He was the stalker

Summary: After returning from camp, Kairi comes home to some old family and new friends. After about a week of school she finds out that she has a stalker.

Warning: Yaoi, sexual contact, foul language.

Rating: T for teen.

Pairings: KairixRiku, CloudxLeon, YuffiexSquall/Leon

Chapter 3

Living With Us

Kairi Pov

"Uhm...I think we should let go now", we continued to talk even through I felt the glare of the other girls and Selphie.

We went on to fifth hour and I could tell that Selphie was a little upset she didn't get to sit with him.

After a little while into the class I was trying to quickly finish my work when I got hit in the back of my head. I looked down to see a note and I knew it had to be Selphie because of the way it was folded.

I opened it and began to read: what's up with the fact that you get to sit next to him?

I've been thinking (wow, Selphie thinking is always a bad thing) about what you and Yuffie said to day. You know about me always saying those things about every boy that comes around.

But guess what, things are different this time. It's love at first sight. So before the end of this week we will be together.

Write back Okay.

I did what was asked, I wrote back: Oh girl your going to get me into trouble.

(I wrote Selphie something you should never write to your friend) Selphie look at him. He seems to be the type that would leave you for a hotter chick.

To tell you the truth he wouldn't talk to us unless he had no one else to talk to. Well he did talk to me but that was only because he set next to me.

I throw it back to her and it managed to bounce off her head. She read it, wrote something, and threw it back. It said:

Kairi how can you say that? HE talked to you! You and I both know that if you tried hard enough you can get what you want.

I could hear the teacher asking me a question, but I was to stuck into what I was going to write back. "Miss. Hurts, could you please be so kind to put that away and answer the question", I looked up at him?

"Uhm...can you repeat that", I felt kind of stupid for not listing. I just know that someone was laughing at me. In fact if Yuffie was here she'd be the one laughing and making everybody else laugh too.

Mr. Woodrow walked over to whisper in my ear, "Miss. Hurts if you expect to survive this class then I suggest you pay attention."

He walked towards his desk, but before he got to it he turned around and said, "any one caught passing notes will get an detention."

I looked back at Selphie who looked like she was reading from the book the whole time. The teacher went back to teaching and we went back to listing. The class was almost over when Mr. Woodrow stopped us from finishing our reading.

"Before the bell rings, I would like to know before the class is out tomorrow who would like to be a student committee helper for the school", he looked at me. "So tomorrow we will be voting on who gets to be on the committee", he look as if he wanted me to do it. He looked at me as if I should be doing it, that maybe this could be a start to a new beginning for me. He looked at me as if this will be what will change my life. Yeah right, like this is what will change me.

The bell rang and everybody went to their lockers. I met my two best friends outside of the school. Yuffie was talking to people and Selphie was as she was earlier, talking about the boy.

"Hey guys", Yuffie said, "I have to go so see ya later", Yuffie had a brand new car. During the summer she would drive us places, but the first part of the year she will be doing some work for her family so she won't be able to drive us home.

I don't get it. Some people have a lot of money while others didn't. Yuffie had a lot of money. Selphie and I has the middle life.

I could hear Selphie saying bye. She called me Kai and said she'll talk to me later. I hadn't been called Kai since I was ten years old. I began to walk around the school looking for Cloud. I knew he would be making out with Leon somewhere. That some where just might be at the football field. That is something I would have to catch on my mini camera.

I was almost there, until I had to run into something or somebody. I fell on my ass first them I hit my head on the ground. I didn't move or open my eyes until I felt something moving on me.

"What the hell...", I looked up to see him. The one with beautiful silver hair and cute aqua eyes trying to get off off me, while trying not to hurt me.

He stood up reaching his hand out towards me. "I'm so sorry, are you okay?" I couldn't say much, I was to busy looking at his hair.

"I'm...I'm okay. I just...", I noticed his hand and grabbed for it. He pulled me up with ease. Even through he had pulled me up I studded there holding his hand with out saying a word.

