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Chapter Ten

Tenten blinked. Did she hear him right? She couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed by his cockiness. She did not come back here to see him.

"What did you mean you knew I'd come back?" she asked warily as she eyed Sasuke suspiciously. What was he thinking? That she came back for him? If anything she wanted to be as far away from Sasuke as possible.

Sasuke ruffled the front of his hair which Tenten desperately tried to deny to herself that it didn't make him look sexy.

Sasuke mused for a second before replying.

"You left your shopping here remember? And your clothes too" he then smirked and added, "or did you think I meant that I knew that you would come back here falling into my arms?"

Tenten flushed and Sasuke continued.

"Personally I'd like to believe the latter"

Tenten snorted.

"Don't think so highly of yourself. I only came here to get my stuff" she retorted and tried to push Sasuke out of her way to enter his house.

Then she suddenly remembered Yuhi was here with her.

"This is Yuhi by the way" she added in an afterthought, "he's my cousin"

Sasuke gave a quick flick towards Yuhi's direction and nodded towards him. Yuhi smiled in return.

"Where is my stuff?"

"In the living room"

Tenten followed Sasuke obediently towards the living room. To her surprise, she saw everything piled neatly in a few plastic bags. She was more surprised to see that her clothes had been washed.

"Um thanks" she replied, unsure as how to react. She still couldn't believe that the same Sasuke who hated everyone had washed her clothes. She wasn't sure if this was her imagination or not.

"No problem" he replied smoothly as he picked up her bags and gave it to her.

"Care for a drink first?" he asked.

Tenten froze feeling shocked and surprised.

"I have to go home. I have to look after Yuhi" she replied lamely.

"Yuhi can stay" he replied easily.

Tenten was starting to feel uneasy. Hell if she were another girl she would love to stay and have a drink with Sasuke! Who wouldn't want to be in the same presence of the cool, calm, collected and utterly gorgeous Sasuke? But the back of her mind was nagging her to go home. She felt a mixture of guiltiness for talking to Sasuke since her talk with Neji. She felt like she was betraying him somehow.

Tenten shook her head.

"I'm sorry Sasuke but we really must go. Maybe some other time?"

She saw Sasuke smile slightly and she was mentally cursing herself for bringing up such a proposal. She didn't mean to ask him to have drinks with her another time! Way to go Tenten. Way to go her mind was screamed at her.

"I'll hold you to your word" he told her with one of his trademark smirk.

Tenten laughed nervously.

"Well, we best be off! Yuhi let's go" she told him and turned round and headed for the door.

Sasuke watched her go with an amused look on his face. Then he noticed Tenten's younger cousin looking at him.

Sasuke gave him an annoyed look.

"What do you want?" he asked coldly. Cousin or not, he did not like fans.

"You like her don't you?" Yuhi replied smugly.

Sasuke held his guard and glared at the young boy. He? Like Tenten? It could be possible.

"Whether I like Tenten or not is none of your business" he replied coldly.

Yuhi shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh well. Doesn't matter. I was about to say that I could help you get her attention"

"I don't need your help to get a girl" Sasuke snapped at him. The idea of him not being able to seduce a girl was unheard of!

"Yeah but you don't know her likes or her dislikes. I could help you"

Sasuke glared at the young boy.

"Oh well. Looks like she's going to be- what's his name? Her sparring partner? - Oh Neji! Looks like she's going to be Neji's girl then" Yuhi replied with a hint of sarcasm.

Sasuke glared at him. He wondered whether the younger boy was mocking him or not. He admitted that Tenten was different from the other girls. In fact she was probably the only girl he could get on with. And the sheer thought of that bastard Neji have Tenten as his girl made him furious.

"What do you want?" he asked Yuhi flatly.

"What were you talking to Sasuke about?" Tenten asked her cousin curiously as she and Yuhi walked on the pavement.

"Oh nothing. Guy stuff you know" Yuhi told her as he put is arms around his head.

Tenten eyed him suspiciously. She did not believe her cousin one bit.

"There you are!" a voice shrieked. Tenten and Yuhi turned round and saw a swarm of angry looking girls. Tenten could only presume that they were one of the many Sasuke fan clubs.

"What do you want?" Tenten asked boredly. She couldn't imagine how anyone could obsess over someone enough to stalk them and make fan clubs. Didn't they know that they were more likely to put off Sasuke that making him like them?

"We heard from reliable resources that you were inside Sasuke Kun's house. His house is forbidden from girls like you!" one of the fan girls screamed.

Tenten raised her eyebrow in amusement. She was sure that this reliable source must had been Sakura.

"Yeah he helped me with some stuff. Good chap he is" she replied smugly.

Some girls fainted when they heard Tenten say that the cool – I don't give a damn- Sasuke helped her with stuff.

"You lie!"

"Don't call him chap. That makes him sound old!"

"Sasuke would never help you!"

Tenten smiled and tried to suppress her laughter.

