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Thoughts and a dream by PatriciaS

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Alternative ending to the story of Ben and Meg.

Ben thoughts while waiting for death or rescue in the basement at 137 Southern Avenue.

Chapter 1

Time never stops …. …

I feel so alone.

HE has taken my name and place in life.

It is damp and cold. I've no idea of time or date. Whether HE has killed them or been killed or living my life and has finally left me here to die.

The previous basement he kept me in had a dull light on all the time; this one has none, not even a hint from under the door to the rest of the building if there is any. That means I cannot have the pleasure of seeing my Soulmate's photo, which he'd left to taunt me in the other place and I have safe next to my heart…

I'm very hungry, thirsty and extremely tired so I close my eyes and draw her picture in my mind once again.

As I do so I hear in my mind two voices: Ricardo's and Hank's both telling me I could have done more, should have escaped and saved my wife, fiancée and son all that pain.

Silently I agree with them. But, don't know what I could have done. We all thought HE had died in the fall down that cliff into the sea….

HE must have known I was coming as it was over in moments and no chance of escape. Then came the pain of memories I have suppressed for so long being brought to the surface and along with the recent happier ones I cherish forcefully shared with him. And the continuing pain of knowing all of these have been used to draw them to him so he can successfully take my place… my life.

Then the waiting began, the hoping HE would trip up. And yet, if HE did, does, who would be in danger? And would there be other deaths as well as mine to add to the list.

I have tried to … … but, there is no hope of escape. The door is locked and the chains that are secured to the wall and around my wrists and ankles are tight and thick.

Perhaps it is better if they never know the truth of all this … and my wife and son end up a happy family with HIM being me as he planned. And my Soulmate, who was already looking for a quieter love when I left her for Seattle, will or has found it in her family and friends old and new. And this dark tomb is better than the terrifying confines of the coffin I found myself in the first time round…..

Some when I drift into a deeper warmer sleep … one I have never felt before and wonder if this could be the end… the final one…

I hear her calling me and see her standing before me.

But not as the picture I drew in my mind.

No, this time she is there with her long black hair being brushed by the wind away from her beautiful happy face. Around her neck are the pearls I gave her and she is wearing the wedding dress and looking out to sea. I look past her to where she looks and see the most stunning sunset and hear the waves crashing on the rocks below.

I recognise the cliff top; it's where I took her for a special picnic. I sat and watched as she lay on the ground pointing out the funny shapes in the clouds; we chatted, laughed and ate grapes, throwing and catching them in our mouths. Then we went back to the Casita - the place we sheltered from the storm months before and I found that I really loved her again. I always knew she had my soul, but for a while I lost the trust but found it again that night. And again that day of the special picnic when we made love I knew nothing else mattered. Not even when I found I had a son to get to know and love. With her trust, I knew we could be complete.

Suddenly I can feel her beside me, her touch and caresses, THAT connection we have surges through me and I know I'm safe: She is inside of me and I in her.

We are one.

My knight in silver armour on her white charger has found me. - I curl up in her arms as small as I can so she cannot drop me but keep me near her heart, which I hear beating in time with mine.

SHE is carrying me to safety.

My love, who everyone thinks I protect, protects me and makes me strong enough to face another hour, day, month: I don't know. All I know is I shall see her sometime in the future; if not here then on the other side.

If I open my eyes I will be back in the dark basement waiting for HIS final return or death.

So I will keep myself here in my dream still touching her, and the connection getting stronger with each second.

I want to call her name out loud, so I can hear it one more time hanging in the air before the end. But do so quietly, in case he hears and takes it all away by waking me and shattering this dream.

Instead I feel her fingers gently touch my face followed by a droplet of something landing on my cheek... Now another.

Should I open my eyes?

Will this dream so strong and warm, disappear into nothing?

Another droplet lands.

I must open them... I must see if what I feel is really true.

Can it be she has found me?

I hear her voice again, calling my name. I move my hand and find I am touching hers.

I'm brave and open my eyes and find I am looking into the face of my Soulmate. I hear her tearful laugh of pleasure. I try to speak but nothing comes - it does not matter. I feel her finger lightly on my lips.

It is so good and unbelievable…

Other hands help move me to one side and cut me free. I know I should move but cannot find reason or strength to.

She brings her face closer to mine and we kiss. I have not got the strength to show her how much she means to me but give her all the love I feel for her. She gives hers back to me.

The feeling is beyond words but not thoughts.

I am home and safe with her. No matter what happens in the future I know we will be together.

My Soulmate Meg and I.