"Are you okay", he asked again? (What am I doing? He's asking me if I'm okay and I can't seem to stop looking at his hair.) I could feel my face turning red. I had to let go and do something.

"What the hell where you doing running into me like that", I yelled ?

"I didn't...", I stopped him before he could finished.

"You didn't what, run into me, Fall on top of me, and then try to act as if we can be alright afterwards", I crossed my arms?

All of a sudden his face turned from a smile to a frown. "Yes I did fall on you and tried to be friendly afterwards, but you were the one that ran into me. I just happen to fall on you when you grabbed my shirt to try and break your fall"!

Wow really, did do that? He grabbed his bag and looked at me, "I'm sorry for your fall, but I was at no fault for what you did on your own!" He raced passed me without even looking back.

Now I felt bad. That is the second time I was rude to that guy, but that can be thought about later. Right now I have to catch a certain person (mainly of Clouds' new lover. The girls seem willing to pay for anything of him) on camera because it was my job to show people the joy of boy on boy sex.


I'm mad. Not only did I not catch Cloud making out with his love bird, I had to walk home. When I had gotten home he was there talking to my very favorite person. Cloud didn't tell me he had brought him home.

"Dame- it cloud, I looked for you everywhere", I stood behind Cloud with my arms crossed.

"Sorry, but as you can see I had business to take of. I couldn't wait for you." He glanced into the other room.

"Oh yeah, I can see your business in there. Are you having a threesome or something there?", I knew they weren't but I just had to ask. Seeing as how Leon reacts when Demyx touches Cloud; it doesn't look like he likes him.

Cloud didn't look amused, "why don't you go to your room?"

Now I was really upset. Where does he get off telling me to go to my room. "Okay Cloud, I will go to my room. I will right after I tell your Aunt what your doing on her couch", I had turned to grab for the phone when Cloud grabbed for it first.

"Okay", he gave me the puppy eyes, "Just don't tell her that he's here.

"Wow cloud, I didn't know you could be so sweet", I crossed my arms, "but Demyx has to sleep in my room. I don't want him to be raped."

His face went from sad puppy to mad man, "what you don't trust us, why in the hell would we do that?"

Maybe now would be a good time to go to my room. Cloud seems to be getting more upset, "just playing, okay."

It looked as if Cloud was about to yell, but he didn't. Instead he agreed with me, "okay, maybe your right", he looked back into the living room, "Leon doesn't seem to like Demyx at all. I really don't want them to fight it out right here."

"So Demyx is really staying here", I was surprised?

"Yes, he's staying here for half his school year. Leon doesn't like that he's staying in the same house as me", He looked at me with his puppy eyes again, "so if it's okay with you Demyx will be staying in your room."

When he puts those eyes to work I can't help but to say yes. So I tell him, "okay Cloud, he can stay with me. I won't tell auntie that he is here. We both know that she will find out tomorrow anyway".

"Thanks cousin, your almost the best", I grabbed the phone from his hand.

"Well since I'm almost the best I'm going to go call Selphie".

"Well okay", Cloud just smiled at me.

I turned around and ran up the stairs when Cloud started heading back towards the living room. I jumped on my bed and called Selphie.

I told her everything about Demyx and what happened with the boy after school. She thinks that I'm trying to take her guy away. She would be the only one to think that because I keep running into him, but I promised her that I wasn't.

After about an hour of talking I hung up and started doing my homework. Demyx came in and I handed him a blanket.

"Thanks Kai", Demyx was sleeping on my bed next to me. I wasn't worried about him trying to do things. We had already proved that he was all the way gay.

I looked at him, "Hey, I can't talk to you right now, but if you want we can talk tomorrow. I have to get this homework done".

"Yeah I know about having to get things done. Tomorrow is a big day for me, so I have to get some sleep", he laid down behind me.

I looked at him, "how is tomorrow a big day for you"?

He looked at me from under his blanket, "I'm starting school with you guys Tomorrow".

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