"You guys are funny" she told them truthfully.

The entire fan group stared and came to a halt. Did she just say that they were funny?

Instantly anger flashed in their eyes. How dare she make fun of them!

"Stay away from our Sasuke if you know what's good for you!" they cried in unison.

"Yeah yeah sure. No problem" Tenten replied smoothly.


Tenten looked down and saw Yuhi talking to her.

"I'm getting bored"

"Me too" she replied.

"BORED?!" she heard someone scream.

"Want to go and get some ice cream Yuhi? I know a really good ice cream parlour around here"


Tenten smiled and grabbed hold of Yuhi's hand with her free hand and started walking towards the ice cream parlour and away from the rabid fan girls.

"Hey don't ignore us!"

"We never told you that you can leave!"

"Come back!!"

Tenten collapsed on her bed feeling exhausted. She and Yuhi had just come back from getting ice cream and Tenten was starting to feel sleepy. She could hear noises coming from downstairs and she presumed that Yuhi was playing video games.

Tenten sighed and curled into a ball on her bed. Her thoughts went to Sasuke and Yuhi. She wondered what they were talking about. When Yuhi spoke it was seen as a bad sign as he would always suggest something bad or plot something. She wondered if Yuhi was plotting something with Sasuke but somehow she couldn't see it. She couldn't see Sasuke plotting anything with anyone. And besides she thought, what would they be plotting about?

Tenten yawned and closed her eyes. Her thoughts then drifted towards Neji and she felt her face heat up. She couldn't believe that they almost kissed. Kissed! It was almost like a dream. A very good dream in fact. But how was she supposed to react to something like that? She wondered if things would be awkward between them now. She knew that Neji would act as if nothing happened but she wondered what she would do. Would she pretend nothing happened either or collapse under pressure? Tenten sighed again. I wish he'd kiss me Tenten thought solemnly to herself. The fact that Neji almost kissed her gave her hope. Maybe he liked her? She hoped so.

Neji sat on his couch and wondered about Tenten. He knew that he would have to see his uncle later but his mind rested solely on Tenten. He had given her a few days off from her 'work' to look after her cousin and Neji almost felt pissed off for allowing such a thing to happen. He started to realise that he really missed her company. She was funny to be with, the only person he could stand and his best friend. His mind started replay the memories where they almost kissed. Neji frowned. He honestly didn't know how he felt towards Tenten at the moment. A week ago he was sure that she was only his best friend but now with his mind in a jumble, he was starting to think if it was more? Whatever is was he had a sudden urge to see her. Neji got off his couch and decided that he'd pay Tenten a visit.

Tenten felt herself drifting to sleep. It was silent in her room and Tenten felt her eyelids getting heavier. Just a few more moments…

Something rattled and Tenten's eyes instinctively fluttered open. She turned her head round to see where the noise came from and almost jumped when she saw Neji standing in her room.

"What are you doing here?! How did you get in?!" she rambled.

Neji nodded his head towards the open window to point out the obvious.

"Oh right" Tenten replied and relaxed a bit more.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him.

"Got bored" he replied.

Tenten grinned at him.

"That so? I thought you'd be busy sparring or something"

"I took a break"

Tenten smiled at Neji and gestured to him to sit on her bed which he did so.

"How's your cousin?" he asked her.

"Evil. I swear he's plotting something"

"Why's that?"

Tenten halted. She didn't want to tell him. After all, it would mean mentioning Sasuke's name and she was sure Neji was not in the mood to hear about him.

"I dunno" she replied, "He always seems to be plotting something"

Neji eyed her before shrugging.

He then collapsed on her bed beside her and Tenten had a sudden feeling of deja vu. She felt herself flushing slightly and she hoped that Neji didn't see.

They were silent for a few minutes and Tenten found herself relaxing in his silent company. Ironically enough, she thought seeing Neji again would seem awkward and she was surprised to see no awkwardness between them. She felt her eyelids getting heavier and she had a sudden urge to sleep. She was feeling tired again and didn't notice the loud thudding noise that was going up the stairs.

"Tenten I- Yuhi started as he slammed her bedroom door open only to freeze.

Tenten jumped up startled and stared at Yuhi. She was vaguely aware that Neji was still lying on her bed. He didn't seem to care that Yuhi had just entered the room.

"What is it Yuhi?" she asked him hoping that Yuhi wouldn't get any wrong ideas from seeing Neji on her bed.

"I want food" he stated flatly.

Tenten let go of a breath that she didn't even know she was holding. Was she expecting something else?

"There's some in the kitchen. In the fridge" she told him.

Yuhi nodded and turned round before poking his head through her bedroom door,

"I hope you two love birds have fun!" he told them with a wink.

"Yuhi!" Tenten screamed at him as he dashed down the flight of stairs. She felt herself blush slightly and wondered what Neji was thinking of that little incident.

