He was the stalker

Summary: After returning from camp, Kairi comes home to some old family and new friends: After about a week of school she finds out that she has a stalker.

Warning: Yoai, Sexual contact, foul language.

Rating: T for teen.

Pairings: KairixRiku, CloudxLeon, YuffiexSquall/Leon

Kairi POV

As I walked into the sea of stars I watched as one of them fly across the sky. I looked down to see the bonfire and my friend, Yuffie, sitting next to it with some other kids I had made friends with over the summer. Yuffie comes and pulls me to where she's sitting "Kairi do you believe how beautiful the stars are to night"?

"Yeah their even more beautiful then the ones back home" I tell her.

She stands up "well duh stupid there's too many lights there so you really can't see them. Hey can you believe that just yesterday we came here to camp and now it's time for school already"?

We start talking about how much fun we had and what we did over the summer. While Yuffie runs her mouth I just look at the stars tell they say… his name. "Hey Kairi do you remember that boy that everybody talks about. You know the one that always wear stuff over his body and head so no one can see him".

"Yuffie" calls selphie "yeah I remember he was the one that sits out by the lake every night making dolls of everyone, oh how creepy" she crossed her arms like it was nasty.

"Well I don't know guys maybe he makes them because know one wants to be his friend" I say to them.

Yuffie looks at me like I'm crazy "well duh stupid no one wants to be a freaks friend" Yuffie and the others laughs at each others jokes about him and I just look down.

Selphie stood next to me "Kairi your not really sad about what we say about him are you"? I look at her surprised what she asked;

"No…no I'm not sad" I stand up and begin to walk to the other side when they say he's coming to our school next year for the first time. I don't turn around knowing all the bad things their saying about him and will be. I Begin to think of what he looks like but don't really know.

I look over everything even the old swings that sit out side our lunch room. "Hope that when I get home people won't look at me like I'm the smart freak".

I stepped out the car hopping that my mom didn't know I was here. I was wrong because Mom and a whole butch of other people, even ones I didn't know came running towards me. "Mom what's going on"?

"Oh nothing I was just throwing a little party for my little high school girl" and she gave me this huge fucking hug that I thought was going to kill me or something.

I was about to say something but I was cut off by another huge. "Ahhh…what the hell"!

I look and the first the thing I see is blond hair and blue eyes "HEY little CUSE. HOWS IT BEEN GOING"?

When this person finally lets me go I kicked him in the shin and he screams my name. My mom looks at me like I killed the neighbor dog or something. "What mom he was hurting me"!

He looks at her "its okay I really did hurt her with my huge. I was just so happy to see and…you know that really hurt".

"Oh I'm sorry but that will teach you to tell me that you're going to give me a huge before you huge me".

I walk into the house getting a hello from everyone before I head to my room. My mom yells my name a couple of times for me to come down but I stay locked in my room until everyone has gone. I open the door to hear at least three other people in the living room. I know one of them is my mom, because of her whining voice and the other is my cousin Cloud.

I walk to the door of the room to see who is it but Cloud grabs me by the arm before I could see anything. "Kairi this leon" he points to a brown haired boy sitting on the couch "he going to be staying with us for a while".

I look at him then back at my mom "why"?

"Well because he wants to go to the same school as Cloud. He's Cloud boyfriend and his dad really doesn't want him around and all" My mom leaves the room to get the tea.

I look at Leon like he had something on his face "why are you looking at me"?

"Well you just don't seem like the type to go gay" Cloud looks at me with stockiness in his eyes.

So I leave them to my room.

The next day I get up for school to find that mom already left for work and Cloud and his boyfriend hasn't gotten up yet.

As I get ready to go to the bus I called for Cloud "Cloud if your going to school I think you better get up now" Cloud comes running out the room wearing nothing but his shorts.

"What…where's my aunt" he comes running down the stairs.

I tell him and he runs and grabs Leon and then runs into the bathroom. I don't know how fast they were going but by the time the bus had come they were all dress and ready to go.

When we are dropped off at school I asked Cloud to show me to my class and he did.

I walk into class and saw some faces that I would never able to forget. "Yuffie what's going on"?

Yuffei looks at me then jumps to give me a huge hug but ended up with her face on the floor. "Yuffie what happen"?

"I'm okay…hear come sit next to me and the others before someone else take our seats. I take a seat next to her then the teacher steps in.

"Hi everyone today's the first day of the year".

Everyone looks at him because they don't really know him at all. Selphie leans over to me "Kairi did you know we were going to have a new teacher"? I just look at him with a weird look an my face.

"You see I don't like to be called by my last name because it makes me look old. So everyone will call me Cid". He walked to his desk to pull out some papers "Ok let's get this stated by everyone getting to know everyone".

He begins calling everyone's name and I seat there waiting for him to call mine. When he did I stud up about to say what I needed to say but someone knocked at the door.

A boy walks in and I all I could do was look at how beautiful his hair was. He handed the teacher the paper and teacher pointed to the seat sitting two seats behind me. "Today we also have a new student. So Miss Kairi tells us what you like so we can tell our new student.

"My name is Kairi and that's all everyone that doesn't know me needs to know" I seat down knowing that, that's not all I wanted to say.

Cid asked the boy to talk and everybody looks back at the boy waiting for him to say something(well the girls wanted to hear him talk I mean look at his arms there like going to tear away is shirt in any moment).

After a while he finally says something "my name is Riku".

To be continued

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