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Grass and leaves, gently swaying in the breeze suddenly bent in one direction as one huge gust of wind passed them. The strange thing was, the wind wasn't all air. A tinge of orange and black could be seen and a dark red blur surrounded the colors. This current of air carried part of the blame for Soul Society's sudden uproar.

Ichigo's brows furrowed further as he quick stepped his way up the zig zagging stairs. Rukia...

He had never met anyone like her. The way her face changed from angry to delighted in a split second after she tasted the strawberry ice cream he gave her. Her determined look when they fought hollows together. After the fight, she would always give him a subtle search for injuries when she thought he wasn't looking.

He smirked.

He especially liked the way her eyes lit up when she finally got the straw in to a grape juice packet. All by herself. She had bragged to him about it the whole day. He had pretended to listen and nodded disinterestedly. Inside, however; he felt a spreading warmth in his chest. That night for dinner, he let her have one of Yuzu's juice packets. She was like a flower. Blooming in the shade of his shadow, or in his closet.

He was almost there. He could see her, all in white, almost as pale as the clouds behind her, lifted for all to see at the top of the arch. A scorching fire, shaped like a bird in front of the subject of his thoughts loomed dangerously close to her. Tears dripped from her delicate face. She was crying. He had never seen her cry before. Determination became fiercer and a surge of protectiveness engulfed the orange haired shinigami. He growled.

No way in hell are you going to hurt her.

He quick stepped to land on a boulder and in one powerful leap, soared up to the defeated girl.

There's been none like you before and never will there be.
Even if a time comes when you make enemies of everyone other than yourself,
I will protect you through it all.
So please don't give up, my one flower.

Authors Note: I was 'reviewing' the Bleach episodes and saw the 3rd opening. This drabble is inspired by that song, and anime video. "Irchirin no Hana" by High and Mighty Color. What do you think? Can anyone tell me the name of that giant bird which was going to execute Rukia and the place where Rukia was going to be executed, please? Thanks for reading:)