She turned round and saw Neji staring off into space, obviously musing over something. She wondered if he had heard what Yuhi said. She was sure he had.

"You okay Neji?" she asked him.


Tenten took that as a yes and collapsed on her bed again only to see Neji get up.

"Want to spar?" he asked her.

"What? Right now?"


Tenten ignored his last comment.

"Okay" she told him.

Neji took her to their usual training grounds. They did their usual routine where Tenten would attack him and Neji would block. Tenten wondered why Neji suggested for them to spar this late in the afternoon. She wondered if something was on his mind.

Tenten whipped out her scroll of weapons and grinned at Neji.

"You're going to lose Neji" she taunted him even though both of them knew full well that it would be Neji who'd win this fight.

Neji smirked at her and readied his stance. He waited for Tenten's first blow which came real soon. She had thrown a shuriken at him which he dodged easily.

Soon there were a number of weapons flying about in the air which all targeted Neji. Neji getting bored of blocking decided to attack Tenten instead.

He dashed behind Tenten and used his gently fist technique. Tenten dodged his attack and Neji activated his byakugan and both noticed that it started to rain.

Both ninjas sparred against each other for over thirty minutes in the rain. Neji was starting to get distracted by the fact that he could see Tenten's body due to her wet clothes.

"Ready to give up?" Tenten mocked him as rain drizzled down her pretty face.

Neji was almost transfixed on how her wet hair clung to her face and her uneven breathing showed that she was starting to tire.

Neji smirked at her and threw a kunai which slashed the side of her shirt and almost stalled. The cut was right above her beast and the rip was showing a little amount of skin.

Tenten paused and examined the rip on her shirt.

"You did that in purpose" she jokingly accused him.

Neji ignored her and gave her his usual 'hn' reply as he threw another kunai at her but all the while his mind was getting distracted by the sight of seeing Tenten covered in rain and her wet clothes clinging to her body which emphasized her every curve.

He noticed that Tenten seemed to dance in the air as she avoided his attacks and seeing her all hot and sweaty was starting to distract him greatly.

Tenten, sensing that something was wrong shouted at Neji.

"Keep focus!" she told him as she raced up towards him to give a blow.

Neji dodged her blow, grabbed hold of her hands and pushed her roughly against a nearby tree. He could see shock and confusion on her face.

"Neji what are you doing?" she asked him, unsure of why Neji had suddenly pushed her up against a tree.

Many thoughts were racing in Neji's mind. He could see Tenten's chest rise and slow down due to air and he suddenly realised that seeing Tenten all hot, sweaty and wet was greatly turning him on. He had an overwhelming desire to kiss her and at the back of his mind he realised that he could not imagine kissing any other girl but Tenten.

Tenten was growing impatient.

"Neji let go. Why are you holding me against this tree?" she asked irritably.

And suddenly his mouth attacked her lips. Tenten's eyes fluttered with shock and she barely realised that Neji was pushing his lean body against hers in an effort to get them closer to each other.

Neji circled his arms around Tenten's waist and devoured her mouth. He pushed his tongue inside her mouth and was pleased to feel Tenten do the same. Her mouth was intoxicating and the kiss was rough and needy.

He felt Tenten grabbed hold of his shirt and kissed him hard. He felt her tongue doing circular motions in his mouth and Neji felt pleasure from her actions.

Tenten's mind was on fire. Neji was kissing her. HER! Oh my god he's kissing me! Her mind squealed with delight. She was aware that she could no longer think properly but the only thing that mattered to her at that moment was Neji.

Tenten couldn't believe how good it felt to have Neji's tongue in her mouth. She almost moaned when she felt that –all too talked about electric feeling- and couldn't believe how great of a kisser Neji was. She felt herself wanting more.

Neji removed his lips from Tenten and started to nibble of her lips before moving onto her neck. He was barely aware that both of them had slipped onto the ground and he gently pushed Tenten on her back on the ground until he was on top of her. He started to lick her neck whilst his hand decided to explore her body.

Gods I can't believe I'm kissing Tenten Neji thought. It felt so good to kiss her and it was at that moment that Neji realised that he wanted her. Not as a friend but something more.

Tenten circled her arms around Neji's back and laced her legs between his. She started to play with his wet hair before shyly pressing one of her hands against his chest and felt his muscles flex. Oh my god he's so lean! She thought but realised that it was expected.

"Neji" Tenten murmured softly. That was the only sound she could produce as she enjoyed the feel of Neji's tongue of her throat. She felt her body growing hot and she had an overwhelming desire to touch him everywhere.

Neji stopped his administrations and looked up at Tenten's glazed eyes. Realisation suddenly struck him and he started to feel guilty. He felt the need to say sorry to her, for taking advantage of her.

"Tenten, I- he began.

But he was cut off when Tenten smiled at him and kissed him on the mouth and all coherent thoughts went out of his mind.

He did not notice that Hyuuga Hiashi was glaring at them behind some trees.

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