The New Recruit

It was cold Philly day. It was close to Christmas. Jackie was walking the halls of Rittenhouse she was four months pregnant.

She loved being a doctor. That afternoon she would have to train a new recruit for the hospital.

She was looking forward to it because it was her best friend Amy. Jackie hasn't seen Amy in a long time, and she new it would be fun teaching her the ropes.

Jackie had a office downstairs in the RWHC ( Rittenhouse Women's Health Center) she loved being a doctor. Especially sense worked with a friend of hers Dr. Andy Campbell. They have known eachother for years.

As Jackie walked down the halls of Rittenhouse she was headed down to the RWHC. As soon she got to the RWHC she walked into her office.

Where she saw that her husband Ron sent her some roses. They were beautiful. The card read: To my sweetie I love you with all my heart, Love Ron.

Jackie smelled the roses. They smelled wonderful. Jackie smiled, then she put her hand on her stomach. Jackie sat down, and began to work on patient flies. While she was working she was listening to music. Music kept her calm. Jackie continued to work.

While she was working Amy showed up. Amy "Hi I'm here to see Dr. Jackie Owen." Lana "She's in her office." Amy "Thank you." Lana "Your welcome." Amy walked towards Jackie's office, and then she knocked on the door.

Jackie "Come in." Amy "Hi Jackie." Jackie "Oh my god Amy?" Amy "Yeah." Jackie "Oh my god, its so good to see you." Amy Its so good to see you too."

Jackie got up from behind her desk, and gave Amy a hug. Amy "Aw, your having a baby, congrates to you, and Ron both."

Jackie "Thank you." Amy "Your welcome." Jackie "Well come on I will show you around Rittenhouse." Amy "Okay sounds good."

Jackie grabbed Amy's hand and pulled her into the RWHC

Jackie "Well this is the RWHC, which stands for Rittenhouse Women's Health Center, this woman here is the fabulous Lana Hawkins." Amy "Hi Lana." Lana "Hi Amy welcome." Amy "Thank you."

Jackie, and Amy walked away from Lana's desk, and headed towards Andy's office. Jackie "Amy I'm sure you heard about the big cheese of the RWHC." Amy "No not really." Jackie "Well let me see how to describe Dr. Andy Campbell, well she was in the army as a coronal, she has two great daughters Jessica, and Elsa, and now is the main boss of all us in the RWHC." Amy "Wow, I guess I should be careful not to screw up then huh?" Jackie "Amy you will do fine, just as long as you stay on Dr. Campbell's good side, I'm kidding Andy is pretty cool." Amy "Thank god."

Jackie knocked on Andy's office door. Andy "Come in." Jackie "Hi Andy, I would like you to meet my best friend, and the new recruit Amy."

Andy got up walked over to Amy, and shook her hand.

Andy "Welcome aboard." Amy "Thank you." Andy "I'm sure you will do a very good job, Jackie is such a good teacher."

Jackie "Thank you Andy."

The girls left Andy's office, and headed to see Peter.

Amy "Who else is there to meet?" Jackie "Well lets see well there is Peter, Lu, Kayla, and Dr. Robert Jackson."

Amy "Do I have meet the rest of them now?" Jackie "No, you can meet the rest later." Amy "Great, I'm kinda scared of Dr. Campbell." Jackie "Don't feel bad, I'm still scared Andy, and we are friends." Amy "Wow." Jackie "Come on I will show you the er" Amy "Okay."

Jackie, and Amy walked down the hall to the er.

Jackie "This is the er, the good thing is if you or I are paged we are not that far away from the er." Amy "Wow." Jackie: "My exact words, I said when I first saw it." Amy "Jackie it will be great to work with you, I love this already, and its only my first day." Jackie "I feel the same way."

Jackie, and Amy hugged eachother. Then they went the cafeteria for lunch. Once they got there they bumped into Kayla. Kayla "Hi I'm Kayla , you must be Amy welcome." Amy "Hi Kayla, thank you."

Kayla went, and sat down at her usual table with Lu, and Peter. Jackie: "The other two sitting at the table with Kayla are Lu, and Peter."

Amy "Peter's kinda cute." Jackie "Yeah he is."

The girls finished their lunch, then Jackie took Amy upstairs so she could see the rest of the hospital, and meet Dr. Robert Jackson. Amy, and Dr. Jackson got along fine.

Which was good. After that Jackie, and Amy went back downstairs.

Jackie "Ams we get to share a office." Amy "Great."

Just at that moment Jackie was paged to the er.

Jackie "Ams would you like to come with me?" Amy "You mean it?" Jackie "I sure do." Amy "Cool."

Jackie took off running to the er with Amy close on her heels.

Jackie "Who needs Owen?" Kayla "I do over here." Jackie "Okay Kayla what do we got?" Kayla "White male age 47, he was on his way to see his wife when he lost control of his motorbike, and it flipped over."

Jackie walked up to the bed where the curtain was closed, then she pulled back to find her husband Ron laying there. Jackie let a horrible scream.

Ron "Oh sweetie, I think I broke my leg, and my arm." Jackie "Ron you goof ball, I told you to be careful on your motorbikes which one did you flip over?" Ron "My 1100." Jackie "Oh my poor baby, let me take a look at you."

Jackie took a good look at Ron's left leg, and his right arm. Amy also took a look. And both Jackie, and Amy came to the same area. Ron broke his left leg, and his right arm.

Amy put the cast on his leg , and his arm. After that Ron was moved into a room where he could rest. Jackie sat with him. Amy also sat with Ron.

Hey all my faithful readers. Here is a new story. It's a Strong Medicine one. I hope all of you who reviewed my Van Helsing stories continue to review my work. Love ya all.