Disclaimer: I don't own Bones. I'm just mildly in love with Angela and Hodgins being in love.

Spoilers for "The Girl in the Gator".


Note to self: do not reveal knowledge of "Girls Gone Wild"-esque websites in front of the woman you're probably in love with.

Because if there's one thing Angela can do well, it's give Looks. Capital 'L'. Right now, the Look I'm getting is one of just how do you know this? mixed with you disgusting male, you and just possibly (I'm praying) intriguing. She can pack more meaning into a simple glance than anyone else I've ever met.

If I were the poetic sort of guy, I might try and write poetry about her eyes. The way they look at me when a kiss between us is broken. The way they glint mischievously when she's up to something.

But, hey, who am I kidding? Bugs and slime guy here, not a poet. So, I'll just settle for taking every single look I can get from her.