth and safety surround me for what feels like the first time in my life. I let myself melt into Harry's chest and let years and years of repressed tears flow. All the while he sits there rocking me and whispering soothing words in my ear and rubbing gentle circles on my back. When I finally stop crying I'm exhausted both mentally and physically. I look up at Harry and he simply smiles back.

"Would you like to go to bed now?"

He asks me softly and I nod, allowing him to help me to my feet. My legs are weak but Harry pulls me close as a silent invitation to use him for support, which I gladly do. His strong arm wrapped around my waist keeping me upright. He's nearly carrying me. But he doesn't offer to, which I'm glad for so that I can hold on to my last shred of dignity. He leads me to the hearth of a large fire place and tosses in some floo powder.

"12 Grimmauld Place."


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