Alfons Heiderich
5 Mai 1906 – 8 November 1923
Seine Seele fliegt in den Himmel für imme.

He stood in front of the engraved stone, pure white flowers adorning the ground before his feet. Distant, murmuring conversations surrounded him, but they hardly registered to his numb mind. He stared down at the small framed picture leaning against the gray gravestone. That picture… the more he looked at it, the more he tried to wrap his mind around what he saw, the more he felt his head spinning. His stomach churned uncomfortably, his disquiet about the grave before him making him feel as if he might pass out.

"Al?" a quiet, familiar voice startled him. He still wasn't used to hearing that voice with such frequency. He was so glad to be able to hear it again… And yet, he felt guilty for his soaring heart when the occasion was so solemn. "You alright?" His brother's voice sounded concerned. Al felt his eyes become slightly wet.

"Brother, what… what was he like?" he was able to choke out through his clenched throat.

Edward came and stood beside his younger brother. They were both silent for a moment. "He… he was kind, and thoughtful. He was passionate about life and his work, and would do anything for the people he cared about." His voice was a barely audible whisper by the time he finished. He broke out a small smile, looking to Alphonse. "He was a lot like someone else I know."

The younger boy's fist clenched as he choked down a sob. Ed's concern for his little brother deepened. "Al…? What is it?" Al didn't respond at first, trying to collect himself before speaking.

"It-it's just…" He felt his composure already cracking again, though he worked hard to fight it. "It's so… strange, Brother. I mean, he looks like me, acts like me… he is me, in one sense. But then, at the same time, he's not…" His voice broke into a choked whisper. "It's like I'm standing on my own grave..."

Edward looked at his younger brother in muted shock as Alphonse broke down in quiet sobs. Guilt overwhelmed him. He made his brother suffer like this… But then, accidentally making his little brother suffer seemed to be his forte. No, it wasn't just his brother… This is my fault too… His mind raced with remorseful thoughts. You were kind to me, let me share your home, and I… I never even thanked you for it… How can I ever be forgiven for being so selfish? He heard Al sniffed through his sobs, his shoulders now noticeably shaking with his sadness.

Slowly, Edward wrapped a comforting arm around Alphonse's shoulders. Al gratefully leaned into his older brother, leaning his head on his shoulder. Ed could never get over how easy it was for his little brother to forgive him, even all that had happened, all that he had done…

Then maybe, that meant that he forgave him too, since they were, after all, very much the same.

Edward looked down at the gravestone as his brother cried into his shoulder. He reread the small eulogy that was carved carefully into the stone before him. It seemed like fitting words for the grave of someone who wished so much to reach to the sky and beyond. And in some sense of it, as far as Ed was concerned, he did.

Seine Seele fliegt in den Himmel für imme.

His soul flies in the sky forever.


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