Esteban hurried through the doors of the Tipton and jumped over the luggage cart, searching for Mr. Moesby. As soon as he spotted him, he sprinted quickly and caught up with him.

"Mr…Moesby…cough…I…someone is..coming…it's.." Esteban quickly tried to say but was caught short when a busty lady threw open the doors and a gust of wind shot through the lobby, blowing all organized papers into a shrewd havoc like manner.

"Ah…Mr. Moesby.." Isla started in her fresh accent "I see that it is time for inspection, yes?". Mr. Moesby gasped slightly and narrowed his eyes, glaring at the women from the saint Marks hotel.

"Yes." He said firmly "Seems like it. Good thing my employees are at tip top Tipton shape." Isla stared even harder at Moesby for that one.

"Well, if I was your inspector, you would fail" Isla said simply. "Your employees are a pathetic bunch." Just then, Maddie Fitzpatrick walked through the doors and quickly ran to her station, hoping no one would notice her tardiness.

"Ah.." Isla continued "Candy counter girl. Late again. I see how very concerned you are about this hotel of yours."

"Hey, If you had to get your little brother ready for school and finish an overdue essay in the same time, you'd be late too." Maddie poured out hesitantly. She never knew why, but for some reason, Isla frightened her more then the employees even knew about. Well, most of the employees.

"Okay" Esteban said calmly while walking in front of Maddie protectively " If you are not here to inspect, then you have no reason to be here. I suggest…"

"You suggest what, bellboy?" Isla interrupted rudely while looking Esteban up and down in a disgusted manner "Bellboy, I wouldn't even trust you to be able to carry my raincoat up a flight of stairs. You'd probably…"

"His name is Esteban." Maddie said timid but firm. Maddie moved from behind Esteban and was now face to face with her evil superior.

Isla glared in Maddie's face. "What did you say to me candy counter girl?"

"I said…his name is ESTEBAN." Maddie stated, bringing up more courage then she had known. By now, the Tipton lobby was over poring with guests, watching the incident unfold.

"Oh, I see. Candy counter girl protecting her little bellboy…well, it's…"

"Her name is MADDIE." Esteban interrupted unexpectedly. Everyone looked in shock as Esteban grasped Maddie's hand and held it firmly. "And if you'll excuse us, we have a job to do." Esteban and Maddie, hands still clasped, walked towards the exit of the Tipton. Just as Isla was packing up her remarks and Esteban and Maddie were heading out the door, Maddie noted someone was glaring at her. She stopped and turned her head.

It was Zack. And she was holding the hand of Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya del Rosa Ramirez. And he had seen this.

Zack looked at Esteban at disgust, then at Maddie.

"Maddie" He said firmly. "You promised, you'd wait for me."

"Huh?" Maddie said unclearly…things started to get blurry. Everyone's face was skewing and things were turning into a blurry mass.

"Zack, I'm sorry...but" But she couldn't finish her sentence…things were blacking out too fast."

The last thing she heard before waking up was Zack's pleading voice.

"You promised…Maddie…you promised."


"Huh?" Maddie moaned while waking up, noticing that she had, once again, fallen asleep on the job.

"I said" Zack started "That you'd promised that you'd give me a free candy bar if I brought you an 'A' paper. Well look." Zack placed down a paper with his scribbled hand writing all over the page. In the top corner there was in fact an 'A'. Unbelievable.

"Hershey's or Twix?" Maddie questioned while rubbing her eyes.

"Twix, Sweet thang!" Zack said excitedly. Ever since Zack had been on his diet (due to an incident involving his cousins and a ten pound bar of chocolate) any sugar was forbidden. Zack was pleased that Maddie hadn't been notified of his restrictions. Grabbing the bar greedily, Zack ran off to the kitchen, hoping to find someone else with an extra bar of chocolate to spare.

Maddie looked at her watch and frowned. Only an hour into the job and she had already fallen asleep. Her study habbits needed improvement. Midnight was just not cutting it. While putting a dollar out of her wallet to pay for Zack's candy, she noted another customer was standing behind her, ready to order.

"Hello Maddie" Esteban said quietly and flirtatiously.

Maddie turned around and smiled happily at her new found boyfriend. How did she ever get by with out him?

"Hey Esteban" Maddie smiled while grasping Esteban's hand and clasping hers to his "How's life?"

"It's okay. But I am worried more about you. It is not right to stay up so late and not get any sleep."

"But I have to study, how else will I get in an IVY league? Plus it's not like my family's going to help me study…" Esteban put his finger to Maddie's lips.

"Maddie" Esteban said softly "You will not make it to an IVY league if you can't stay up to take it. Promise me you'll get some sleep tonight." Esteban looked directly into Maddie's eyes.

"Oh, alright" Maddie gave in "But you owe me.." Maddie smiled flirtatiously.

"Oh really, and how do I owe you, Miss Maddie?" Esteban queried while leaning in for a kiss.

"Well, for starters…" Maddie began

"Esteban!" Mr. Moesby yelled worriedly searching for his employee. With split second reflexes, Maddie and Esteban pulled away for eachothers grasp and acted casually.

"Ah…"Mr. Moesby said, spotting Esteban near the candy counter desk. "Esteban, please escort Miss Harrison to her room please. She is a special guest, so please don't drop her bags like the last time."

"Yes Mr. Moesby, anything for you" Esteban said while giving one more saddened longing glance at Maddie before following Miss Harrison up the stairs.

As Mr. Moesby walked away, Maddie noted once again how close she had come to revealing her secret boyfriend to the public.

"Oh man" She thought "this is going to be harder then I thought. Things are never going to be normal again."

Mr. Moesby glanced back at Maddie and then at Esteban running up the stairs. He smiled in a self satisfying way.

"I'm so glad everything's back to normal." He said to himself while crossing the lobby.


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