I feel instantly hot head to toe just from the look Harry is giving me. His eyes' have a flame in them I couldn't break contact with for anything. He hasn't even touched me yet my body's practically humming with anticipation. It isn't until I felt his breath on my face that I even realized hes been moving closer to me.

"Draco Malfoy; I'm going to kiss you." The raven haired beauty said so softly I could hardly hear it over the pounding of my own heart in my ears. The moment his slightly chapped lips touched mine it was as if the whole world stopped. Harry climbs onto my lap our lips never losing contact so close I can feel his body heat but not quite touching. Before I could reason myself out of it I wrapped my arms around his firm waist and pulled him tight against me.

"FUCK!" He moaned as the hard length in my silk pajama's met his for the first time in over 5 years and I couldn't but agree with the statement. "Draco Merlin it's been so long." He quickly returned to devouring my mouth like a starving man who had just been given his favorite treat.

A deep moan slips from me as I decide he is far to clothed for my taste. My hands slide up the front his firm chest to the color of his button down shirt. As he moves from my mouth down the left side of my neck I pull his shirt smiling satisfied when it opens and I hear the plink of its buttons hitting the marble floors.

His fingers find my hair giving it a pull my head falls back with a growl giving him more open access to the sensitive spot under my chin. My hands quickly search his chest finding his nipples I pinch them both and he bucks in my lap with a delicious grown before giving my adams' apple a small nip. I pinch just one now hard nub hoping he will buck again. He does and I can't hold back a loud moan. This time he keeps the friction going and moves his free hand down my chest to return the favor. My hands find their way to the two round globes of his ass and I pull his hips in harder against my own. Harry tosses his head back in response breathing heavily.

"Damn Draco! If you keep that up I'm not going to be able to stop from taking you right here and now." I give his a look that clearly say's 'so? What are you waiting for' but for good measure I rub myself against his manhood again. Something in him seems to click that that is just what I want and before I know what he's going to do I feel his hands stripping me. We both hiss when his hard naked flesh finds my own and pushes' me from my overstuffed chair to the floor roughly.

"I've missed you so much Draco." He mumbles before hungrily kissing me once again.

"Harry please I need you." I reply gasping for air. Bright green pools shined and locked with mine as he slowly his way down my body kissing, licking and biting ever few inches of bare skin. By the time he reached my hips I was writhing under him partially crazed with lust like I never have been. When his hot mouth wrapped around me I felt as if the floor dropped out from under me and flew into a chant of incoherent plea's begging for more.

"God Harry please I need you inside me." I moaned when finger's I hadn't even realized he had slipped inside of me brushed against that amazing bundle of nerves. He wasted no time in complying with my request. He pushed up to his knees and I hooked my legs over his shoulders.

"Ready?" Harry asked as he lined himself up with tight hole.


I look down at Draco my very own blonde god aching to be deep in him then he says the words.

"Yes now please!"

And I waste no time in filling him.

"Fuck Draco." I cry out as I slid into his tight heat trying not push in to fast despite my own near dispirit need the last thing I want is to do is hurt him. He lets out a cry when I'm seated in him to the root and for a second I fear I may have done just that but the look on his face clearly says otherwise. I hold still giving him time to adjust to my girth stretching him.

"Merlin move before I die." He pleads and I'm all too happy to comply I pull out and move back inside of him slowly increasing my speed. Though apparently not fast enough for him he hooks his ankles behind my neck grabs my forearms and spears himself on me fast and hard enough to nearly knock me back.

"Faster . . . harder . . Oh Harry please. . " Draco pants trying to bounce himself on me I comply without a second thought I lean forward and slam into him quickly pulling back forward at a brutal pace.

"Draco! Draco . . . Draco." I find myself practically chanting his name with breath. I hiss when I feel his nails find my back and dig in spurring me on. At this pace I know I'm not going to last. I when feel him starting to tighten around my cock he lets out a whimper that sounds a lot like my name as he comes I don't try to hold back. I fill him with one last hard thrust and a moan. Slowly trying to catch my breath I ride out one of the best orgasms of my life I drop Draco's legs and fall beside his quivering form. After a few minutes in a breathy voice Draco says.

"You know Harry I may have just changed my mind on the whole having kids thing; with only one demand."

"Oh and what is your demand?" He turned his head toward me with a slightly glazed looking smile.

"You have to promus we can do this at least once a week." I can't help but to burst out laughing.

"Anything for you my dragon." Draco gives me a half grin and says.



"I think we may have traumatized Pippy." I fallow his line of site and see a tray on the coffee table stacked high with finger food and tea setting's next to the house elf who has clearly fainted. I look back to the blonde and after a few seconds we both burst out laughing.