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Shadow Gate


"Welcome to Star Gate Command." General Hammond greeted them.

Yami narrowed his eyes, become defensive, knowing that his companions were doing the same behind him.

"Star Gate Command! What is the meaning of this, why have you brought us here!"

General Hammond nodded to the door and watched as two of the teenagers turned around and watched the door lock. "Please take a seat, this will take sometime to explain." He watched how they remained standing and noticed his best team sit down, facing the four of them.

Yami glared and slowly sat down, apparently they surprised the General by having the other three follow him, and a small smirk appeared on his face. "Now why have you brought the four of us here with lies, because I'm quite certain you weren't speaking the truth?"

General Hammond motioned with a hand for Carter to start the conversation.

"Well mister Motou, we noticed a rather odd energy emission…" Bakura cut her off.

"What makes you think it has anything to do with us!" he demanded harshly. Seto sneered, Ishtar covered his face with his hands and Yami frowned.

Carter closed her eyes and continued. "The energy emissions took place during certain events in which each one of you participated. That has led us, the American Military to be very curious if you would know the reasons why." She finished.

Yami nodded. "I'm afraid we do not know what you are talking about." Ishtar stamped down on Bakura's toes as he opened his mouth to put his two cents in. Bakura glared at Ishtar and nodded.

"Miss Carter, it is possible that my duel disks were the reasons for what you may have found. They still aren't perfect and will take some time to perfection. If that is the case, which it most likely is, I must apologize for wasting your precious time." Seto nodded to the Yami, their eyes meeting briefly. To Daniel and Teal'c it almost appeared to be a silent request to leave.

Yami closed his eyes and stood up, the other three following his move. "We are very tired from the trip here; perhaps you could give us a place to rest?"

General Hammond nodded. "Of course, you wouldn't mind to visit the infirmary first would you, it's routine for all the visitors we have." Yami agreed and followed Colonel O'Neill.

After a quick check up the four of them were moved into a chamber with two double-beds.

"This resembles a holding cell…" Ishtar grumbled.

"Most likely because it is, stupid Grave Keeper." Bakura answered.

"I am not a Grave Keeper, I'm a Tomb Keeper. There is a difference between them, Tomb Robber!" Ishtar yelled angered. Soon the two of them were arguing.

Yami massaged his temples as Seto observed the chamber they were in. "Enough!" Yami ordered agitated. "You are not helping the situation. They most likely know that we know something and you opening your mouth during Carters explanation did not help matter Bakura. So calm down, shut up and let me think." He would have laughed at the expressions on Bakura's and Ishtars faces had the situation not been as it was. Turning to Seto he watched the young genius take in his surroundings. "What is it Kaiba?"

"Camera's, I've noticed them everywhere. Also there was a hatch covering the window in the meeting room. Something important must be behind it." Seto answered, he cursed ill fortune that he didn't have his laptop with him in the room.

Nodding Yami smiled. "Bakura, the cameras, trick them into believing we are still here. Ishtar, take over some poor persons mind and find out what the hell they know and make it fast. Seth you find a way to open this damn door without blasting it to the Shadow Realm, I'll keep an eye out for our hosts."


After the three teens were escorted from the briefing room, General Hammond and SG-1 conversed about what happened.
General Hammond placed his hands on the table. "Any idea why they suddenly became so hostile? And why in Gods name were they looking as if they could hear something that we couldn't!"
"There is likeliness they are telepathic, we encountered races that could do that." Sam said.
Jack turned to Carter. "They could be, and they are oblivious hiding something from us. Question is how are we going to have them admit it?"

"A good question, O'Neill. I must admit I did not feel very well with all four of them." Teal'c answered.

"Either way I had Captain Sussman look up any information containing out guests." General Hammond said.
Sussman entered the room with four folders.

"Captain Sussman, what did you find?" General Hammond asked.

"Yugi has a normal background up to his first year in high school, and then it starts getting weird." Sussman started. He paused. "You see sir, he was always being picked on and beaten up, but when a particularly bad one threatened him, the bully ended up in a mental institution; he was mumbling something about him being richer than average. And it gets weirder from there, from a run in with an escaped convict which led to the criminal being burned alive, to making a rival out of Seto Kaiba. After that he won the Duellist Kingdom Championship held by Pegasus J. Crawford, and the following death of Pegasus, to his recent victory at the Battle City tournament held by Seto Kaiba. Which had its own mysterious aspects which Kaiba Corporation seems to have wiped the record of."
"And what about this Ryou Bakura?" Jack asked.

"Ryou Bakura has a similar background. He was raised entirely by his father who was away most of the time, an archaeologist, his mother and older sister died in a car crash. Though besides that there's not much of importance. He also seems to be very prone to sickness."

"Okay then, what about Marik Ishtar?"
Sussman looked at his papers. "His is the most interesting case; up to the Battle City tournament there's nothing. No history, no family, absolutely nothing."
Hammond turned to Daniel. "You know Marik's sister, Doctor Jackson. Anything you would know?"
Daniel nodded looking at the General. "No sir I don't, she never talks about her family or her past much, all she said was that it was a bad memory."

"So a bad childhood." Jack said, Daniel nodded.
Sussman continued. "There is worth mentioning something, sir. In his file I encountered the name Ghouls; apparently they are an international crime syndicate, surrounding duel monsters. Though the CIA has no idea who runs it, every time they find a member the member dies on mysterious grounds.

Seto Kaiba has a past as well. He grew up an orphan, has a little brother and got adopted by beating his adoptive father by winning a chess game. His father died while falling out of his office, after that mister Kaiba made quite a name for himself in duel monsters. He hosted Duel City, though I can't find any more data on that."

General Hammond nodded and dismissed everyone.

Major Carter was back in her lab working on some technology they had found on their last trip to a planet. When all of a sudden she collapsed.

End Chapter 4