Hi, I've decided to make a short stories . . . thing. Kinda like an archive, only it's a collection of shorts I've made.

This is in 2D's point-of-view! Review, I don't own Gorillaz!

Gorillaz Shorts

:Name Game:

Ah, the stars. They're so pretty. I could stare at them for hours and I'd never count them all, no matter how hard I tried. No, what use was it? What good would it do Was it just something to preoccupy myself? To keep my soul away from this monstrosity? This prison, this . . .


Yes, this place. It had a name. No, not like me. I have no name. It was lost long ago. Ah, when was it lost? Was it while I was looking at the stars? Those beautiful white dots in the sky? Why did the stars have names? Yes, there's the Big Dipper, and Capricorn, Draco, and Polaris . . .

What is my name?

I must have had one once. I look around, at these people. Don't they have names? Or are they like me? Have they forgotten their names, too? That bloke over there, with the guitar, one of my mates, isn't he? He had a name, and I knew it, once. And the fat bloke over on the drums, he had a name! Yes.

But why don't I remember their names?

A shadow passed in front of the window. I looked up. That love on the windmill, and the floating island. She had a name. I know her, she was one of my best mates . . . like a little sister to me . . .

What was her name?

That laugh, it was the Inc. again. I sighed.

Back to work.