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"Note to self, warn Seras BEFORE she opens the door holding back an army of zombies..." Fenrir grumbled as he and Seras walked up the stairs to get on deck.

"Oh, SHUT up..." Seras growled. They reached the top of the stairs, and she pushed open the door. They walked on deck, and were met with the sight of chaos.

"Woah." Fenrir blinked dumbly.

The deck was covered in blood, and riddled with bullet holes. Empty shell casings and musket-shot packets littered the area. Pip was laying in the middle of the deck in a pool of blood, his face deathly pale. The heaving of his chest, however, proved that he still lived. Albiet, barely. And then, at the very front of the ship, Alucard and Rip Van Winkle were finally at the end of their battle. Alucard had Rip by the throat, and was holding her off the deck with his left hand. Her gun lay discarded at his feet.

"Any last words, Huntress?" Alucard leered as he placed the barrel of the Jackel against her forehead.

"Dang, did we miss the fight?" Fenrir's shoulders slumped.

"I guess so..." Seras frowned.

"Zer wasn't much to it..." Pip sat up and meekly shrugged.

"Erk... ugh..." Rip choked as Alucard tightened his grip. "Ja! I hope you can swim!"

"Huh?" Alucard raised an eyebrow.


A violent explosion below deck shook the ship from bow to stern. Alucard and Seras swayed with the motion, whilst Fenrir was hurled bodily across the deck, through the railing, and into the ocean. "What was that?!" Alucard looked around.

"Zat..." Schrodinger's voice answered, "Was ze engine room exploding. Ze ship vill sink in about... 3 minutes..."

"Auf wiedersein!" Rip laughed. Alucard turned back to face her, and foudn himself looking inside the barrel of a German pistol. Rip had pulled the Luger from her jacket while Alucard was distracted.


Alucard's body rocked with the impact, and he released Rip from his grasp. Siezing her chance, she dove over the railing into the ocean. Or so it had appeared. Instead, she landed in a small boat next to Schrodinger and the surviving Waffen-SS soldiers. "Go, go, go! Schnell!" Rip barked.

"Master!" Seras rushed to Alucard, who's face had yet to regenerate.

"Silver bullets..." Alucard's mishappen mouth growled. "I hate them..."

Seras sighed. Fenrir was in the ocean, her Master was headless, Pip was on the verge of death... Seras remembered that he was actuall kill-able. She rushed over to the wounded mercenary, who looked rather annoyed at his current position in life. "Are you alright?!"

"I'M SHOT! DO I LOOK ALRIGHT?!" Pip yelled. Seras gave him a piercing glare. "Ehhh... I mean, no, I am not alright. I'm bleeding to death, the ship is sinking, and we're all screwed..."

"This can't be happening..." Seras clasped her hands against the side of her face and shook her head.

"Actuallyyyyy..." a deep voice crooned behind her. Seras spun around and screamed. A large, balding old guy was standing behind her. And he only had on underwear and a bathrobe. "It is not happening!"

"WHO ARE YOU!!!" Seras pointed at the old guy.

"I am the Spirit of the Harkonnen! I am here to tell you that everything has been a dream!" the old man raised his arms as though he was preaching a dramatic sermon.

"Eh?" her left eye twitched. "A dream?"

"Zis dream sucks..." Pip grumbled.

"Yes!" the old man boomed. "Wake up! Wake up! WAKE UP!"

"WAKE UP!!!" Alucard yelled at his fledgling. She opened her eyes and looked up at her Master from inside her coffin.

"Ah!" Seras gasped and sat up. She was back in her room, safe and sound. "Oh thank God!" Seras exclaimed, not noticing Alucard flinch. "That was a horrible dream!"

"This will be a living nightmare if you don't get ready," Alucard threatened her.

"Ready for what?" Seras raised an eyebrow.

"Initiation," Alucard grinned. "Integra has hired some new recuits."

Seras fainted.

"Come on, hurry up!" Alucard growled at his fledgling as they raced down the hallway leading to Integra's office. Seras grabbed the dooknob and opened the door, while Alucard just walked through the wall. They entered the room and looked at Integra, who was frowning.

"You're late," Integra informed them.

"My apologies, my Master," Alucard bowed.

"And you just scared our recruits," Integra pointed across the room. Leaning against the wall, a group of battle-hardened mercenaries were staring in terror at the vampire who had just walked through the wall. Most of them were shaking, in fact.

"My apologies, gentlemen," Alucard didn't bow that time, however.

"Apology accepted," sneered a French-accented voice.

"Mr. Bernadotte, I would heavily suggest you do not aggrivate a vampire," warned Integra.

'Bernadotte?' Seras thought to herself. 'Sounds just like the name of the guy in my dream...'

"I was only being polite," the soldiers stood aside so as to reveal their leader.

'That is the guy from my dream...' Seras felt her legs weaken when she saw a man with a braid and eyepatch.

"Alucard, Seras, these are the Wild Geese. They will be working with us," Integra gestured at the soldiers.

"Great..." Seras squeeked nervously. The only way this could have gotten worse was if there was a guy named-

"Also, we have hired a Mr. Fenrir H. Wolfenstein," Integra pointed at the opposite wall. Seras slowly swivilled her head around and stared mouth-open at the new recruit.

"Hi," the soldier waved at her. He was already in full Hellsing gear, including a ski mask obscuring his face. "Nice to meat y-"

"WEREWOLF!" Seras screamed and pointed at the soldier. "HE'S A WEREWOLF! I HAD A DREAM! HE WAS IN IT! HE WAS A WEREWOLF!"

Integra, Alucard, Captain Bernadotte, and the soldier stared at her like she was crazy.

"What?" Integra arched her brows.

"Police Girl... have you been drinking spoiled blood?" Alucard tilted his head to the side.

"Werewolves, too?" Captain Bernadotte nervously stammered.

"I assure you, I'm not werewolf," the soldier waved his hands in a calming manner.

"Ehe... sorry..." Seras wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

"I'm a Soul Reaper," he stated casually.

"A what?" Seras didn't like the sound of that word.

"I'm just kidding..." he chuckled.

"Oh..." Seras sighed.

"I am a werewolf."


Seras and Captain Bernadotte both fainted.

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